Devastating news, Luna is gone

Heartbreaking, there will be no bucket list for Luna

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Heartbreaking, but perhaps not unexpected, “Luna,” the German shepherd who was just rescued from the Carson Animal Services facility, is gone. The devastating news was posted to followers of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue on Monday evening.

Fans of the rescue group learned that Luna, whose face was disfigured by a huge tumor, had been humanely euthanized. The rescue agency wrote:

This is not the post I was hoping to write. She did not make it out of her vet appointment this morning. I hoped she would be well enough to head with us to prison tomorrow (Pawsitive Change) and spend a day being pampered by us and the inmates. I really wanted to give her a bucket list day. She was far too sick though and we had to let her go.

A veterinarian determined that Luna was suffering too much – the tumor in her head was determined to be “very obstructive” and she had deteriorated so much that she was vomiting blood.

Strangers did for Luna what her own family opted not to – they comforted her and held her as she was released from her body. The rescue agency wrote:

Amy laid with her, loved her, spoke softly to her and helped her transition with dignity, feeling loved. She passed very peacefully in Amy’s lap. I wish there was more to be done but if you’d have seen her–how skinny she was, how troubled she was–you’d have understood. Sometimes the best option is to let someone go honorably, so we did just that.

In spite of the heart-wrenching news, the group has asked for people to be inspired by Luna, rather than saddened. They wrote:

Please don’t let Luna’s end bring you down, instead let it bring you light and purpose. Purpose to live everyday with vigor and dedication. To cherish those you love and take deep, full, grateful breaths. Our dogs are always teaching us lessons, what has Luna taught you?

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28 replies
  1. Darla says:

    Thank you to the strangers who helped Luna – when it should have been the family that she knew and loved. I wish nothing but bad on the so-called family. RIP Luna.

    • noreen porter says:

      RIP Luna…Beautiful girl…So sorry your family failed you..Thank God you had love after all end the end ..Thank You to all those wonderful people who helped you …

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless all that helped this precious girl! You did for her what her POS owners wouldn’t. You held her and loved her as she went to the Rainbow Bridge. If only her family had cared enough to be with her, the people she had lived with and loved and then abandoned her! I hope they never get another dog, they aren’t worthy to be loved by one.

    • al smith says:

      what a bigoted horrible comment.. many people just cannot cope with the loss of a loved is their choice . it is just too much for some people to bear..she was not abandoned.she was very very ill ..and her owners probably could not bear to let her go.. and be with her . this place made her into a case for themselves..and you are a horrible person to call people names you do not even know.. you don;t know their story or how they felt.. you have become judge and jury

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        So dump your precious dog at a kill shelter and order her killed, I take it this is the way you would deal with the situation? Yeah they really cared about their “loved one” And what names did I call them? I only stated that they abandoned her and weren’t worthy of owning another dog! Get your FACTS straight before you go jumping all over ME accusing me of name calling. I for one al smith would NEVER do this to my dog!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        On another note also, no Vet will MAKE you sit there and watch your pet die if you can’t ‘take” it. But at least you have done the right thing by your pet by taking them to their familiar vet and not dumping them at the nearest “kill” shelter!

      • Stephen Lee Phillips says:

        BM is spot on: Those who selfishly think only of their OWN feelings and turn aside from comforting “cherished” companions when their presence is needed most do NOT deserve the privilege of companion animal guardianship!
        They abandoned her at a shelter – frightening, noisy, stark… because it was cheaper than having the decency to at LEAST take her to a veterinary office for a dignified passing: stop offering excuses for pathetic behavior!

      • al smith says:

        Bite me you called them pics of s^^^ the euthanasia of animals is a SERVICE provided by the shelter for those unable to afford a vet. Thy did not “order her killed” they asked if she could be released from her misery.. and perhaps they just could not bear to see her die… many people feel that way what did these people do? abused her by dragging her through vet exams and because of HUMAN need to be glorified ( and make money) advertised her as needing to be “rescued” from her owners who faced a difficult decision about their pet only to be trashed by people that do not even know them. The dog was SUFFERING she did not need a “spa” day in a prison.. what have I learned about Luna?.. that some people are horrid and it is not her owners

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Oh EXCUSE ME I forgot I called these POS’s, POS The dog was dumped when a vet wasn’t even available to perform the requested deed, so what did it hurt the rescue taking this precious dog and trying to give her one last day of love! Luna had already been abused by these “owners” that let her get in this state in the first place, How wonderful “they asked if she could be released from her misery” you know this because you were there? Too much for them to bear? As I said above nobody makes you stay. You want to spin this to make these people look like the “good guys” go right ahead, I’m not buying it and you excusing such actions tells me a lot about your character too!

  3. Stephen Lee Phillips says:

    My heart breaks for this precious soul: I have never abandoned ANY of the innumerable companions that have come into my life – regardless of physical or behavioral challenges – and have had far too many pass in my arms….

    I will never fathom what kind of deficits in character and compassion exist in those who could turn their backs and walk away from a loving, sentient being who has given all – for their entire life – to these empty shadows of humanity.

    Bless those who loved dear Luna unconditionally, and who helped her cross the Bridge – unafraid, and loved…

    I would have given anything to have held her, too…

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      You stated how many of us feel very well. It’s just heartbreaking to think her owners abandoned her like this.

  4. Marissa says:

    The owners are the one’s who should be euthanized , clearly they abused her and were not feeding her. And neglected to get vet care had they done that as soon as they noticed something wrong with her face she may have been okay. Sad that humans are capable of this, but then clearly there are many who are not normal or their just that stupid. And clearly this was a case of pure stupidity !!! I totally despise people like this, true low life !

  5. Debbie says:

    Dam her “family” to HELL. GOD DONT LET THEM HAVE ANOTHER ANGEL! People like this do not deserve the love of a precious dog!!! The dog certainly doesn’t deserve to be with evil beings such as them!!!!!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      There was NO vet there that day to put her down, she was going to have to “suffer” one more day anyway, so what did it hurt they tried to give her some love for that day and not just leave her in a cold kennel at the shelter?

  6. Terry says:

    So you people took a suffering animal, whose family had decided that it was time to let her go, and kept her alive for one more day to bilk donations, and call yourselves heroes??!! You are monsters and the people fawning all over you are idiots..

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      There wasn’t any vet there that day to put her down, she was going to have to wait anyway, what did it hurt for the rescue to try to give her some love for her last day? I don’t know how this is “bilking” donations, I would imagine it cost more for the vet than anything they took in. Have some compassion for this dog that was left to get into this condition in the first place by the “loving” family you seem to think she had.

    • Stephen Lee Phillips says:

      Terry (and FSKC) – it seems as though Luna’s “family” failed to investigate and follow through with ANY course ot preventive treatment until it was far too late… Those who took it upon themselves to provide her with love and support at the tragic end of her life did so without hesitation – and with little thought for voluntary compensation, when-and-if it might have been received. As BM notes – their costs undoubtedly far exceeded any financial support received on such short notice, and for such a tragically short period of time. At least they had the decency and compassion to provide love and support when Luna most need those basic kindnesses…
      The family provided NO historical foundation for her medical situation whatsoever – no diagnosis, no course of treatment – nothihg .. and as BM points out, a vet would have to have been consulted in any case: The rescue you’re both so quick to disparage – saw to it that Luna WAS taken to a vet – in a much more expedient manner that simply dumping her at the lowest-cost “disposal” site proffered!
      If ANYONE “prolonged her suffering” it was her prior “family”!
      Both you and FSKC appear to believe no “epic/heroic” efforts should be made to save precious companion – or at least, to ease and mitigate their current state of suffering with every available option or avenue of intervention?
      If that is truly the case, then I pity any companion left to your devices, who finds themselves unfortunate enough to fall ill or become injured…

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Stephen,U hit tge nail on the head! And I’m wondering what the hell they are even doing on this site with their disgusting views and disparaging awful remarks about rescues who most times are the only saving grace for so many abused,neglected and abandoned dogs and cats! The both of them are nothing more than trolls and care not one iota about the welfare of animals! THANK GOD FOR OUR WONDERFUL RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS THAT PICK UP THE PIECES OF ALL THE HEARTLESS PET OWNERS OUT IN SELFISH,CRUEL AND COLDHEARTED SOCIETY! GOD BLESS ALL OUR ANIMAL RESCUERS! As for Terry and FSKC they both can go to hell!

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