Heroic dog helps save dog who was drowning in a canal

Dog helps save drowning dog
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Dogs are known as “Man’s best friend,” but quite often, they are also best friends to other dogs – even dogs who are virtual strangers. According to WINK News, last week, when a pit bull mix was struggling to stay afloat in the water of a Cape Coral, Florida, canal, he got some life-saving help from an unlikely four-legged friend.

According to William McLaughlin, last Wednesday he saw a small black dog on his deck – the dog was standing at the deck’s edge, staring intently at a dog who was trying not to drown in the water. McLaughlin recounted what he did after spotting the struggling dog in the canal:

 “I took off down the side of the canal there, went down about three houses,” I said ‘come on baby, come on boy’  and so he swam back up to the point where I was able to reach down and grab him by his collar and pull him out.”

Even when McLaughlin ran town to pull the dog out of the water, the smaller black dog stayed close – never wandering away from the dog who was in trouble.

As it turned out – the dogs weren’t from the same household. The dogs were taken in by the local animal control agency and then returned to their respective homes. Nobody is sure how the dogs got loose from their homes, or how they wound up together, but one thing is certain, the black dog likely saved the pit bull mix’s life.

“If it hadn’t been for that black dog, getting my attention in the kitchen window, the pit bull would’ve drowned,” McLaughlin said. “He would’ve stayed in this water…but that little black dog saved his life!

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  1. Both dogs were very nice (I saw both videos). Clearly beloved pets…..

    Delighted to hear both dogs are ok and back at their homes.

    Now if only they could talk and explain how they ended up in the canal……..


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