Happy ‘Valentino’ Day: Neglected cat wanted to be held and loved

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Today, on February 14, rescue organization, Leave No Paws Behind announced Happy ‘Valentino’ Day. If for a moment, you thought this was a misspelling, be assured that was not the case at all:Happy Valentino Day

“Happy ‘Valentino’ Day. He is so enjoying his morning meal and is doing great,” announced Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind on the group’s Facebook page.  The Doc was telling me when she walks into his room she greets him with  ‘Hi Buddy, how you feeling today.’AND he gets right up, purrs, meows and waits patiently for his treatments and food.”

Last Saturday afternoon life was a lot different for this neglected and seemingly unwanted cat. Animal activist and talented photographer John Hwang, captured a heartbreaking moment in time for this boy in desperate need at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. So moved by the helpless cat’s plight, John asked for help on his Facebook page:Happy Valentino Day 2

“… He barely lacked the strength to meow. Parts of his fur were hard, caked with mud and feces. His eyes were shut with mucus and other fluids. His past story is not known, but his very difficult life was evident. He placed his head on Elaine’s shoulder. His paw resting on her arm. A staff worker wrote on her kennel card ‘nice cat.’ That despite everything he has endured he longs most to love…and be loved,” John wrote.

Animal advocate, Elaine Seaman’s didn’t care that the cat with the caked and swollen eyes suffered from a highly contagious mange infection. From the moment she picked him up, with his tiny paw reaching out, she knew he was special. And now just four days later, Valentino, grateful for the kind rescuers he was lucky enough to encounter on a day which may have been his last, a new life begins.

Valentino will need a foster home once he is released from the vet. Please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com if interested. To help Leave No Paws Behind, please click here.

Read Valentino’s original story here.

Click here and check out Valentino’s short video. Be sure to share your thoughts.

Will you be his Valentine ? <3 Valentino will be in need of a local foster in the Los Angeles, Ca and surrounding areas. Please e mail info@leavenopawsbehind.comHappy Monday! Look who wants to say hello ❤️ Pictures and update to follow ❤️ His eyes are slowly starting to open ❤️ He has a long way to go and it is so heart breaking to watch him however each new day brings small improvements ❤️ Tiny steps Valentino, you are getting better and stronger with tiny steps and we are right here with you ❤️ All he wants is love <3

Posted by Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. on Monday, February 13, 2017

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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    The plight of homeless animals is a long hard ultimately filled with abuse one! The fact this cat survived what came before is a testament to his will to live! For animals human beings are supposed to be loving responsible pet parents but there are the exceptions! The other side of this is that spaying and neutering is the only way to stop unwanted pet population explosions! Knowing all of this there is still a huge homeless pet population! Some from feral colonies and many from people who decide they don’t want them anymore and just throw them away! Enough!

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Je suis heureuse qu’il soit sorti de son enfer, merci, merci pour se que vous faites pour toutes ces âmes innocentes. Belle vie à toi Valentino. ????????????

  3. Deborah J. says:

    Someone knows who did this horrible neglect to the Cat. They need to step up and admit to the world what really happened to this Cat. This has got to be the worst case of criminal abuse of an animal I have ever seen. Those responsible need to be behind bars now! Make it happen! I want justice for this poor Cat.

  4. susispot says:

    He has a hearty meow for such a sick boy. He wants the world to know he is here! God bless you little man. Life is worth living now.


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