Heartless burglars suspected of having abused puppy and broken her jaw

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Police in Beverly, Massachusetts are investigating a home break-in leaving a single mom frightened and her puppy rushed to an emergency animal hospital with severe jaw injuries. According to WftvNews,  when the puppy’s owner, Mariah Nolasco, returned home late last week, she spotted blood all over the couch and checked  for injuries. That’s when she noticed her six-month-old English bulldog, named Athena was bleeding and couldn’t close her mouth. Whoever broke into the family’s home is suspected of having broken the dog’s jaw in two places.

Veterinarians were able to fill in the cracks on both sides of her jaw, but she is expected to need extensive surgery to repair the damage. For now the dog is wearing a brace to keep her jaw in the proper position and has been on heavy pain medication to keep her comfortable. The surgery is expected to cost more than $7,000, however Mariah refuses to give up on her puppy.

“They filled in the crack she had on both sides of her jaw. And they stitched it back up. And they put a brace around her so her jaw is in place,” Nolasco said. “Until I can figure out the money I’m just going to try and keep her on pain medications and see if the brace helps a little bit. She’s in pain but she’s still loving everyone. When she totally has the right to just hate humans now.”

Police haven’t released any information, but have assured the community they are taking this case very seriously. As for Athena, the funds for her surgery have nearly been raised – this is one lucky puppy who we all hope makes a full recovery. Athena is at Bulger Animal Hospital in North Andover Massachusetts. A GoFundMe page can be found here.

(Photos of Athena with the broken jaw via GoFundMe)

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  1. This is ridiculous your babies aren’t safe even in their own home! You’re lucky this little one is lucky to be alive!

  2. My heart goes out to Mariah Nolasco and her dog Athena, I hope they are able to find the POS that did this and I hope they hold them responsible for the Vet bills. I can’t imagine the horror finding you precious pup like this!

  3. Awh poor pooch….thats horrible…hope they find the fucking monster and throw his ass in jail, and let the inmates take care of him

  4. Give me just FIVE minutes alone with the monster(s) who did this. I am sick and tired of all the abuse going on lately. It’s bad enough this person(s) thought it was okay to break into this woman’s house and take her belongings (things SHE worked hard to pay for, while the thieves just walk off with them), but to attack an innocent puppy – for no reason? The dog was NOT a threat. I really hope they find the one(s) who did this. They should have to refund the entire vet bill – and then some. Then they should have to spend a long, LONG time in prison. Anyone who can do this to an innocent puppy doesn’t belong free, among other people and animals. I thank the owner for keeping the faith and not giving up on her pup, and to those who have donated. i pray this baby recovers and that they find the monsters who did this to her.

  5. I hope she opens a gofundme account to help pay her vet bills. I also hope these wicked people are caught asap.

  6. This is another example of the link between crime and the abuse of animals! Poor dog,how I hope these jerks are caught and taken out of society. How wonderful that the good people out there are helping to get the needed money for this fur baby’s surgery! I donate often to our communities medical fund for the dogs in need of vet care that come in to our local shelter. Praying for a speedy recovery for both the pup and the owner ❤️


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