After being held at shelter 813 days, dog put down for space

After 813 days, dog put down for space
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After 813 days being held in California animal shelter kennel runs, a dog named Nore was put down for “space.” The devastating news was shared with followers of the volunteer-Facebook page Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter on Friday:

RIP 💔 Just got the news that Nore was killed at North Central Shelter for space, after being in the shelter system for 813 days, that’s TWO YEARS and TWO MONTHS.

Nore was completely failed…he had been seized from his owner after he allegedly “went after” a small dog. After a year, the allegations against him were dropped, but his owner was no longer anywhere to be found. Volunteers explained Nore’s plight:

During the time Nore was at West Valley, staff and volunteers got to know him, though it took some time for Nore to finally open up and form a bond with us. Just as he began to blossom, he was transferred to North Central Shelter in March 2017 where he spent a majority of his time in the kennel (he was taken out only a handful of times).

And words of bitter disappointment for a young life wasted:

Nore’s life was robbed from him. He spent more than two years in the kennel just merely existing, then only to perish. His death is the result of the utter human failure and a system that needs to change.


We are so sorry that no one came for you. You no longer have to live a meaningless existence. You are now free from apathy and indifference.

Rest in peace Nore – you deserved so much more.

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  1. Why poor doggie god bless the doggie did you have to kill him he would be better in the streets aut least he would have lived better than a shelter evil people Rest In heaven doggie bg

  2. Innocents should not be destroyed in any manner. Those little souls like Nore did no wrong. It’s always people that fail. When a so called shelter is full, and innocents are killed to make space,it should never be called a shelter. It should be call a place of death. When a so called shelter filled, No more dogs should be taken in. Close it down and place where you can.
    Long term cure is spay and neuter program supported by taxpayers.
    A bigger/ better shelter should be built. Often times most space is taken for administration and little for the dogs.
    Often the director of a kill shelter is not doing what is needed and there needs to be regular visits, lots unannounced, for inspections including bookeeping. There should be reports to the public. That will often times
    get the public aware as they should be.
    Encourage reports of abuse, neglect, which is abuse. Go to council meetings, the mayor, police and the shelter.
    Report, report, report and then do something.

  3. Okay I’m very upset about this. But I’m more upset about fucking people who just breed indiscriminately and don’t give a shit about where these dogs are going. It doesn’t matter whether they’re purebreds or just mutts. And it makes me sick because of irresponsible assholes. That is why that poor dog lost his life. He did nothing wrong. So-called subhumans failed him.

    • You said it all – irresponsible backyard breeders, puppy mills, and all those assholes who never get their dogs/cats fixed and open the door and let them go are dirtbags who treat animals like trash – when in reality the ‘trash’ is human.

  4. It breaks your heart to read this, and tears are running, Couldn’t they have posted something on facebook or somewhere, advising that if not saved he would be killed. Poor poor Nore, bless him.

  5. RIP Nore,hope those responsible for your death die slowly and rot in HELL, space is never an answer to kill a poor dog whos onlt crime was he had a shitty owner

  6. Sad beyond words. Poor Nore was failed by ALL humans involved…… RIP Nore.

    Please look for MacKitty in Heaven. I promise that he will introduce you to all of his snuggle buddies!!!!!!!

  7. 2 years and now you were out of space? Did you even try to get him adopted? Refer him to rescues so that he could be fostered and potentially adopted. Lazy and uncaring. RIP Nore. You are free now. ????

    • Space seems to be the key word for the excuses these so call ‘shelters’ use to murder an animal – Nore deserved much better than to be killed for ‘space’. He did nothing wrong – his fate was to be owned by some hunk of sludge that didn’t care and dumped in a hell hole pretending to be a shelter that didn’t care either.

  8. So many dogs are networked and many of them are also rescued. Never heard anything on any of the sites about this dog. In NY, we have some shelters that are not crowded and they occasionally receive dogs from some of the southern states to be adopted. What a sad case where no worker or volunteer at either facility he was in advocated for him or posted him to be seen. The dog existed but there is nothing to say he was aggressive so he could have and should have been in a home, even a foster to acclimate himself to family life. Rest in peace Nore, run free with your fur friends.

    • Very well said there is shelters and rescues that are almost empty there are truckers who donate their time this poor dog was definitely failed

  9. The shelter kept Nore for two yrs & two month. For a L.A. shelter that is a long time. And not once, in all that time, no one offered to foster him? That is criminal. I know I will get grief but I stand by what I said. How many other dogs have met the same fate at that shelter? How many are getting close to being destroyed?

  10. California!!! A “fking” bunch of “Brainless guppies” live and run that state!!! it all went to Hell back in the 60’s and Never Recovered…to destroy that gentle dog after almost 3 years is BARBARIC & NEEDLESS if the Rotten STATE of CALFORNIA would lower their prideful Better than the rest of the NATION they would WILLINGLY work with OUT OF STATE RESCUES ::: COLORADO has done this for years and it is very successful. California on the other hand would rather KILL< KILL< KILL ! What the hell is the PROBLEM HERE!!! Why would you rather kill than save SOME OF THESE animals other states that CAN FIND HOME WANT TO ADOPT!!! DUMB ASSES!!!

    • pennysdachshunds, good to know that you are a equal opportunity hater. California does have a pet overpopulation but so do most, if not all, other states. Because California has a much larger population, there is a much larger problem. Ranting and raging at a state does not do anything to solve the problem. Does it make you feel better? Feel more in control? California is the first state in the country to require pet stores to sell rescue puppies not puppy mill dogs. What has your state done? What have you done? You seem to just complain all the time. Grow up. Be part of the solution not a spreader of hate that does nothing to help save the lives of dogs.

  11. ????????????Heartbreaking ~ Poor innocent Nore was horribly failed by humans. I’m so very sorry Nore. Nore was cheated out of a happy, enriched, fulfilling, and a normal healthy life. This precious innocent pup deserved so much better. Angel Nore, Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, you are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play and run free with the Angels in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds. Angel Nore, you are loved. ????????⛅️❣️????????????❣️☁️????????

  12. This truly angers me…..I hate the shelters in California & Texas……they do not give dogs a fair chance to be rescued…..there is a man who travels from the west coast to the east coast to give dogs a loving home……wonder what this place did with the money donated to save her…..she was a beautiful dog…..I believe all shelters should be “No Kill” shelters and that when pets are adopted they should all be spayed or neutered.

    • The shelter does not get the money pledged to rescue a dog. That money goes to a reputable 501c dog rescue only when the dog is rescued. Then the rescue group pays the fees to get the dog released to them. The money stays in the care of the pledger until then. Of course, there are exceptions in some states, like TX where the money is put into an “account” for the dog and returned if the dog is not rescued but adopted or destroy. As for this shelter, they did not get any pledges. Nore was held there for 26 months, a lot longer than normal, but no one stepped up to adopt or rescue him. Now that makes me furious.

  13. SPACE IS NO REASON TO MURDER AN ANIMAL!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. this is barbaric and UNNECESSARY. Texas and California are two of the most disgusting states in the United States. Their empathy for animals is disgusting. I would rather be dead than go to either of these states.

    • No, that is why these dogs need us and the people down there to share everywhere and help these dogs get adopted or fostered. No one stepped up to foster Nore. NO ONE. The shelter kept Nore for over two years. There are kill shelters everywhere that destroy them mere days after they got them. I will bet the people down there were under the impression that Nore would not be destroyed so they were helping other dogs believing Nore was safe. He wasn’t. I don’t understand why no one stepped up to foster him. But that is why it’s so important for ALL of us to share their individual Facebook pages on YOUR public Facebook page. Just saying so sad and please save them on these pages does nothing. Sharing saves lives. Commenting and doing nothing gets dogs destroyed. Please help save not destroy.


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