When her hours are numbered and all she has left before she dies is her favorite stuffy

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Update: Layla has until 5:00. Please keep her story out there and help save her life.

Layla is on death row scheduled for humane euthanasia on Tuesday afternoon at the Brooklyn facility of Animal Care Centers of New York City. It’s not that Layla isn’t an affectionate snugly pup, and it’s not that all adoption care centers aren’t promoting adoptions; it’s that no one has come for this sweetheart. The shelter suggests Layla has special needs. Does Layla know? Who can be sure, but she won’t let go of the only thing she has left in this word – her stuffy. She carries the toy down the street and through the yard.

Once upon a time, Layla played with five young children –  the little ones aged two and seven were her favorites; she followed them everywhere. Barely out of “puppyhood,” Layla needs time to unwind, patience and love in order to become a model canine citizen. A volunteer writes:

 “Layla is a super beautiful lady that has not been well socialized with strangers. She was very reserved and nervous with me initially but on our most recent walk really came out of her shell! She loves to play with toys and carried a stuffy with her our entire walk (of course getting lots of compliments from passersby). She seems housebroken, has been easy on leash, and knows ‘sit’ and ‘paw.’. She’s previously lived harmoniously with children of all ages and spending time with them was her favorite thing. She might need a little work, but I have no doubt that she will be a very loyal, loving companion!”

Follow Layla’s Facebook page here or here. Gentle, playful and careful with the children, her family called her a model pet, but she was one of too many pets, and since the family only had her with them for six-months, and didn’t want to spend their time socializing her, Layla drew the short straw. In other words, she was the last one in, and the first one out. Already house and crate trained and easygoing, but reported to need some patience helping her with her manners, this youngster could be someone’s best friend. Layla has been recommended to be placed with a New Hope partner who can provide any necessary behavior modification – namely force-free and positive reinforcement. It is also recommended her behavior be re-evaluated once in a stable home environment before she is adopted.


Adoptable dogs can be RESERVED via http://www.nycacc.org/PublicAtRisk.htm. If you can, get to the NYC ACC ‘in person’ within 48 hours to complete the adoption process and bring home your dog. If you cannot get to the shelter in person, please message Must Love Dogs – Saving NYC Dogs for assistance with filling out applications with rescues to foster or adopt both publicly adoptable or ‘Rescue Only’ dogs.

The tragic reality for today lists 13 dogs slated to die because their humans let them down. Having a puppy, a grown dog or a senior is a life long commitment. Everyone suffers here; just look into Layla’s eyes. Today might very well be the last time her light shines. Share her plight with approved rescues, friends, family and social media contacts. Her time is short, and all she has is US. When inquiring about Layla, be sure to reference A1113134.

Photo of Layla holding her stuffy via Must Love Dogs Saving NYC Dogs

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Watch her video here:


132 replies
  1. Angela Corso says:

    With the requirement to observe her in her new home, the question becomes, there is no way to allow her to travel to a new home??? That’s too bad.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      These shelters do this a lot, thus limiting what can be done with these precious dogs. I hope a rescue that can foster her steps up, otherwise, I fear she is doomed.

    • Dan B says:

      Is travel to a new home not an option ? And is it too late… We have a very large home and one small boxer but have been thinking about another.

      • A.K.Samuel says:

        Sandra kobelski, time is of the essence. Please CALL them to let them know you will be withholding your contribution and that you will go public on social media so that you can shout it out from the rooftops. The least they can do is extend it for a few more days. But disturbingly, there are so many others going to their deaths without anyone batting for them. SADDER than SAD. Horrifying.All because of evil humans.

  2. Pat heley says:

    So sad please save beautiful Layla, don’t let her die for nothing. Adopt, foster or rescue her. Very urgent.

  3. Claire Cartwright says:

    If I lived nearby, I’d have been there months ago to get her. I truly hope someone gets her before you have to put her down. And what of the family that surrendered her? Are they on any “no more pets” list somewhere???

    • Judie Holtz says:

      I wish but doubt it as they gave her up because they had “too many” pets! What? They didn’t know how to count when they got her? .and why is her coat so bad? And what’s up with the home done chop job on her ears??

    • Debra Taylor says:

      They have other pets! I thought she was left abandoned in her home? Was that another dog or did they find the owners and not charge them? The owners shouldn’t have any other pets what if they do this to the others they have, she looks under fed so what about the other animals! Is someone doing a welfare check on them to make sure they are well cared for? Poor Layla shouldn’t have to suffer for what a human has done to her, it’s not her fault. Give her a fighting chance, get someone to help her train her to be a good citizen for a good family! Call Cesar Milan , she fits his needs and needs his help! PLEASE SAVE HER

      • A.K.Samuel says:

        I think we need to mobilize to have those f***ing repulsive maggots who abandoned Layla charged and the remaining pets taken away. A petition should be started. This is not a cell phone you can throw away when it gets obsolete!! Never again.

    • Mongoose Jones says:

      Lately in NYC, where, as you may know, most people live in apartments, more and more landlords are saying “NO PETS AT ALL”….whereas it used to be just dogs over a certain size or some breeds….now the trend is NO PETS….this has hit the NYC shelters VERY VERY hard as you can imagine, and there just aren’t enough homes for all the animals being sent there.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    ANY animal, especially a pit bull has NO CHANCE under NYCACC’s bitch director RISA WEINSTOCK – she delights in killing pit bulls and it does not matter if the dog is the sweetest animal on earth. NYCACC is the absolute worst place for any animal. They kill them within 24 hours if she so desires. Layla deserves MUCH MUCH better and will never get any chance at adoption because this hell hole doesn’t promote adoptions, they promote KILLING.

    • Cynthia Thomas says:

      She sounds like PETA’S KIND of person. If I had a way of getting to LAYLA,I could try to take her as my dogs are fixed,but I have 2 problems -1. I live in Virginia and2. one of my dogs is a puppy.

    • Jill Kurth says:

      How does this woman Risa hold her position??? I hate people like her!!!! I just saw this about Layla!!! It’s way past 5pm in Chicago and i am praying she got another day or so…….!!!!! She looks so darling with that stuffy she carries around…..i pledge $20 ……and i am sharing……let us know. !!!!!!!!!

      • Mongoose Jones says:

        SO many shelter directors, who, by the way, usually earn 6 figure salaries, are the CAUSE of the worst choices, worst rules, imaginable…..some hate all CATS, some hate all Pitbulls, point is, people with these kinds of irrational prejudices shouldn’t be in charge of BIG CITY shelters, or really any shelter!

    • A.M says:

      Ask for transport to the shelter, if they do not have. Then i know a lots of transport’s rescue group, how love to help !! Here there are them names:: POSSIBLE TRANSPORTATION TO YOU – FREE – :








      Kindred Hearts Transports (https://www.facebook.com/groups/kindredheartsTC/) will transport all over the Unites States for > FREE!!! < You can also find other transports on your states’ Facebook page, just put “transport” at the end of it. For example, I live in PA so I would search for “Pennsylvania Transport” in the search box on Facebook. These pages are filled with people and organizations dedicated to moving and transporting animals to safety and given a second chance in life. ***PLEASE BE CAUTIONED, WARNED, AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF GOING WITH TRANSPORTS!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE HAND!!! It’s sad that we even have to say this, but there are people out there who don’t have these animals’ best interests at heart and can and will take, sell, giveaway, hurt, fight, torture and/or much more. So PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH on all rescues, shelters, organizations, and transports BEFORE putting the animal in that situation.*** With that being said, anyone who may need assistance in finding rescues in you're area, here is an extensive list by state. If you notice a rescue you're familiar with is not listed, please contact the administrators of the page to request it to be added to the list.



      Please contact these animal rescue groups for more information. They are FREE or LOW-COST:

      Under Description: “Delta Animal Rescue Transport” is a group of primarily active and retired Delta Air Lines employees that transport rescued animals to their furever home. This is a completely volunteer service and is completed in the employees’ free time. We are NOT paid for our transport services!!……..
      Please provide us with the following information when requesting transport.

      From (city) to (city)
      Date transport needed
      Animal name, age, breed, weight
      Name of Rescue


      Two groups that are nationwide:

      Paws Without Borders is America's FIRST professional cross country pet transport company specializing in both rescue and private transport with over 10,000 passengers to date. Why would you trust anyone else? Book with PWB Transport today!
      Reservations: http://www.pwbtransport.com
      Questions: sales@pwbtransport or 909-906-9333 909-906-9333
      1-800-756-3770 1-800-756-3770Â FREE

      "Home" Freedom Rides
      Wheels 4 Paws provides emergency transport for shelters across the country. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing transport for animals coming from rescues and shelters to get to their new home.

  5. Harry Anchan says:

    PLEASE update us on developments. i hope and pray someone will adopt poor Layla. Please let us know if she has been adopted.

    • Eric Bock says:

      OMG, I am crying for her. I pray to you God to find her a home in time. Please help these animals. BTW, you may not like this but it was years ago. I noticed a neighbor abusing his dog. I was already in a bad mood so I went down and kicked the Fuck out of him. I even gave him a shot with the crowbar. I said if I ever see him abuse the dog, I would kill him. He never called the cops and I never saw him abuse that dog again. Do what you can. What is the worst that can happen to you? A fine or a plea deal. That is worth it to me.

  6. Cynthia Johnsonk says:

    Can someone update on her pls. PRAYING she is ok. Heartbreaking SWP from Florida fostering saves lives. Someone pls. Save her life.

  7. A.K.Samuel says:

    I can NOT imagine or believe there are so-called “humans” out there who would do something like this to a soul who must be attached to the family. It boils my blood that they have no attachment, feelings or compassion for this poor soul. Mark my words, if this dog is put down, I curse that family to suffer all their lives without mercy. They will feel hell on earth.

    • Judie Holtz says:

      I totally agree! Not that you or I would, but can you just imagine how bad your heart would hurt, standing at that counter, holding the leash of your best friend, signing papers and turning and walking out, leaving her behind?!? Makes me wanna throw up!

    • Mongoose Jones says:

      Lately in NYC, where, as you may know, most people live in apartments, more and more landlords are saying “NO PETS AT ALL”….whereas it used to be just dogs over a certain size or some breeds….now the trend is NO PETS….this has hit the NYC shelters VERY VERY hard as you can imagine, and there just aren’t enough homes for all the animals being sent there.

  8. Larry says:

    Please tell me what I can do to help save her? Donation? Phone call? I keep trying to call the Brooklyn facility and it is impossible to get a human being on the phone.

    • Elisabeth duncan says:

      Larry I live in NYC call and email rescue groups in this area and let them know your intentions good luck

    • julie carner says:

      Hi Larry, You can always post a pledge on a dogs FB thread. If a rescues pulls, the donation link would be posted. Calling the shelter would be pointless, they do not answer. Regarding the NYC death row dogs – they only get 18 hrs to find a home. The list comes out every night at 6pm with on-line reserves for ‘publicly adoptable’ dogs end at noon daily. After that time, the only way to save a dog would be to get approved by a New Hope rescue (people can also post on thread for assistance). So many dogs just like Layla die everyday because nobody steps up for them. Thank you for caring.

    • Mongoose Jones says:

      THAT is typical of the NYC shelter system…..tell your city councilman, or the mayor, or write a letter to the newspaper…….I’ve heard that over and over from people for years!

  9. Lanette says:

    Please…someone go get her even if you can’t keep her….try to find her a decent respectable home the best you can. I live in MT, sorry I can’t be there. Someone please!!! Layla does not deserve to die like this.

    • julie carner says:

      Hi Emily – If you are interested in fostering or adopting a pup just like Layla, please send me a pm. Please keep in mind that NYCACC death row pups only get 18 hrs to find a home. The list comes out at 6pm every night with on-line reserves for publicly adoptable dogs ends at noon. Sharing is a great way for people to help these dogs get seen. Thanks!

  10. Marie says:

    It’s 6:33p, please God let her be saved. How in the world could anyone kill beautiful animals for s living. They call it euthanasia, I call it Murder!

  11. carl winston says:

    Cruel, cruel world. There is a special place in Hell waiting for those who abandon their pets. How the bloody hell can they sleep at night? This is not a CD player you can return or discard!

  12. Sherri Hensley says:

    What happened to Layla please update about her.Please don’t tell me she got put down.????????????

  13. Rosemary Martinez says:

    Oh please don’t let this happen to this Dog Layla all that you do to train a dog even if her parents gave her up there’s no reason to PUT DOWN really now this isn’t right SOME THING HAS to give here. I hope you are reading my comment or what. Thanks please don’t

  14. Library Moore says:

    Save her youhave time to write you have time to defense the such bed drdy people I will till you it sounds like Seth shonon smith pam young nana kina people who are let the dog let it go night before Christmas letter girls ask wher is snowy Santa’s take then 2 more dogs boy tilling me 2 dogs die have let them go it sounds really good
    Till me what is deep state purpose she’s sobig doesn’t like then people just bing Discrimination my Lawer will Love that you ever heR Some of Dog’s better then some of those people I see it Love to pay the time to watch the kids on the road side play no one to watch that’s where we need to be involved deep state.

      • G.K. Mendes says:

        Everyone fought for Layla. Thank goodness. How many others are dying in shelters this country, in China, Indonesia, etc. where they systematically kill and eat dogs and cats? It is overwhelming. For every one saved there thousands dying. The only way this mass murder can be stemmed is by education of very young children to love and respect animals in every school on the planet.

    • G.K. Mendes says:

      Library Moore Give your fucking head a shake and put that keyboard away for the benefit of society. What a bloody waste of bandwidth. LIbrary? I doubt you even know what that is!

  15. Brent says:

    I will donate to Layla as well please don’t put her down. I will help with costs on transport to a good home or rescue. I’ve already adopted two pits or I would rescue her. Just let me know how or where to donate for her??

  16. Colleen says:

    I want to know who decides who lives and who doesnt! You know you might think some dogs are unadoptable but that’s just bullshit! All the animals in the shelters are adoptable! Some just need more time than the others to adjust! Geez how would you feel if you were just dumped in a strange place? These animals are all feeling, breathing and LIVING creatures! There will always be too many in shelters! As far as I’m concerned as long as there are animals in shelters these so called puppy mills (torture chambers)need not to exist! Animals and children are this worlds ONLY innocents and its up to REAL men and REAL women to make sure that they ALL are SAFE, HEALTHY and that they ALL know they are LOVED!!

    • Jeannie M Janos says:

      Rescue Dogs Rock NYC saved her! ???????????? They can always use donations. Check them out on Facebook … or google them. There will be links to donate. ????????

  17. ellen cottone says:

    The past cant hurt you now.
    you are among friends

    Go back and give your beloved ” Magic Comfort Possession” to the other 13, who are terrified and without advocate.
    you dont need it anymore.
    Your Saved.

  18. ellen cottone says:

    I think we pet rescue report commentators should band our efforts to organizing a states wide campaign to End kill shelters here in the states.
    Dont tell me it cant be done. we have the start of accounting for all dogs its the chipping system witch should be recognized as animal social security. all family pets should be considered Companion animals and should be given benefits. all animals should be given a job. There is so much money being waster and this will create jobs. we can have our people in these positions. we can do this. Have we had enough of this yet.
    Lets ask the 13 dogs being killed to day.
    wasted free and vital precious natural resources Land pitiful and unnecessary Killed alive for no good reason.

    • Theresa Nickey says:

      I completely agree. I am working on a pet rescue web site and one of my top priorities are tougher, much tougher sentencing for dog fighting among other things, eradicating animal testing in the US, and kill shelters. I would like to see a percentage of tax money to go to funding shelters and strick guidelines for shelters. I ready way too many horror stories. God’s Creatures should no longer be considered expendable and property. I am hoping with assistance of folks like you, we can make a change in my lifetime.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Dont squander your magic powers.
        many will never be enough.
        And never give you the energy to think
        or, have any fun in life.
        you focus on one concept, until literally a door opens right in front of your face.
        its the cause closer to home. so you make it your businesses.
        It will be the one you really make a difference in. Its the one waiting for you,
        Nickey dynamite.

    • G.K. Mendes says:

      Thank you, Ellen. That’s the spirit and enthusiasm we need. NOTHING is impossible. Nothing.It can be done.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Thats funny G.K because i was thinking the same about you and your heartfelt vivid image of enlightened children in the future. but now we have to deal with our fellow adults and meet this head on. stricter animal protection laws and create jobs for decent people for the positions who respond, investigate and enforce. what are we all waiting for?

  19. Kathleen Drude says:

    For them the clock is the enemy! All the rescues can’t save them from the clock! It’s ticking gets so loud, it’s getting down to it now! Yes they are the ones who ran out of time! Since when do we kill healthy pets who need us?

  20. Eleonora says:

    You don’t donate until you know dog is safe. You only pledge, meaning you r saying you will donate to a rescue who finds someone to pull it and help with it’s vetting. Money will go on dog’s TLC and help with other rescue animals. I saw many times pledges help and dogs with lots of pledges are given more time to find adopter or foster. I hope it helps to understand.


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