Heartbreaking: Hopeless pup knows no one is coming for him at shelter

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He has no name and no one has come to the Clayton County Animal Control in Ellenwood, Georgia.  A volunteer at the shelter describes this young dog’s tragic plight:

“This Is The Face Of HOPELESS! A Dog Stuck In A Shelter Day After Day. At 1st They Are Excited To Hopefully Get A Family Or Rescue But Each Day That Goes By Hope Slowly Slips Away. This Pup Doesn’t Have A Name, Nor A Fundrazr & Isn’t o n A Euth List But Surely Deserves To Be Rescued Or Adopted.”

*Intake Number: #171393
*Intake Date: 6-16-17
*Available Date: 6-24-17
*Breed: Pit Bull
*Gender: Male
*Age: Adult
*Size: Large
*Weight: 60 lbs.
*Shelter: Anvil Block (AB)

*PHONE: 1-(770)-347-0210

*Please Email Rescue: coordinator@claytoncountyga.gov
*FAX: 1-(770)-603-4199

If you need assistance in coordinating rescue please email:
Ccacpartners@gmail.com &

A Facebook page for this dog, described as calm and sweet, can be found here.  This boy is just looking for some love: he is available for public adoption. Please share his story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Make sure to take a moment and watch his short video. This pup should not be “hopeless.” This boy should be home loving life and running and playing with his new family. Additional information can be found here.

(Photos and video courtesy of “hopeless” pup via Clayton County Animal Control volunteers)

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Video here:


Breed: Pit BullGender: MaleIntake Number: #171393Intake Date: 6-16-17Available: 6-24-17Age: AdultSize: LargeWeight: 60 lbsCurrently located at the new Adoption Center located at 3199 Anvil Block Road, Ellenwood, GA 30294. This sweet boy is available for adoption or rescue! Please send the page a PM if interested or contact the shelter.——–Clayton County animal controlPlease email rescue.coordinator@claytoncountyga.gov or call them at 770-347-0210. The new shelter is located at 3199 Anvil Block Rd. Ellenwood,Ga 30294

Posted by Friends of Clayton County Animal Control Dogs on Thursday, July 20, 2017

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Well this boy is absolutely beautiful! I don’t understand why they haven’t at least given him a name! He is such a beautiful dog and so very sweet that I’m surprised he hasn’t been adopted! I would love to see him with a rescue organization. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED,PLEASE! Such a great dog! SHARED TO FACEBOOK AND TWITTER


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