Students are designing custom wheels for disabled puppy

High school students designing custom wheels for puppy who is missing legs

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A Florida dog-owner came up with a rather creative way to help her nine-week-old disabled puppy have better mobility. According to Monday’s ABC 13 News, Flora Brock turned to the internet to come up with ideas for helping her puppy, “Gabby,” who is missing a portion of her front legs, get around with greater ease.Screenshot (1019)

Brock searched on YouTube and found someone who had reached out to an engineering department at a high school for help with designing custom wheels for a disabled dog that she had taken in off the streets. Brock was intrigued with the idea, so she reached out to the engineering students at Trenton High School.

Three students in the high school department agreed to take on the challenge and they went to work to create custom wheels for little Gabby. It’s been trial and error for the students who are designing Gabby’s new wheels; project leader Samantha Prather told ABC 13, “It’s pretty much guess and check what works, what doesn’t work, what fits, what doesn’t. How does she react to it, obviously.”

Gabby has had an initial fitting and she is due back next week for more adjustments. Her owner is hopeful that little Gabby will enjoy her newfound freedom and adjust to being able to move around quickly, like other dogs. Brock has big dreams for her little pup – she is hoping to train Gabby to be an emotional support dog for nursing home patients.

(Photos/screenshots via ABC 13 News)

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  1. Cathy Rolley says:

    How very kind of the students that are doing this.We need more people like them in this world .people who want to help.So glad to see a good story like this after all the horrible stories we see.Those students deserve praise and something special.Such a cute little dog.We used to have a dog that looked like that, her name was Daisy and we miss her. she was a sweet dog.


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