Heartbreaking: Rescue bids final goodbye to dying dog Bonnie left in shelter night box

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On Wednesday, Leave No Paws Behind rescued Bonnie from the Riverside County Animal Shelter. The 12-year-old dog had been dropped off in the shelter’s anonymous night drop box; what a disgrace. The senior’s  heartless owner never had Bonnie treated at a veterinarian nor had the decency to walk her dog into the shelter to at least give her a compassionate goodbye. It was Toby Wisneski, founder of the rescue who immediately stepped forward, but her anger against the previous owner prompted the following:

“To whatever monster dumped her off in the shelter night box … you are a disgrace to this human race,” Toby Wisneski wrote on the organization’s Facebook page announcing Bonnie’s rescue and arrival. “I am so disgusted and outraged I can’t even think or type straight, however I must stay focused on sweet Bonnie and what we here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc and The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks can do to help her and ease the pain. I have never in my 6 years of doing this, EVER seen anything this inhumane and heartless. Hang on little one, we are all here waiting for you; you are no longer alone. You are loved and no matter what, your life matters.”

And for a few days, Bonnie loved life. She explored her new world, she ate new foods and received the love and affection every dog should have each and every day of their lives. Her bed was soft, the blankets cuddled her tiny frame, and Bonnie knew she was really loved. Tragically, on Friday afternoon, Bonnie’s tumor burst. Toby tearfully announced the sad news:

“Rescue is so very bitter sweet. It is with the saddest and heaviest of hearts that I must announce that Bonnie is now on her way to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks where we will bid her the saddest and most tearful of good byes. Bonnie’s tumor burst just a little while ago and, while we were all prepared for the inevitable, it still is so heart breaking. Even during this painful time, this little dog still continues to stand up in her crate and wag her tail…This is by far the most heart breaking and gut wrenching rescue we have experienced during our time here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. I find myself so angry, disgusted and devastated HOWEVER I will not take away from this amazing little dog’s tribute .Bonnie was indeed a trooper and she got to enjoy a couple of days knowing only love, kindness and how much her life mattered.”

Many thanks to the volunteers, Cathi Perez, Carol Sax and Dr. Missy Achenbach for the few days able to be shared with such a sweet dog.

Read Bonnie’s previous story here. Rest in peace sweet little dog. You will be missed.

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67 replies
    • ellen cottone says:

      Such bold declarations of safty and love, in How a dog feels safe to let go of this world.
      What a load of sappy nonsence.
      You speak for a dog who lived 12 yrs?and yet trotted tail hige with excitment into the hands of rescue.
      Perky , indomanal and full of love from a lifetime of happy long term human companionship.
      How he related the min he saw people was A testiment to how He feels about love
      He was loved. You can see it in hhis eyes.
      no fear or Pain. He feels happy and loved and what next…..

  1. Dee says:

    Karma will be a bitch to the person or persons who allowed this to go on untreated. I hope you die a long slow painfull death. U pos. Blessings many who gave this cute little soul a few days of love and kindness

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Good night sweet Bonnie in life your happiest movements were at the end of your life! Little one you touched more lives than you will ever know! You made some of the most seasoned among us now to you’re dignity! As pain racked your little body, you’re tail never stopped wagging! Be at peace now little girl you’re body is young and whole! Plenty of food and waster to eat and drink! Good night sweet Bonnie

  3. LESLIE says:

    Poor sweet Bonnie be free at the rainbow bridge. …play to your heart’s content. Im sorry all your days weren’t full of love and acceptance.
    Thanks to all that gave their hearts to this girl when she needed you most.

  4. Elaine says:

    Rest in peace little Bonnie Angel of God…..i couldn’t help but break down and cry uncontrollably at the misery and horrible life you endured up until your last couple days…..i hope God punishes your previous owner. You are now free of pain and up in heaven running with the others. Sorry the awful human who had you did not love you, it breaks my heart.

  5. debor33 says:

    I have to push back the tears reading this story of little Bonnie….1st I am so angry at her original owners for not getting her care sooner ….. I never knew her but loved her…what a precious little baby….even in death, she wags her tail….is there not any way she could have been saved?

  6. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Scum bag, maggot, puke bucket, rabid SOS that dumped this baby – you WILL suffer every malady known and be inflicted pain the likes of which you will never escape AND you will rot from the inside out after which you will go to hell and suffer over and over again you cowardly bastard.

  7. Kathy Besaw says:

    I am so devastated to hear this news. I read Bonnie’s story with tears streaming down my face. This was so very very wrong and I just cannot wrap my head around this kind of abuse. I thank you all so very much for loving and caring for this sweet girl in her final days…rip sweet Bonnie…

  8. Donna Burns says:

    Life and fate work hand in hand Bonnie is pain free now and has the most wonderful view of anyone right now
    As for the pos that dropped her we can only hope that fate will deal its best hand to them
    Sleep well lil Bonnie you are warm and safe now

  9. ellen cottone says:

    May not have been a monster. but a monster to you.someone one who may have had a sad reason and i think in this case i can broden my perspective.to try and understand the panic, fear and hoplessness. this person did not live conventionally and they both decided they would be just fine. 12 yrs i will remind you and the dog still pranced and loved life despite.
    and please stop saying the rainbow bridge Bull shit an invention of vets who screw up and kill an animal under their care. do you understand how awful and full of shit the raibow bridge is. I demand every one stop using it fools.
    The second this dog died she choose to go to her owner, she is happy because she can be with that person for the rest of the persons life and when he dies the pup will guide him to his passt on waiting ancestors where they will be together happily together forever.
    Just because a dog looks grotestically neglected dosnt mean he was.The dog was alive and eating.
    Put that in your raibow bridge and smoke it.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I don’t get you ellen cottone! You pretend to be a defender of animals and yet you make excuses for the POS that dumped his little, sick dog in a “night drop box” leaving her for someone else to deal with! You are now chastising us for choosing to believe in the “Rainbow Bridge” in the hopes we will someday see our beloved pets again in the afterlife. Who are you to “demand” we abandon our beliefs and call us “fools”! You are the fool if you think this little dog will ever be reunited with the POS that let her get in this condition and then dumped her. Bonnie is headed for Heaven and the POS that dumped her is headed in the opposite direction for sure! Go ahead start calling me names, tell me nobody cares what I think, I am beyond trying to figure out where your BS is coming from!

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Well said Barkleys mom. She reminds me of that “panacea” from the other site who did the same thing. And it really is repulsive that she has the same first name as me.

      • Carol Szarek says:

        Ellen, so you’re at it again. You are one of most disagreeable, nasty, negative, antagonistic people I have ever seen. What happened in your life to make you so freakin confrontational? You just come here to argue. You should get a life, and go live it. Away from other people.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Gizmos Mommy, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t one and the same! I get so tired of her BS!

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Barkleys mom – well said. The amount of BS she’s spewing makes me ill. Best way to get to her is to ignore her because she’s really psycho!!!

      • ellen cottone says:

        yea you worked that bit before it was insuffecent then but keep workin it till someone gives a shit.
        and it was not comfrontational its All the truth baby .
        im not here to interact with you babys. im here to give my feelings and my experiance to a conversation.
        im not talking to you.
        im talking to a higher life form so if you dont get it dont bother.
        I am the Most positive person you will ever meet. The fact that you pissy old girls dont see it,
        reveals more about your miserably spirit.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Yes you are right ellen cottone, you are speaking to a “higher” life form. One that is brought on by what ever YOU are smoking or sniffing! You are positive all right, positively disgusting. Do all of us “lower life forms” a favor and take your karma hating buddy and go preach to whoever or whatever you worship. You are not needed here! We “pissy old girls” are not the miserable spirits here!

      • ellen cottone says:

        you know your talking to a compleat stranger cheryl. so dont pretend you know anything about me
        or that i share your fears or short comings.
        im sorry your,

        Very sad!

    • Gizmos Mommy says:

      You’re nothing but a pathetic excuse for a joke. You state you come on this site to have a conversation??? But nobody wants to have a conversation with you and you just don’t get it. I can’t stop laughing at the level of your stupidity and ignorance. You’re good alright – good for nothing, no good! But we all laugh at you because you’re so fubar. You don’t care about having anything but being confrontational cause you sure as hell don’t care about the animals. And for that you are repulsive. You spew out your holier-than-thou attitude when we just don’t care about you. Why don’t you go get a life or jump on one of your white horses and fly away. But don’t go past the Rainbow Bridge because you’re not welcome there. I’m done talking to you – you’re dismissed – say whatever you want about me or to me I don’t care because you don’t matter – go to the back of the classroom and stay there.

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        Hi everyone but that pathetic excuse for a human being troll who antagonizes everyone. She’s just another “panacea”, a waste of life. She’s so ignorant she just doesn’t get it that no one wants to listen to her diatribe. She’s nothing more than an uneducated fool who makes numerous grammatical errors in her posts. She’s dismissed from our thoughts – she no longer matters. Now we can all focus on the animals and the concept of the Rainbow Bridge which we all knows symbolizes our Heaven for our much loved 4-legged companions who walk through this life with us.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Jizz mo,
        What upsets you most is that every body listens to my comments many google for validation then quietly log away info and perspective and go on their merry way.

        Its you sad little harpys who have such problems with the world as “Seen ” by ellen cottone.do you always react with such hostility to a gifted person who speeks the earrie and fantastic truth?

        Having trouble grappling with the fact you are so plain, powerless and obscure.Well so am I.
        The differance between you and me is that i am positive, I see the truth and I share my experiance. I am incredably hopeful and excruciatling positive
        it seems to scare the crap out of you.
        You give every indication you envy my boundless energy and clear Vision.

        I stand up to the deamon who lives inside of you.I challenge the ignorance and hate you have for humans you dont even know personally
        sorry thats my job.
        to stamp out ignorance. I stand up to stupid and missinformation and it fleas.
        Sorry you are so defensless against another view of what is and why its going on.

        You know harpies, you bring alot of anger hate and hostility to a very positive animal rescue chat room
        why ?
        Angrey hateful ones? Why all the hate and anger to a person you dont know?
        How do I make you feel less inportant?
        You really dont have much to offer the world around you.
        Your kind of a drag and in the way. You dont scare me and you are powerless to stop my thoughts
        or comments.

        Hi everbody ,
        except for sad pathitic excuses for human beings and all there useless anger, jelously and unhappiness.
        Hows it going!?

  10. Pam says:

    I don’t understand people. Makes my heart break again. I’m glad she had few days of love. I really hate pos s. They are not human or animal they are s&$@@t!!!!

  11. Barkley's Mom says:

    May God Bless Leave No Paws Behind for taking in and giving precious little Bonnie the love and care she needed if only for a couple of days. I hope nothing good ever comes to the ones who let this little dog get in this shape and then deposited her in a night drop box. Rest in peace little angel Bonnie, you were loved by many that heard your story.

  12. Johanna Pontin says:

    Only true animal lovers earn the trust and loyalty of our animals. There are too many pretenders. They pretend that they love the animal, but they do not. This little pooch would have deserved a loving parent to the very end, to hold its paw with warmth and love until the last breath is gone. Most humans still have so much to learn, they do not understand Life in general and the precious gifts given to us, like the trust and love of an animal, which is unconditional and forever.

  13. Pamela D'Angio says:

    The only few words I have to say is the is a dumb POS and hope a few things for this bastard. Soon they will not be able to tend to themselves because they developed a terminal disease and their family threw their sorry ass in the dumpster so they can rot and die.

  14. Cynthia Como says:

    RIP SWEET GIRL❤️ I’m deeply sorry that ur human failed u so terribly! How I hoped this sweetheart had more time to be shown what real love is! I’m heartbroken.

  15. Linda Szymoniak says:

    RIP, sweet Bonnie. I hope the so-called “owner” who failed to get you help from a vet and instead dumped you in the night box at a animal shelter gets a visit from Karma soon. Thanks to the rescue for taking you on for what little time you had left. At least you didn’t die alone in a shelter or being ignored by an owner(s) who obviously didn’t care. Your last days were filled with love.

  16. Marie Quick says:

    She is Gods arms , God bless this little one and all of your hearts May God confort all you in this time and give you all strength to keep doing what you guys do your stories help all of us to keep helping and loving Gods little ones to be there voice courage a nd mostly love cause in the end that is all we hope for and leave no paws is full of Love , hope and as you show us all ! Much love to you all ! Blessings and prayers tfor Bonnie …

  17. jasonsmom285 says:

    The one good thing the negligent owner did, was to drop Bonnie off at the rescue where she would be taken care of and loved her last days. The person could have just dumped her somewhere she would never be found and leave her to suffer and die alone, unloved.

  18. Jennifer burton says:

    I know this is hard for all involved, I just want to thank each and everyone of you, the love you give these unwanted fur babies is the best they have had in your care. Keep doing what you do it is so appreciated. Sorry for your loss

  19. Julie Frumkin says:

    I feel so badly for you all. You started this project knowing your hearts would soon be broken and went ahead anyway. May your hearts heal well enough and be strong enough to continue with this work, this calling. Bless you all for your selfless compassion.

  20. Heike says:

    I’m so happy this little girl had you guys for even just a couple of carefree days so she was able to experience real love and real care for the first time in her life .RIP little girl and join all of are furry friends at the rainbow bridge you won’t be alone again ever❤

  21. Nancy Raymond says:

    Bonnie was dumped like trash because this maggot of an owner did not want to face their neglect – Bonnie deserved much better and I do hope this piss poor example of a human gets theirs – nothing but a friggin’ coward – and may the rest of your life be one of misery and you end up living in the gutter where you belong.

  22. Jessica grosskopf says:

    Sweet Bonnie, trusted her humans and they totally neglected her. I am devastated by this. Thank you for caring and loving Bonnie. Letting her know ❤️. I am heartbroken

  23. Kathleen Drude says:

    In response to Ellen cottone bitch your time is coming trust me I’ll even let the cops know I’m coming for your dumbass

  24. Kathleen Drude says:

    Ellen cottone you have got to be one of the most pathetic useless flaps of skin I have ever had the pleasure of running down like the song says bitch your time is going no to come

    • ellen cottone says:

      Why are you crying?
      Little drude?
      Are you lost? do you want us to help you find your Mommy? Is her name Rachale?
      Little one, dry your tears, and blow your little nose and wipe your crusty dirty little face. Someday you may be respected and become important.

      But first you have to grow up.
      And stop pretending you have smarts or power af any kind.
      Start from here…..

  25. ellen cottone says:

    When Bonnie left this world she did not go to makebelieve made up phony balony rainbow bridge she went back to her human and sits in his lap. shes happy because she can be with him everywhere. No physical boundries . She is happy .
    all dogs if they are loved go back to whom loved them and the place, by choice.

    The stupid man made concept of the rainbow bridge is seperatist. its a flawed concept that says there is a seperate
    heven for our pets.There is not. Heaven is filled with humans and there loved special pets.
    God allows it because he know the bond between pets and people can not end with death.
    so you see the rainbow bridge is a scam and is not consistant with the beliefs system of those who are truly connected to animals in this plain. Regardless of how Other People judge the situation. Human Bonded dogs, like people go back and forth .
    How do i Know this.
    I have Been in the room when death comes and more then once i have seem the moment when they call a passed on pets name or stroke a animal spirit. meny times iv seen a person unable to speak clearlie call out a pet name and also a mothers name.
    all the loved ones from the other side come into the room. friends, family pets and come to take them home.
    Its beautiful. Its pet included. Now you know

  26. Kathleen Rrude says:

    To Ellen cottone ok I’ve had enough of you! You’ve been in the room when death comes? Really you lying piece of filth the only room you’ve been in is the one that feeds your diseased mind! Don’t push me I’ve already spanked you more than once publicly!

    • EB says:

      All animals go the Heaven. God said, “the animals are Mine”. Here on Earth we are to be the Shepherds. We are to care for and protect them. The Lord said, “learn from the animals”. He meant, learn from their unconditional Love, compassion. Any harm that is brought to an animal by a human should be dealt with accordingly and God will determine Heaven or an eternity in Hell for them.

  27. Kathleen Drude says:

    Really you in bred piece of shit? You were warned and now guess what you useless flap of filth! Wait by your door with your father who is also your husband and father of your children someone coming to visit you!


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