Hit and run: Defenseless shepherd left to suffer in middle of the road

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In the latest news concerning a throwaway society and a callous hit and run accident, a white shepherd had been abandoned when her owners moved away, and since May, the South Texas dog did her best to survive. On Thursday, the pup was hit on the road by a vehicle; the driver never bothered to stop; even in an effort to at least move the dog to the side of the road where she would not be hit again. Tragically, she dragged herself over to where she hoped she was safe. Who can even imagine the fear and the pain she must have felt?

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan spotted the dog left to fend for herself. What could have been the end of this innocent animal’s life after so many people let her down, rescuers intervened and by using social media for emergency help, the helpless shepherd’s plight was met by the kindness of Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. 

In the middle of the night, SNARR transported the dog to their emergency veterinarian. On the organization’s Facebook page, a brief explanation followed supplying a moment of relief that the dog would not die in the middle of a country road:

“Middle of the night EMERGENCY- someone took pictures of this dog laying in the middle of the road after being hit by a car; dragging herself. They sent these pictures to a rescuer we work with, who frantically went on a mission to have someone In the area go to get this poor dog.
SNARR Northeast said we would take her. She was rushed to the vet at 3a.m. We will update asap.”

Do you know what to do if you hit a dog with your car? In most cities, there are laws what motorists are expected to do:

  • You have to stop. (Call 911)
  • Move the dog out of the road so no one else gets in an accident trying to avoid hitting it a second time.
  • Call 911 and they will put you through to animal control who can help you further.

This is a just developing story; updates soon to be provided. To donate to help:

PayPal snarr_23@yahoo.com
PO Box 307 White Plains NY 10602

(Photos of dog victim of hit and run via Leslie Ysuhyaykas and SNARR)

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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12 replies

    I don’t understand the epidemic of dogs issue in Texas! What is wrong with you people? Thank god for the good samaritan that saved him!


    For the owners that abandoned this dog when they moved away, you just abandoned your family! May karma awaits you very soon! You are a worthless human species, and may badluck comes your way all the time.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    So the owners abandoned this dog in May and nobody had called anyone to help? Then the poor thing is hit and the POS that hit her couldn’t be bothered to call someone to help! I am so disgusted with man kind, these things are happening way too often and again this story comes from TEXAS! Prayers for this dog, I hope she survives and lives to find a happy, loving home.

    • linda says:

      I saw her post back in May on face book. I cannot believe no one stepped in to help!!!!! What about the person who posted it on face book?! I would have taken her in bathed and feed her before taking her to a non kill shelter. People do suck!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I agree, she should have been taken care of and she never would have been hit by the car! Shameful!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    Such a beautiful dog! Abandonment is so very,very cruel! Thank God she was spotted and received help! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SNARR NORTHEAST FOR STEPPING FORWARD FOR THIS SUFFERING,NEGLECTED BEAUTY! GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR UR KINDNESS AND COMPASSION

  5. Kathleen Drude says:

    How do you just throw them away! They move and leave their pet behind! The irony is that those who do this will go and get another pet! It happens over and over! Thank you to the person who saw her and called rescue! Thank you to the vets who are doing everything in their power to save this beautiful dog!

  6. Helen says:

    Texas again. The POS who abandoned this pup and the human trash who hit the pup and left it in the middle of the road, may both of you rot in hell.

  7. Sherry says:

    When people just take off and leave their pets behind…do they even have hearts and souls??They are leaving them to unknown, usually horrific fates. How can they sleep at night? Guess they have no concern for anyone but themselves. They leave a defenseless animal to starve, to suffer, to be abused, murdered, hit by cars, etc. Do they delude themselves into thinking their dog will be ok or will die peacefully?? Dogs can’t go out to dinner, because they can’t open doors to get out and oh yeah, they don’t have jobs either, assholes…and they can’t get up and make a sandwich either. Starvation is not quick, but a slow and very painful death. Damn, at least don’t abandon them and TRAP them where there is no chance of survival. Leaving a pet behind is like throwing a relative in a dumpster to me. Maybe this dog was left in the back yard, where he could at least make an ATTEMPT to survive.but the homeless have little chance of a happy ending. They have no protection against parasites, predators, wild animals, the elements, CARS and the monsters that can sometimes drive them..As seen here, the dog gets a double whammy and has the misfortune of crossing paths with another MAGGOT that rolls them over and keeps on trucking. I hope the abandoning owner that just packed up to start a new life and the hit and run driver quickly have to confront their own KARMA, which in their cases will certainly be big bitch. . You show no mercy or empathy..you are heartless, SCABS of society. You are the REAL THROW AWAYS here, not the animals. On the flip side, god bless the rescuer, and Snarr, I am getting ready to donate a small amount. Keep the GOOD in this world going cause we sure have an uphill struggle with all this evil out there. I know I sound bipolar but I have all the compassion in the world for animals and will fight for them. ,,,but I become the heartless bitch when it comes to the abusers of animals. Zero tolerance for those fucktards.


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