Scared homeless dog

Heartbreaking response from scared homeless dog at shelter

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A young dog, just twelve months of age, has found herself locked away in a kennel run. The German shepherd mix, dubbed Polly, is being held at the Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter in California – she was taken in on November 4 and nobody has come forward to claim her as their own.

Polly is clearly frightened and confused at the facility – an advocate is doing her utmost to find help for this scared pup. On November 16, her advocate wrote about the dog’s heartbreaking response when someone stopped to say hello:

In the first picture a volunteer had opened the glass door on the inside part of the kennels and was gently talking to her. The volunteer would gently start to raise her leash to try to see if she would come out, Polly would slowly and quietly turn to put her nose all the way in the corner….heartbreaking and not a shred of aggression….just fear and sadness…and only 12 months old 

Polly has no reason to feel secure or loved – she is alone and frightened and desperately in need of a loving, patient home, and/or a reputable rescue group who can help her come out of her shell.

Find Polly’s Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1402991

(Image via Facebook)

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5 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Someone recently abandoned this poor pup. She doesn’t appear to have lived on the streets for any length of time. She deserves a loving home.
    Shared on FB.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE someone step up and give Polly her forever home – she is just a baby and you will never regret taking her into your life.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Please someone in this area, please foster or adopt this loving dog. This type of dog will blossom into the most loving and caring dog you can imagine. Once Polly is in a home, she will shed all this fear and anxiety she is feeling in this shelter. She is scared as are most animals that find themselves in a shelter not knowing why they are there. All my dogs and cats have been from various shelters and all have had some type of fear inside themselves, unsure what will happen to them once they leave the shelter. Give a dog time once they are in your home and just give them the hugs and petting that they crave. Call them good girl/boy, just basically shower them with attention. In a short time, you would not recognize this dog as the one you took home from the shelter. We got a six year old Havanese mid April of this year, and she has developed into the most loving,caring animal we’ve had. We enjoy her every day and laugh at all the silly things she does. A shelter dog and we would not have it any other way.

  4. vicki hood says:

    Some family< i hope with children , adopts this baby. She's crying inside because she is not feeling wanted. These dogs seem to turn out best. They show they are grateful. They love you to pieces. They protect better than any insurance policy you could have. She is beautiful. She has feelings. She needs a family to show what a good girl she is. I am too old to take her. It wouldn't be fair to her but i would take her in a minute. I have room in my bed and would sleep very soundly with her as my family, to help, love and protect. Sloppy kisses welcomed. Cuddles welcomed. friendship like no other welcomed.

  5. Joanne says:

    ♥️ SHARED ♥️ I’m praying for you, sweetheart. May Jesus shine His light upon you and bless you with a loving and caring forever home where you will be loved, respected, and live a joyful, healthy and happy home with a wonderful family. God bless you, precious pup, you are loved. ♥️????????????????????????♥️


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