German shepherd has died after being abandoned

Heartbreaking update about German shepherd starved and abandoned

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Early Sunday, a heartbreaking update was made about a German shepherd who was starved to the brink of death before being abandoned in the middle of a busy road in central Arkansas. The shepherd, dubbed “Apollo,” was found and provided with emergency care but the starvation proved to have already taken its deadly toll.

Starved German Shepherd

Rocky Ridge Refuge, the rescue group which was going to take Apollo in as soon as he was stable enough to be moved, broke the news to Facebook followers:

Folks, it is with immense sadness that I inform you that Apollo has passed away. He began failing last evening and the shelter director was called in to be with him as he slipped away. He tried hard but the starvation was just too severe and had done too much damage. I will post more later…..

Apollo was so thin when he was first found that he weighed under 30 pounds…an unimaginable weight for an adult German shepherd. Staff at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter opted to fight for the abandoned dog’s life, but the toll from his horrific neglect won out.

Rest in peace Apollo – you deserve so much more than what you were forced to endure in your life. To those who fought to save this skeletal dog – thank you for your kindness.

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More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.


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18 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I am heartbroken. There is no more loyal, loving dog than the German Shepherd and to see one treated like this brings me to tears. Bless all that tried to help Apolllo. I only wish he had been found sooner, and I wish our prayers had been answered and he survived to be able to live a life filled with love. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, I know my Charlie, Bear and Spunky are there to greet you with puppy kisses.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    How can this happen? Someone somewhere must know something people who do this to animals need to be severely punished ????????❤️

  3. Julie Enos says:

    RIP Apollo. I am sorry you ended up living with heartless people. These kind of people take pleasure in torturing aninals. How anyone could eat and not feed their animal is beyond my comprehension how could you feed your faces while your dog looked on in wonder if he would get a morsel today. They don’t understand why you are treating them that way. How you could lay yourself down to sleep in a warm bed and a full belly while the animal trusted to you to provide warm and food. Laid on a floor with no covers for him to lay on. I know you are heartless otherwise you would have taken your dog to a rescue site.but to leave him in the street you wantef him ran over. I dont know how you can live with yourself. Karma works. You will get yours.


    I hope whoever did this will soon meet his maker from hell, and join all the evil souls that are burn forever!


    How can anyone do this to a precious, voiceless humans best companion and best friends I hope the scumbag that did this will receive all the badluck for rhe rest of his/her worthless life. Whoever you are, you are now cursed that you will suffer for the rest of your life. Rest in piece Apollo! This planet unfortunatey is full of evil army of darkness that prey on the voiceless, and defenseless. You are saved from the world’s poison these monsters that are still wasting breathing air. Join the angels in heaven where you find pure eternal happiness with my fury babies.


    Can someone pls update whoever did this to Aoollo, and if justice is being done. I’d like to see the scumbag filth jailed, and starved to death until his eyes pops out of his socket, POS evil monster!

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! Another story making me cry with so much heartbreak and outrage! I’m always extremely irate and horrified when I see any starvation story for its such a slow,torturous and painful way to die! I will continue to cry over this beautiful dogs senseless death! The cruel,uncaring,and despicable treatments do disrespect of life of our county’s companion animals is so utterly appalling! And no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to get our lawmaker and the judicial system(which are suppose to be working for us)to get on board with harshly punishing the sewer scum that inflict this horror upon our county’s companion animals! This is absolutely heartbreaking and nobody is going to be held accountable! So very sorry Apollo! ❤️RIP APOLLO❤️ We loved u sweetheart❤️

  8. debor33 says:

    Another day, I like animals more than humans. RIP sweet Apollo ….. you are free now… pain, no hunger, no sadness…..only love and freedom as you run around playing with all your friends… more relying on mean people to not feed you.

  9. Adrienne says:

    I am sure someone knows who this dog belonged to and only a matter of time before he is caught. Hope the police are actively looking for this murderer. Beautiful German Shepard to die like this. At the end he received the love and caring he should have always had.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope the son of a bitch that treated Apollo so cruelly ends up exactly like he did – lying starving in the middle of the road and no one cares. They deserve the worst fate possible.

  11. susispot says:

    I’m grateful for the knowledge his last memories will be of a kind touch and tasty food in his belly. So many were pulling for you. May you RIP.

  12. Red says:

    RIP sweet man….. you are going some place so wonderful you will never be hurt, tortured or abused again. You will be able to run and play and be very happy. Bless you sweetheart, and may karma find the monsters who hurt you along the way. Thank you Rocky Ridge for stepping up to take him…… but he has gone on to Rainbow Bridge.


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