Hawthorne man accused of stomping 9-pound poodle to death during family argument

Rain (courtesy of the Hayes family)
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A 22-year-old Hawthorne man has been accused of stomping a family’s 9-pound poodle to death during an argument about whether he could continue to live with the family’s granddaughter at their residence. Seth Estrada was arrested on Friday and charged with animal cruelty.

Seth Estrada
courtesy of police

According to the Daily Breeze, the dog’s owner, Chuck Hayes, stated there had never been any problems with their pets until Estrada moved in  with their granddaughter nearly a year ago. Suddenly the family’s animals were being injured, but the family dismissed it as accidents. When Hayes told Estrada to move out on Friday, the two argued. Later that day, Hayes said a neighbor told him, she heard Estrada punch the family dog named Rain three times; each time Rain cried out.

“Then I came home and I yelled ‘Rainy’ and she wouldn’t walk,” Hayes said. “I go, ‘what’s wrong Rainy?’ I stood her up, and she walked all crooked.”

Hayes cuddled with the dog for half an hour and when he left to pick his young grandson from school, he left Rain lying on a pillow in the house. As he went outside, Estrada ran out of the house with the dog in his arms bleeding. As he screamed at Estrada and took Rain back, the tiny dog, who slept with him every night, died in his arms.

Estrada told police he was trying to help the dog when the dog bit him. He said he accidentally fell backwards and stepped on the front of the dog’s face.

A necrospy of Rain’s body revealed the dog suffered multiple skull fractures, broken ribs, a collapsed spleen and internal bleeding – all considered intentionally done.

A further investigation is underway. Holly Hayes believes Estrada was responsible for the disappearance of one of her cats, stepping on another cat’s back and hurting its spine – the cat couldn’t walk for weeks. Another small dog in the home named Gracie had also been the victim of abuse when Estrada punched her in the eye because she bit him. And finally there was a dead cat found recently in the family’s driveway. The family allege Estrada broke the cat’s neck and threw it out of a second story window.

When interviewed by police, Estrada claims they were all accidents. He is currently being held in custody in lieu of $20,000. The Hayes family is seeking a restraining order against him.

(Photos via the Daily Breeze and family submitted photo of 9-pound poodle Rain)

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  1. O PLEASE – make an example of this hunk of maggot puke – Seth Estrada whose cruelty and abusive treatment needs to be addressed – this bastard needs to be imprisoned for a long, long time – he has proven his cruelty over and over – let him sit in a jail cell where hopefully, HE will be victimized on a daily basis by some predatory inmates – he deserves the absolute worst punishment – no hand slapping, no plea deal – this hunk of trash is dangerous and has shown it.

  2. Just euthanize this goddam som’bitch, before he kills another companion… or the grand-daughter!
    Simply another Sutherland Spring, just waiting to happen…

  3. There is a special place in Hell reserved for this useless, disgusting POS where he will burn forever for his cruelty.

    RIP precious furbabies. Hopefully this POS will not survive much longer and eternal justice will be served……

  4. Okay…. So the family gave him the benefit of the doubt during all of those “accidents”, even though there had been no such occurrences prior to his arrival in the family home?

    Are you kidding? How much more obvious did this fiend have to make it?

    That’s one of the reasons people employ nanny cams! He should have been stopped long before his last victim if only these people had listened to their inner voices about this guy. Rain paid the price.

    Hope they lock him up for years, and he never makes it out.

  5. Watch the prosecution. Neighbor’s testimony is important as well. The grandaughter may have tendencies of cruelty to others as that is all she has known. So sorry the animals had to suffer for so long before this maggot was caught. Seth Estrada can never be in the lives of those he is familiar with now. He can never be around animals in particular but children could be in danger as well. Psychosis or drugs is no excuse. psycho pills or drug rehab will never work on this severe a case. He is danger to everything and everybody. Courts need to put him on a work crew–with Bubba. Bubba doesn’t like abuse of anything and maybe Estrada can get a taste of what he dished out to defenseless innocents.

    • YOU are so right Vicki… He should be ( but of course won’t) incarcerated for a minimum of 7-8 years no early release… HE is indeed a Psychopath… children …elderly..special needs individual’s…as well would be in danger … Why in the world the family didn’t figure this POS out prior to this is astounding!!!

  6. Let’s see….no problems with ANY of the animals until the POS moved in a year ago. WTF is wrong with the dog’s owner? HUGE red flags everywhere. RIP Rain….there’s no reason you should be dead.

  7. Only a restraining order against him? How about multiple murders of their pets and they have proof he did all these things. Police need to take these animal “incidents” seriously especially when the animal dies. This scum should be in jail for murder, plain and simple. He killed by various means, family members of the family he was staying with. Please put him away for a long time before he does this to a person he might be arguing with and takes his anger on that person resulting in death. Will the police then put him in jail for murder?

  8. OK court system….. he is a blatant animal abuser…… he WILL HURT a human one day so lock his ugly a** up and leave it locked up for years!!!!! If not, then fine him at least $10,000 and 10,000 hours of community service…..BUT NOT AT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANIMALS!!!
    This is a sick, useless monster who does not DESERVE to walk the streets as a free person.

  9. Why would this family allow this abuse to go on for so long,one MAYBE two incidences and he would of been hauled out of the house by the cops…..and he saw Rain injured and he cuddled with her for a half hour instead of racing to the nearest vet???? This whole story is off the wall imo! They witnessed the evil POS punch Gracie in the eye and hurt another cat and toss it out the window???? WTF????? This evil abuser needs his head blown off and rid the world of his evil…..HE WILL MOVE ON AND CONTINUE TO HARM EVERY INNOCENT ANIMAL THAT CROSSES HIS PATH!!! BUT THIS FAMILY HAS ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!! SMH I’M SORRY BUT I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR ANY OF THEM,MY HEARTBREAK AND SYMPATHY LIES ENTIRELY FOR ALL THE INNOCENT ANIMALS TRAPPED IN THIS HOUSE OF ABUSE!!!! SICKENING


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