Jessica has been in boarding over 650 days

Homeless dog – waiting in boarding for over 650 days

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A lovely dog named “Jessica,” has been waiting a tremendous amount of time for a home of her own. For well over 650 days, Jessica has been in a boarding facility in New Jersey…waiting, day after long day, for someone to decide that she is worthy of being their companion.

Jessica’s needs are being met, but a boarding facility is not the same as a real home. Jessica has her own Facebook page (Jessica Needs A New Home) and the following information was recently posted about the type of home which she would be best suited to:

Jessica is currently in boarding and desperately seeking a loving home. She must be the only pet. Although she is great with kids, she would do better living with older kids (preferably teens at the youngest). Younger guests are fine, but she needs a family who can devote time and energy to her. She is sweet, affection, and loves all people but does best in a calm, stable environment.

Jessica needs a homeObviously, the requirement to be the only pet has negatively impacted Jessica’s quest for a home – but there has to be someone out there who is looking for just one dog to complete their family. If you think that you might be that one person, please email, or reach out to Second Chance Rescue Dogs NYC.

Find Jessica’s Facebook page here.

(Photos via Jessica Needs A New Home FB page)

National Dog News on Facebook here.

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(Note – the photo of Jessica with the sign showing that she has been in boarding for 638 days was posted back in early January)

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  1. Angela Corso says:

    Too bad she doesn’t do well with other dogs. I would have taken her. I hope somebody opens their heart and home to her.

    • David Springer says:

      I would like to Adopt Jessica. But have a dog it is to she don’t
      get along with other dogs. I would really love to her.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Jessica is beautiful! There is a home for her out here and the perfect family! I have a feeling Jessica will have a forever home before the end of March!

  3. Cheryl Hanna says:

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  4. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Whish you a very very careful foreverhome ???? you deserves really this !!!!! Good Luck Jessica ???????????????? Big hug from Sweden ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Diana Bradshaw says:



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