Hidden in isolation: Urgent help needed for tiny ‘fear biting’ Pom

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When the rest of the world is bigger than you, and the strangers and noises are overwhelming in a place filled with barking dogs and the clang of metal bowls, who can blame Mr. Jones for his “fear biting”? Such a tiny Pomeranian, all alone and pushed into a strange world – how does he know who he can trust? And so at only two-years of age, Mr. Jones acts on impulse and instinct – “I’m going to fight like hell to protect myself.”

Mr. Jones has been kept in isolation at Downey Animal Care Center. His description is as follows: Animal ID: #A5032784. “My name is Mr. Jones and I’m an approximately 2 year old male Pomeranian. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Downey Animal Care Center since February 12, 2017. I am available on February 16, 2017. You can visit me at my temporary home at D115.” Phone: (562) 940-6898. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed by clicking here. (Collective descriptions on Facebook can be followed here.)

According to Downey Animal Care Center volunteer, Sal Valdepena, Mr. Jones’ plight is now regarded as desperate, and he quickly needs an approved rescue organization to step up and save him. Because he has shown aggression, the tiny Pom is not able to be adopted by anyone from the general public. Share this little dog’s story with rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Poor little Mr. Jones deserves better. Several rescue organizations have shown interest, but this dog will likely need a foster home and funding to help him succeed in the future.  Sharing saves lives. Be a voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photo of fear biting Pom via Sal Valdepena.)

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Check out his short video and how scared he is:

Posted by Carole Sax on Saturday, March 4, 2017


20 replies
  1. Althea Armstrong says:

    Too bad only rescuers can get this baby! He just needs a quiet, loving home and not pushed. Right person could gain his trust!

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    This little guy has been horribly abused! Poms are very friendly cuddle bugs! They prefer being on the lap of or next to their human! This little guy needs time and patience to heal and get back to being his happy self! Please give him a chance at life he is just afraid!

  3. linda says:

    I’m curious if Mr. Jones was surrendered or was a stray. I’m hoping for the best for him to find a rescue.

  4. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Help this Little gay to find a careful home !!! He deserves this ???????????????? whish you all luck ❤❤❤❤

    • Cheryl Hanna says:

      We supply all the information as well as ID# to inquire with the shelter. We are not part of the shelter, nor do we have anything to do with adoptions for any of these pets. We even supply the accompanying social media links so interested readers, adopters or foster potential volunteers can follow the ongoing story. I don’t know what more we can do.

      • Lucy says:

        You keep doing what u do,, your a wonderful person. And please keep making posts n videos for all the lil ones that can’t speak. Thank u .from San Antonio, Tx,, the Luna N Reyes family. .

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Mr. Jones needs to be neutered. With patience and time he will become a wonderful companion. To hide him is to ensure he will never be rescued or adopted. This is unfair to this little guy. Isolating him is no help – he needs quiet and someone to spend the time helping him which apparently Downey is unwilling to do.

  6. Patricia Akers says:

    Don’t keep him isolated. You can see how scared he is! Please don’t give up on this little precious life. Find him a foster home away from all this noise and confusion and which is in the middle of now at this place. Don’t give up! Dogs have unconditional love for us they never give up on us!

  7. Leslie Wallace says:

    Poor Mr. Jones, I’m in tears. He is shaking like a leaf. OMG, Please, some rescue step up and get him. I would but Im in NYC. I love poms & I had a fear biter for a long time.

  8. Bunny Peters says:

    My family and I will adopt him “as-is” if a rescue can pull him out…..

    I will call the shelter Monday morning and leave my info……..

    I have tried to adopt before but I live in Northern California…….. maybe this time???

  9. Beverly Statler says:

    How do I bring this baby home. Always had tiny dogs. Just rescued a five year old Chihuahua. He has come out of his shell. I can help this baby.


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