Heartbreaking: Dog’s eyes filled up with tears after being dumped by owner

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Meet Cinnamon; her eyes filled up with tears after she was surrendered. When a volunteer at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control met the sad dog who had recently given birth to a litter of puppies that had been taken away from her, Sarah’s heart broke:

“Some ass dumped this poor mama at the shelter, minus her babies. Every time I stopped to talk to her and say I was sorry her eyes would fill with tears (check out reaction at -:13). Heartbreaking!!

For Cinnamon’s Pet Harbor adoption listing, please click here“I can be identified by Animal Care & Control as A1131036. I appear to be an unaltered female, brown Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old and I weigh 89 pounds. I was picked up in Charlotte. I have been at the shelter since Nov 08, 2017. I am available for adoption.” For more information about this animal, call  Animal Care & Control, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department at (704) 336-7600.

Cinnamon’s plight has been shared more than 1,500 times. Just share her information one more time after viewing her video; whether it be to an approved rescue organization, family, friends or social media contacts. She just needs one special person in her life. And if you’re wondering how this dog acts?

Sarah Jennings Sleime ” Crushing. (when watching the dog’s video) She was super sweet too. A volunteer came to take her for a walk, and she waited patiently for them to put on the leash and she wagged her tail.”

Check out her video. (reaction at -:13)

Someone dumped this poor mama at the shelter, minus her babies. Every time I stopped to talk to her and say I was sorry her eyes would fill with tears (check out reaction at -:13). Heartbreaking!! #thedodo The Dodo #adoptdontshop————-Update: Cinnamon was adopted! See my page/updated post for her new family photo and adoption video!

Posted by Sarah Jennings Sleime on Saturday, November 18, 2017


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14 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    I pray someone sees this dog and rushes over to adopt her after reading her story. She had a family (as long as she was producing puppies) and now she has no puppies and also no home. How devastating for this to happen for a dog normally, but one who has just given birth, doubly bad. Please a rescue or someone who will help this sweet dog until a permanent home can be found. She has so much love to give that would have gone to her puppies, so she will be so happy and it would show in everything she does.

  2. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Save Cinnamon and find her puppies! Then arrest the owner and with any luck he will do life in prison because I am betting he is involved in some major criminal activity! Why do they not get the license or identify cards of these people and start tracking them? This should be the law of the land!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Most likely another instance of a friggin’ backyard breeder who had used Cinnamon to the point she could no longer produce and then dumped her – this poor dog will most likely never make it out of the shelter unless some very kind person steps up and adopts this poor lady who has been used and used over and over to make some hunk of sewer slime money.

  4. Joanne says:

    ♥️???? SHARED ????♥️ Heartbreaking, Sad, and Distrubing. Please, could someone open your heart and home to this beautiful, loving sweet pup. I’m praying for you, sweetheart. May Jesus shine His light upon you and bless you with a loving, caring forever home where you will be loved, respected and live a joyful, healthy and happy life with a wonderful and caring family. You are loved, precious pup. God bless you, I’m praying for you. ♥️????????????????????????????????????♥️


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