Hound puppy found wrapped in mattress and tossed in dumpster

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In Gillette, Wyoming, a man was arrested on Saturday and charged with animal cruelty for dumping a hound puppy in a dumpster. The four-month-old puppy dubbed Missy, was found in the morning at an apartment complex as reported by the City of Gillette. Area residents heard noises coming from the dumpster – prompting them to find the defenseless puppy.

“The Gillette Police Department is looking for your help in identifying a person involved in an Animal Cruelty investigation.

Early this morning (12/30) between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., an unknown person dumped a 4-6-month-old hound mix pup in the dumpster at 3919 Ariel Avenue. The dog was stuffed inside a rolled up air mattress, thrown into the dumpster and left for dead in – 3-degree temperatures with 16 mph winds. The puppy is currently being treated for severe hypothermia.”

Manuel Rodrigues, 24, has been identified as Missy’s owner. The arrest came from a “combination of several different people calling in who either recognized the dog or the owner,” the Gillette News Record reports. If the people who had been on their  way to work early in the morning had not heard Missy whining, it is likely she would have died from hypothermia and exposure.

The puppy is currently being treated at the Gillette Animal Shelter; no updates as to her condition have been posted. It is not known if she will survive, but thanks to the public and kindhearted citizens, Missy has a chance.

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(Photo of hound puppy via City of Gillette Facebook page)

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  1. OMG, I just adopted a 10-month-old Treeing Walker Coonhound and I know they can be a handful, but HOW can anyone do this to a dog. And a puppy at that? My dogs go out to potty and are back at the door to come in within minutes in this cold. My heart hurts for all the animals out in this extreme cold. Law enforcement at a neighboring town had to remove a dog left out in a yard earlier today. That dog would not have survived overnight in the cold we’re having. Some days I just hate people. b

    • Hi Linda Your words ring so true! Sometimes I too hate people for all the inhumane things they do to animals & each other while we’re at it.
      Take care Coreen

  2. Glad they found out the scum who did this and this pup hopefully will pull through and live with a loving family. Make this scum pay all the bills for this pup too. This is what we have living among us.

  3. I hope there is a judge in Gillette Wyoming who has the backbone to make an example this so called ‘human’ named Manuel Rodrigues and sentence him to some severe prison time. Way too many times those that have the authority to imprison those that treat animals like trash do not and instead give them little to no punishment which only encourages them to continue with their cruelty. PLEASE do the right thing – Rodrigues deserves to be treated like the maggot he is – this poor dog was thrown out like an old shoe – and he needs to treated as cruelly as he treated an innocent defenseless dog.

    • I don’t know about the Judge::: BUT the District Attorney is a Woman that Stands up FOR WHAT is RIGHT!!! The town and other officials have the utmost RESPECT for HER and her family are long time ranchers in the area… I believe SHE will do the RIGHT thing by this mistreated Little Dog!!! Gillette is a mining town and there are numerous transients …. I hope Ms. Stone will seek the maximum for this POS … I know this town is progressive and hopefully are moving in the right direction with animal rights.

  4. What an excuse of a,human, wishing this man a life of no peace I his hearth, mind and soul with nightmares,for the rest of his pathetic life. Wishing this pup a,good recovery and a loving person to care for him.


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