Horse trapped in ice-covered swimming pool

Horse stuck in ice-covered swimming pool

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Days ago, a horse named “Lucky” found himself in a frightening situation in Idaho after he got out of his enclosure and his curiosity nearly got the best of him when he wandered away. The horse who went exploring somehow became trapped in a nearby resident’s ice-covered swimming pool late Saturday afternoon, reported UPI.

Not-so-lucky,”Lucky,” was completely trapped in the frozen pool and if not for the help of neighbors and rescuers with the fire department, he may not have survived.

Firefighters with the Eagle Fire Department had to break through the thick ice with a chainsaw in order to reach the five-year-old horse. Eagle Fire Battalion Chief Rob Shoplock, the frightened horse wasn’t receptive to his rescuers efforts in the beginning – he told the Idaho Statesman, ““When we starting moving him, he was not having it — he actually fell down under the water.”Screenshot (1133)

Fortunately, Lucky finally lived up to his name and was freed from the pool – after being warmed up, he was examined by a veterinarian and amazingly, he Screenshot (1134)appeared to be okay, despite the traumatizing. and COLD ordeal.

(Photos via Eagle Fire Department Twitter)





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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Imagine looking out at your frozen swimming pool and finding a horse trapped in it. I’m so happy this had a happy ending. Lucky you lived up to your name thankfully. Bless all that rallied to help him.

  2. Dee says:

    There should be some way to put up some type of secure barrier so that no animal or person can get into your pool weather one has an inground or above ground. MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO SECURE IT


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