Her heart is broken – senior dog surrendered by her family

Her heart is broken after family surrendered
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A senior dog recently had her heart broken. Mala, who is 10-years-old, was surrendered by her family on August 3. Today, the Rottweiler mix is sitting alone in a kennel run at the Baldwin Park Animal Services facility in California.

Look no further than Mala’s expressive eyes to see her sadness – it is clear that the loss of her family has taken an emotional toll. Without a doubt, Mala is lonely, confused and frightened. Undoubtedly, she is waiting for her people to realize their mistake and come back to take her home.

But no one is coming to save this senior dog – right now, she is relying on the kindness of strangers to be saved. Please help Mala find a new family by taking a moment to network her adoption information.

Petharbor link here.

Facebook thread here.

Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
Ask for information about animal ID number A3724864

(Image via Pat Gregoire)

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  1. How can people be so bloody cruel in surrendering a senior dog. I would love to know what the reason was that they did this. You can see Mala is depressed and so sad and is understandable why she is so confused and scared.
    I hope and pray that somebody comes and takes Mala out from this dreadful place before its to late for her

  2. Who can anyone do this to a Little dog ? Who they take Care of for 10 years? ?? ITS SO DiSQATING and VERY VERY CRUEL ????????????????WHISH YOU Ä VONDERFUL AND CARING NEW HOME MALA ????????❤❤❤❤❤Hugs from Sweden ????????????????????

  3. Karma will get you. One does not Surrender their Senior Dog to any Shelter, PERIOD!!! They are Family you STUPID IDIOT. I Have a Senior Dog, She Means a lot to me. I wouldn’t think about Surrendering Her over to a Shelter. Especially a High Kill Shelter.

  4. Shared. I don’t know how an owner can be so heartless! Look at his eyes, he looks so sweet and sad. Karma awaits you, and someday you will be dumped to a care home that no one will care about you, or better yet if you’re dumped on the swamp dead!

  5. Another senior dumped at a shelter! Of course she is afraid, dogs can smell death! Shelters reek of death! There are too many ending up in shelters and too many being killed or dumped some where! I hope when the people who do this to senior animals have the same thing done to them! There are so many of these pets who could find homes if the shelters would reach past their area but that’s a whole nother war!

  6. Abandonment is so,so very cruel! I consider the jerks who do this to be the epitome of being cruel assholes! Can’t even take the time to re-home the dog! There is no way that the monsters who do this EVER loved the pet! I don’t know what to even say about these pure evil assholes EXCEPT that I hope that the rest of their lives are completely filled with pain and misery! PLEASE…SOMEONE OUT THERE…..HELP THIS HEARTBROKEN TREASURE…..PLEASE! God I can’t take the sadness and cruelty heaped upon so many poor innocent dogs!

  7. To the family that did this, I am going to TRY to remain polite. Do you have ANY idea what you have done? Mala was part of your family for 10 years. That’s all she knew. This will cause heartache and ‘separation anxiety’. I am a former K9 handler and it devastated me what the Pentagon did to me when they took my K9 away. There is no..none…zero reason why you did this. She is sitting in a shelter waiting to be put to death now because of you. May JESUS have mercy on your soul for what you have done to an innocent family member.


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