Heroic K9 takes bullet meant for handler

Heroic K9 takes bullet meant for handler – shooter dead

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On Friday, a heroic K9 took a bullet which was meant for his handler. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, K9 Officer Casper was injured while protecting his handler during a shootout in Jupiter, Florida, between 46-year-old Philip O’Shea and deputies.

O’Shea, who has an extensive criminal history, was shot and killed after he hit K9 Casper. According to CBS News, the suspect had several outstanding warrants and was wanted for a robbery which had taken place at an area bar earlier in the day.

Shortly after the incident, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department stated, “PBSO K9 Kasper took a bullet that was meant for his K9 Partner. He is currently recovering and in stable condition.”

K9 Casper Returns Home

K9 Casper returns home after taking a bullet that was meant for his K9 handler.

Posted by PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office on Saturday, May 13, 2017

On Saturday – the department noted that Casper was well enough to go home from the veterinary hospital.

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  1. Sue says:

    I’VE SAID IT BEFORE, AND WILL KEEP SAYING IT UNTIL THE ZOMBIE PUBLIC WAKES UP – K9 units should all be shut down. What goes on behind the scenes in K9 “training” (and at my department, some of the tortures have been repeated just for the handlers’ personal amusement), and how the dogs are kept when they are not being used, or left to bake in the heat, in the patrol cars, is CRIMINAL.

    The problem is that when one such “incident” manages to reach the public’s eyes and ears (because of some brave soul who was willing to secretly record it) the people respond with comments that suggest it was this one handler, and he should be punished. NO, it is the whole damned K9 unit, and the whole department, AND THE WHOLE MENTALITY THAT IS PART OF THE DEPARTMENTS. The mainstream media helps cover it up, too.


    • Olga says:

      I agree I immediately thought don’t ever leave them or anyone in hot cars it sickens me that this dog would sacrifice their life for yours without hesitation, but some forget all about them so they suffer and die a terrible death!!! Please think!!!

      • Sue says:

        Thank you, Olga, and the fact is that when they are not left to bake in cars, they are routinely hanged to unconsciousness, swung around at the end of their leashes like helicopter blades, slammed to the ground and kicked, and otherwise tortured.

        And even though all the handlers have been coached in what to say to the public (for instance, “My K9 is part of my family and comes home with me at night”) the fact is, the dog may go home with him, but then is isolated out in the back in a kennel, because the “trainers” know that putting the dogs in solitary confinement is psychological torture, and will create a sort of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in the dog’s relationship with his handler. So, when the handler comes to take the dog out torture him on the “training” field, he is also relieving him of his loneliness.

        These rules of K9 “training” come from the military, and even movie dogs have been “trained” in this manner.

        William Koehler (ex-military) is still considered the ultimate authority in “training” by many, including, of course, the paramilitary. He was also the master of euphemisms, which the police and sheriffs share, but he could not disguise his sarcastic glee when describing hangings, beatings (including with a rubber covered dowel on the muzzle), and “curing” digging of holes by filling them with water and shoving the dog’s head in and holding it there for a near drowning.

        The fact that the “Koehler method” is still so popular, the euphemisms are accepted, and the newspapers have sung his praises (look some of them up) is a testimony to how the public loves their comfortable sleep, at the expense of the dogs.

        4-year-old attacked by dad’s police dog in Hesperia | abc7.com
        A 4-year-old boy’ s … 4-year-old attacked by dad’s police dog in Hesperia. Email … and the officer let the dog out of the kennel and into the backyard.

    • Laura says:

      Sue: Your descriptions of the truth of these dogs’ lives is heartbreaking, chilling, but it seems people will not let it register, almost like K9-cop worship has become a religion…better believe and have faith or they’ll make you pay, or something along those lines. And dogs don’t knowingly “sacrifice their lives for ours” like Olga said, they’re tricked into it by training and force, they only think they’re doing more routine activities, not knowing someone with a knife or gun will actually harm/kill them. (Someone else other than their usual torturers anyways…as in the trainers.)

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    Humanity uses dogs in so many ways to enrich the human life,they work with the police,they go to war with our military,they assist the blind and the physically handicapped,the comfort people with PTSD and children with autism,they go into nursing homes to enrich the lives of the elderly,they alert humans to on coming diabetic emergencies and on coming seizures,well I could go on and on BUT HUMANITY CANT DO SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS ENACTING AND ENFORCING SIGNIFICANT PROTECTION LAWS FOR THOSE SCUM BAGS THAT ABUSE THEM!!!! They give their all to the human race and absolutely should be protected with good laws and significant punishment for all that harm them! THE NERVE!!! Good job Casper,praying for a speedy recovery for an amazing dog!!!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Well stated, it’s an atrocity the laws for the protection of these valuable dogs and pets. Why can’t we seem to get our legislators to take this seriously, they are all too busy protecting their own interests, I know the ones I have contacted don’t seem to care about animals.

    • Sue says:

      I see that the zombies are still on parade, ignoring the torture these dogs endure daily at the hands of their handlers.

      NC troopers torture dogs as a matter of policy | Cop Block

      The police have destroyed 84 retired working dogs in the …

      If Cops Treat Their Own Dogs Like This, It is No Wonder …

      Police Killing Their Own K9’s At An Alarming Rate | From …

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        No one is ignoring the torture you are alleging toward the police K-9s and Military dogs. I am sure there are bad handlers, and irresponsible police departments just as there are bad and irresponsible pet owner, but let’s not blame all for the actions of some. I watched the video of K-9 Casper being picked up by his handler and I don’t see any signs that the dog has been abused or he would show signs of cowering when his handler came to get him. I follow several K-9 and military dog pages and these dogs are parts of families, around both small children and other pets and they are treated as part of the family. I will be the first to speak up if I see abuse toward a working dog, These dogs provide a valuable service, be they military, police, search and rescue, seeing eye, hearing, or other medical alert dogs and I believe most are treated with respect and love, in training and while working.

      • Sue says:

        Barkley’s Mom,

        THIS is what I am apparently not able to successfully convey. I worked in a police department, and was sufficiently shocked and outraged after a dog was hanged in the station for no reason except to send the message, “try and stop me,” that I put in a lot of time and effort, and money, to investigate and learn about it, why and how it is done.

        The standard dictum of “training” these dogs comes from the military, and it is THE RULE. IF there is an exception here, it would be any department (and if there are any – I haven’t found one) which goes against THE RULE. And, any exceptions to THE RULE would have to know that the other (vast majority of) departments they encounter in their K9 performance contests are torturing their dogs. For my efforts, I was harassed, at home, at work, and in public, and there were “surreptitious attempts on my life (including sabotage of my car) which always happened after I had some bit of success in exposing what really goes on.

        This is what is frustrating about it. The departments are masters of creating and maintaining the facade, and the media helps them with it. One of our most sadistic handlers was quoted in the local newspaper as saying (about his K9) “I love him like a son.” Unfortunately, people believe that crap. I was actually approached by a reporter with the L.A. Times 10 years ago, and given the spiel that the paper wanted to do a major expose’ about this. I fell for it. He sounded so very sincere. He got me to give him information which was, at that time, confidential (for the purpose of exposing it) and when the dust cleared, he went away and never contacted me again. No explanation. I am sure it was a fact finding expedition for the police and sheriffs departments, especially finding out what insiders might be involved.

        The handlers alternate torture with praise. The dogs are also kept in solitary confinement in a kennel when they are not in use, and there is also a method to this madness. The person who alternately tortures and praises the dog is also the one who comes to “rescue” this social pack animal from his devastating loneliness. That makes for a very confusing scenario for the dogs. Some dogs HAVE been known to attack their handlers, and were shot to death for doing so. They can’t win. THE REST OF THEM HAD BETTER ACT HAPPY, or they won’t be let down so fast after being hanged to unconsciousness (and we’ve lost quite a few in our county to handler caused death).

        Our department has had handlers who don’t enjoy harming their dogs, but, like most people (and particularly in a paramilitary setting) they obey the rules. The punishment for going against the rules includes being kicked off the K9 team, having your dog taken away from you, being watched, followed, tested and baited to do something that can get you fired, and never-ending harassment. But, as one might guess, when the doors to torture are opened, the sadists rush in, so there is plenty of that.

        Whistleblowers are as rare as hen’s teeth, and by now I think most people are aware that the proclamation on the government employee posters “Whistleblowers are protected” is a JOKE.

        So, having been involved in a department, seen both sides of that coin, then investigating the practices of other departments, I am better able to “catch”, if you will, the subtleties of their language when they talk about their K9 programs, when they deny abuse, when they hold their tear-jerking, heartstring-pulling public relations presentations, with the help of the media.

        Please try reading the chapter “Denials and Justifications.” If people can’t see through the facade, then I don’t know what else to do.


      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I guess Sue I don’t know what you are trying to convey. I take it you want to put an end to all Police dogs and Military dogs even though they provide a valuable service to our communities and country. I understand you have had a bad experience with your local Police Department and obviously have seen it elsewhere too, I have seen the stories and certainly don’t condone hanging, and beating dogs to train them, but I honestly don’t think it is EVERY department that does this. I’ve seen too many wonderful K-9 and Military dogs to believe that they are ALL abused. I have met our local K-9 handler and our K-9 Akin, they use the same Vet as I do, and he is a wonderful dog, I wouldn’t expect that from a dog that was abused.

      • Sue says:

        Well then, it is useless, Barkley’s Mom. What I was trying to convey is that I have done the research. Being employed at a police department was ONLY the introduction, and the beginning of my investigation. I know about THE RULE, and I also know about the carefully crafted facades, which obviously most people buy into and are very comfortable with.

        Those links from all over this country are not enough to shake people out of their cozy delusion.

        Since you mentioned veterinarians, I must say that my personal experience with veterinarians who knew, and know, what is done to these dogs has been very eye opening, too.

        Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. But not for the dogs.

      • Laura says:

        Oh my, Sue, I don’t know how you remain civil in the face of all this.
        Barkley’s Mom: You need to realize that because not ALL police K9s are obviously mentally/physically damaged by their “training” when you happen to see them does not mean torture isn’t a big part of all their training behind the scenes. Do you ever wonder why the public is kept in the dark about the training, are only invited to special events that make everything look good? Next time you meet that K9 cop at the vet, ask him if you can come and witness the training of new dogs and the continued training of others. You will likely be looked at as if you’re insane and laughingly refused, as if how could you even suggest it. But never mind. Like Sue said, about ignorance…too sadly true.

      • Laura says:

        Barkley’s Mom: PS: And if by some miracle he takes you up on that, if they know you’re coming as a member of the public, they surely won’t do the usual, you’d need to observe covertly to see the real training. They don’t encourage that sort of thing, to put it mildly.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Sue, Linda: Well EXCUSE ME! Excuse me for wanting to support our police and military K-9’s Excuse me for Not believing that ALL police and military dogs are treated/trained by hanging, beating and solitary confinement. I feel like I am talking to a bunch of the “Pitt Bull” haters group, that all of them are bad and need to be killed!. I have ready your articles and from what I see the newest one is at least 2 years old. So go ahead and HATE me for having my head in the clouds, for not believing that ALL military and police dogs are abused! And HATE me for supporting our police and military K-9’s that save lives both here and abroad. One note, you don’t get any response from the police organizations or the military it’s time to contact the American Humane Society of the United States, PETA, The American Humane Association. Turn your research over to them, I’m sure they aren’t afraid of the police or military and they have the money to back it up! You ladies have a nice day! I’m going back to my little world where every thing is lollipops and roses.

      • Sue says:

        Barkley’s Mom,

        I am sorry if you are feeling attacked. Your reply, however, is very strange. How does wanting to end the torture of K9’s translate into something akin to a “pit bull haters group” ?? I also want to end the torture of pit bulls, so any “hate” would be more accurately described as being aimed at those who are torturing the dogs, not the dogs themselves.

        I have sent information to the animal protection groups. What they are, or are not, doing, I don’t know. I suspect that “law enforcement” is probably considered untouchable. That has been my experience, over-all.

        You can’t imagine what agony I’ve gone through trying to figure out how to expose this, and what else might be done to me in retaliation. Most people, when they have a criminal activity to report, report it to the police. Who do you report it to when the perpetrators are the police? And their top governing agencies don’t give a damn about what is done to dogs any more than most politicians care (which is not at all). It will take massive public awareness to even begin to turn this around. How can that happen when people choose to remain in denial? I don’t know. I just keep telling what I know, and collecting evidence to share.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    After reading the torture K9 officers are subjected to by the psychopaths disguised as police officers, I now realize why they are found and recruited from under rocks. This is beyond disturbing – these dogs are treated like trash and I agree 100% that ALL K9 units be discarded – let the human(?) cops fend for themselves.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you, Nancy. I didn’t spend thousands of dollars, and years of research (not to mention so many tears) for my health.

      As long as members of the public are successfully snowed, there will be no help forthcoming for these dogs.


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