Hug a puppy: Last chance to put the pieces back together before Max dies today

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Someone must be out there to hug a puppy and put his broken pieces back together. Although little is known about Max, this adorable boy appears to be healthy, well-nourished and well-groomed. No one really knows what happened to his leg and why he limps? No one really knows if he likes children, other dogs or if he even likes to play with toys. Tragically, no one will ever know anything else about Max because he is scheduled to die this afternoon at Manhattan’s facility of New York Animal Care Centers. No one has stepped up to reserve him, and his hours are numbered – no more time for Max!

There’s more to Max’s story, and this boy needs a chance. Need to know something about this pup? A volunteer who interacted with him tells us more:

“Max is a gorgeous and plump puppy all shiny in his perfect oreo suit. He is quite timid in his kennel, laying quietly at the back and very hesitant to come out for a walk. After some coaxing, Max ventures forward and steps with caution into his ward, walking with a limp caused by an old injury according to his former family. Max does not do stairs as a result and needs to be carried into the yard. One could call him “lazy” as he does not do much. He prefers to sit or rather lay down in the grass next to me which gives me the opportunity to pet him plenty… I guess a combination of his shyness and his hurt leg. He is interested in other dogs and goes to salute one little dog and a big one at each side of our pen. His tail is a bit out then and he makes the cutest baby face.”

Follow Max’s last hope on Facebook here. Just 9-months old. How can we watch him die? More information is available here.

Manhattan Center
MAX – A1124876
9 month old neutered male black/white APBT mix, 53 lbs
Owner Surrender: Reason stated PERSONAL PROBLEMS
Behavior Rating is Rescue Only

(Photos and video via Must Love Dogs Facebook)

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Check out this baby’s video:



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  1. OMG he just a baby. Someone please save this sweet boy, he deserves a wonderful life full of love. I will pray for you Max sweetheart.


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