Hero pit bull attacked by bears in Ft. Lauderdale protecting owner’s daughter

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In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a three-year-old pit bull is being treated for her injuries at the Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists after she was attacked by bears in the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in northwestern Broward County while protecting her owner’s daughter on Friday night.

The female dog,  an American pit bull terrier, named Mary Jane, is being treated in the intensive care unit. Mary Jane’s owner said she had been visiting her daughter on Friday night when the dog was attacked by three bears. Just prior to the attack, Mary Jane ran off – presumably to protect her owner’s daughter.

Mary Jane was originally taken to Lakeside Animal Hospital in Plantation and then referred to LVS for treatment. She is being treated for deep puncture wounds covering most of her body. At this time, veterinarians are administering fluids, providing pain medication and giving her antibiotics to ward off any infections. There is a concern about air in her chest cavity caused by the wounds and trauma.

 “While we consider Mary Jane to be lucky and think her prognosis is good, we are still cautious about the air in her chest and the potential for the development of infection,” said Dr. Ashley Villatoro, a veterinarian at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists.

And as a warning to everyone, it is always best to be aware of our surroundings and always remain diligent:

“Most importantly, this should be a lesson to all who live in South Florida that we have a presence of wildlife that can easily harm or injure a pet. Whether we’re talking bears, panthers, bobcats, alligators, venomous snakes, wild boars or bufo toads, we certainly have our share of deadly wildlife to continually be on the lookout for,” added Dr. Villatoro.

Get well soon Mary Jane. You are a hero.

(Photos LVS press release)


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9 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    No one will ever tell me pit bulls are dangerous dogs – Mary Jane proved she is a hero for putting herself in grave danger to save a child. I hope she makes a full recovery and gets the giant steak she so well deserves. The ONLY dangerous species in this world are HUMAN.

  2. Beverly Zurman says:

    Hoping Mary Jane, a Fl. Hero, has a smooth recovery, and may return home soon, (if not there already), for lots of love and treats from her family. Keep safe.


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