Heartbreaking: Injured, blind pug found wandering the streets

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Madge’s pain must have been beyond excruciating when a kind woman found the  17-pound purebred pug living in the valley streets in a rundown neighborhood Friday afternoon. The woman picked her up; the dog’s eyes had become dislocated; she was blind and barely able to figure out where she was or what she should do. At first the woman thought the dog was pregnant; her belly seemed swollen as if she were ready to nurse puppies. It is suspected Madge may have used for repeated breeding.


When Madge’s photo was posted on Facebook, animal advocates jumped into action. Leslie Ysuhuaylas coordinated with a volunteer, who rushed out to pick the dog up to be rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help:

“We truly are sorry that we have to share this with you, ” Stacey began her Facebook post as photos of Madge arrived from the organization’s partner veterinarian. “We wish abuse cases like this did not exist in our society. Yet, over and over, we see such horrific abuse and neglect to our companion animals; it’s truly mind blowing.”


There is no background information on the seven-year-old dog; no one knows how this happened, however most severe injuries like this occur after a dog suffers blunt force trauma, is struck by a car or thrown from a high ledge.

When brought into the veterinary hospital on Friday night, it was determined Madge was not pregnant. Unfortunately she was also diagnosed as  heartworm positive and suffering from  tick borne illness. How long had this defenseless dog been living like this?


Late Friday night, Madge underwent double enucleation eye surgery.

“Surgery to remove both her infected eyes were her only option to alleviate her pain and infection. She was already blind as her vision was totally impaired. How she got like this, in such grave and life threatening condition, is beyond our comprehension and we curse the POS that permitted her to remain like this, suffering for so long. Her eyes didn’t get like that overnight,” Stacey wrote in the organization’s update on Sunday morning.

Madge is now safe and resting comfortably. She will never suffer again, and life will get better every day.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC currently has three other dogs in emergency hospitals at this time. The critical cases like these are very expensive


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9 replies
  1. Jill says:

    The evil bastards that did this or people who looked the other way…one day .. if I see this????????I will not hesitate to take matters into my own hands and make sure they leave this earth dead.

  2. Adrienne says:

    If she was a puppy mill breeding dog, the owners probably tried to kill her and them dump her if she could no longer be a profit to them. Destroy these breeders. Governments in each state should shut these breeders down and jail every one of them for making money off dogs like this. Lazy scum who refuse to work yet find it so each to torture an animal to breed for them, and then dump them. Anyone who breeds dogs out of their home, apartment, backyard, need to be in jail and forfeit any rights to having even one pet. A clear message must be sent out to this country that we will not tolerate abuse like this anymore.

  3. Helen says:

    How many people must have walked by Madge and did absolutely nothing? The POS who neglected Madge should be shot and tossed into the garbage bin. No further discussion. If it wasn’t for this kind woman who helped Madge, this sweet pup would not have survived much longer living on the street. Again, Rescue Dogs Rock stepped in and made sure Madge received the medical care she desperately needed. Thank you to the woman and RDR for saving Madge.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Maggie is another innocent victim of a puppy mill and NOTHING is done to make these hell holes illegal. She suffered horribly and this is just one example of how these places work. ALL PUPPY MILLS SHOULD BE OUTLAWED ON A FEDERAL LEVEL – they are nothing more than animal abuse facilities run by ruthless, inhumane maggots whose only concern is overbreeding. They should ALL be raided, the human scum jailed – they are nothing more than animal abusers and allowed to get away with it. And once again, the ONLY place to step up is Rescue Dogs Rock NYC – surely not the state of Texas.


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