Horrific cruelty as maniac shoots friendly seal with crossbow bolt

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Both the police and the RSPCA are helping rescuers save a gray harbor seal swimming in the sea in Briham, Devon with a two-foot bolt, shot from a crossbow, embedded in its back. Disturbing photos of the friendly, pregnant seal with the arrow protruding from her back were posted to the Facebook page of Devon Seals.

On Saturday morning, a second hand report stated a seal had been spotted the previous evening with a large spear stuck in its back. Throughout the summer the playful animal, villagers have named Sammy, has been a source of natural entertainment as she frolicked in the ocean. Witnesses have reported the animal to be relatively mobile, but now very nervous of her surroundings. Both Devon and Cornwall Police are aware of the incident and have been cooperating with local wildlife officials to help. A team from British Divers Marine Life Rescue are on standby.

The force’s wildlife crime officer has asked the public not to attempt to assist the seal and leave the task for the qualified RSPCA personnel. It is feared Sammy could be expecting her baby at any time. One infuriated Facebook follower posted:

“Pathetic excuse for a human whoever did it, some kind of morons attack horses and donkeys and other harmless, innocent creatures for some sick perverted reason.”

A spokesperson for the charity said:

“These reports are disturbing and we would urge anyone with information about what has happened or who knows how the seal came to have the spear in its back call the Police on 101 or the RSPCA Inspectorate Appeal Line urgently and in confidence on 0300 123 8018.

“We stand ready to support the British Divers Marine Life Rescue in their efforts to rescue the seal and encourage anyone who sees the injured seal to call the British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765546 or 07787433412.”

Pet Rescue Report will be checking back. Right now we hope Sammy survives this vicious attack.

(Photos of seal shot by crossbow via Facebook)

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  1. I will never understand what goes on in the small minds of the kind of people that perpetrate these animal cruelty crimes. These people have no conscience or soul; black hearted deserve no mercy; as they show none. Sickening. Makes me wonder who walk past me every day that is capable of this sort of stuff; wonder how different they look, if at all. Wolves in sheep clothing.

  2. I hope you get an arrow in your heart & die heartless asshole u deserve to die & someome out there willkill you y fuckimg killer deal go to heaven amen bg

  3. U heartless creep I hope you die & a arrow through your heartless heart & be killed god bless this seal he deserved to live you die & you will bg

  4. This has got too end. The human race is cruel and heartless. That seal did not deserve that type punishment. My prayers and thoughts are with this creature and the men and woman trying too save her

  5. Unfortunately, I would not trust the RSPCA to do much of anything to save this seal – they have proven their irresponsibility, incompetence and lack of action to help animals – What is needed is a dedicated rescue group to step up and make a concerted effort to find this poor animal. There should be a large reward offered to find the maggot puke who did this – someone will want it bad enough to turn the bastard in. How about it RSPCA??

  6. I have no faith that the RSPCA will actually do one thing to find the scum who injured this seal – they have proven their lack of action, irresponsibility and incompetence over and over. A rescue group is needed to step up and make a concerted effort to locate this seal and get her to safety so she can be treated. Don’t count on the RSPCA for anything but lip service. If they really cared they would post a reward for information on the scumbag who did this – that would entice someone to step up.

  7. There needs to be justice with this. I can’t comprehend at all how anyone can be so heartless towards the defenseless! So many cowards that prey on the voiceless and innocent creatures! Hope whoever’s doing this gets punished and jailed….SOB monsters scum!


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