Here’s the dude accused of bludgeoning puppies to death with a bat

Man who allegedly killed puppies with a bat
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On Thursday, the Pet Rescue Report published a disturbing article about a litter of puppies beaten to death by a Missouri man wielding a baseball bat.  On Friday, a photo and the name of the dude allegedly behind the gruesome and cruel incident was published in Ozarks First.

The man identified as the alleged puppy killer is identified as 30-year-old  Josiah David Wheat; he is facing five felony counts of animal cruelty for allegedly beating the young, black and white puppies to death with an aluminum baseball bat.

The authorities were alerted to the cruel deed after viewing a video, reported to have been taken by Wheat himself, showing the pups being bludgeoned 16 times with the bat.

Prior article about this animal cruelty case here.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. Lock this dangerous psycho up and keep him locked up! Either in prison or a mental hospital! When will his dangerous actions be taken seriously,when he kills an elderly person or a helpless child? Can u imagine the horrors he has perpetrated that we don’t know about? All humans and animals are unsafe if he is permitted to roam free! SMH

  2. This thing should have the same thing done to him but by 200 people. If he survives, he goes to jail for life and has Bubba as his cellmate.

  3. What an effing a-hole. I currently have a 14 year old Yellow Lab with dementia and hind end weakness that I’m doing anything and everything to help her live – and I’m watching her like a hawk to make sure she also has quality of life. Then I see this POS who kills puppies and I’m beyond livid. I want to take a baseball bat to him.

  4. This disgusting POS needs to be beat with an aluminum baseball bat! What would make someone do such an atrocious act? Please lock him up in prison and throw away the key!

  5. Filthy maggot sick bastard. I’ll bet ‘it’s” mentally ill. Yeah right. That’s the excuse used ad nauseum to get assholz like “it” off. Since taxpayers are paying for maggots like this, shouldn’t “we the people/taxpayer” have a say in the proper sentence? I say execute “it” by wood chopper a la “Fargo”. Or beat it with a sock full of quarters!!!!!

  6. Ok Missouri, you have a location and name Joshia Wheat, this SOB needs Street Justice!!!! In memory of these puppies, this Prick needs to feel the pain!!!

  7. Put his face on every FB page please!! His name is Joshua Wheat!!!!!! Killed innocent puppies with a baseball bat !!!! Needs dealing with!!!


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