Homeless dog ‘Summer’ watches as rescuers save her puppies one by one

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No one knows how long Summer had been living in the streets of Los Angeles, but neighbors and friends had been feeding her. One day, it was discovered Summer had a litter of puppies; it was not safe for the family to be on the streets homeless, and so Hope for Paws was contacted and asked to help.

Summer had just given birth to her family a few hours before the emergency call came into Eldad Hagar, and when they arrived, one by one – the puppies were pulled out of the bushes where they had been born and placed on a soft comforter. All the while, Summer watched knowing that the rescuers were there to help her. And when all six of her puppies were safely out of their hiding place, Summer slowly walked out to join her family.

The dogs were all taken to the veterinary hospital for physical examinations and luckily deemed healthy. Summer was treated to a gentle bath, a good meal

and a clean and comfortable place to care for her family. 

“A good friend of mine who is a veterinary technician, who had seen more dogs than I did in her life, told me about this breed, I looked at some pictures, and it seems like she could be a Berger Picard or a mix of one and I went with it,” Eldad stated on the organization’s Facebook page as he updated advocates about Summer.  “All I care is that she and her babies are safe and loved. Summer lived on the streets for many weeks, and if you’ll watch the video again, you will see that right before we left, the guy who used to feed her crawled into the cage, hugged her, kissed her

and cried.”

The puppies have been named Tanner, Diver, Surfer, Shelly, Sunny and Sandy. Summer and her puppies have been placed into foster care, where they can all be together until the puppies are old enough to be adopted. Interested in adopting one of these adorable little ones? They are expected to be available for adoption in approximately six weeks.  You can contact A.R.T N Paws Animal Rescue for more information.

Check out the video and get ready to smile from ear to ear.

(Photos and YouTube video courtesy of  Hope for Paws)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    THANK YOU HOPE FOR PAWS for rescuing Summer and her babies – if not for you they would have died – you guys keep right on proving what heroes you are –

  2. Sheri says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What a beautiful family!! Hopefully Summer and her babies will all get the loving homes they so deserve!!

  3. Solveig Pettersson says:

    THINK YOU !! FOR RESCURING THÉ MOM AND HER BABYS ???????????????????????????????????? WHISH THEM ALL Ä HAPPY LIFE ????????????????????????????


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