What happened? Handsome husky returned to shelter 8 days after his adoption

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Animal advocates trembled in fright and anger after a handsome white Alaskan husky was returned to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center just eight days after having been adopted with bites and open wounds near his face, head and ears. 

“…very friendly 4 yr old neutered male white Alaskan Husky came to the shelter as a stray on 8/3/17. available 8/7/17. adopted 8/8/17 and returned on 8/16/17 because he had “open wounds” – it’s assumed their other dog didn’t like him.”

Click here for this boy’s Pet Harbor listing. “I am described as a neutered male, white Alaskan Husky. The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old. I have been at the shelter since Aug 16, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577. Ask for information about animal ID number A5096358. A Facebook page to network this dog can be followed here.

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. How he must have suffered for the few days he was abused and battered – assumed by another dog in the home. New dogs have to be introduced slowly to their homes where other dogs already live – what kind of irresponsible owner thought this was an appropriate way to save a dog’s life?

Click here for some helpful hints.  Most important to remember is when the dogs are left alone, make sure they are separated with baby gates or crates. Sadly, this is what happened to a sweet dog because of a lack of planning and education.

For more information, contact the Baldwin Park Shelter
(Open for Adoptions 7 days a week)
4275 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, California 91706
Phone 626 430 2378
Hours: Monday – Thursday 12 – 7 Friday – Sunday 10 – 5

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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19 replies
  1. Mary says:

    Hopefully these people will not be allowed to adopt another animal from this shelter. Wish there were a list that all shelters could see, and not allow this to happen again.

    • Ruth Tekell says:

      That is a great idea! You should spread it around! It should be simple and easy to implement. If you adopt a dog and bring it back injured, you go on the list. If you are convicted of an animal abuse crime, you make the list, if you are a bad rescue, on the list, etc. It could go out in digital format so all kennels and rescues could access it immediately, as soon as they get an application to adopt a dog. Surely the ASPCA has the resources to do the research and fund it. After it’s distributed it could be maintained and updated by police dept or other agencies who get reports or have access to reports.

  2. Adrienne says:

    What a stupid owner to cause this husky to be injured by her other dog. They tell you how to introduce a new pet into the family with other and obviously this person didn’t do that and left them alone together. How said and what a horrible bite to his neck. Could have died. Now this dog will be afraid of others and take time to trust.

  3. Darla says:

    I guess the ONLY good thing is that he was returned to the shelter after a reasonably short time (i.e., days and not weeks or months) instead of turned loose onto the streets.

  4. tina says:

    Shouldn’t the shelter take some responsibilities by not having the potential adopter come in with their dog and introduce them together?!

    • Pamela Garlisch says:

      I agree Tina, the first line of defense is the shelter to make absolutely sure that the animal is going into a home that is appropriate. Years ago I couldn’t adopt a Greyhound because my yard was not fenced. No matter that my dog is ALWAYS on the leash. I was turned down.

      • linda says:

        Greyhounds are great! I lived on a military base and our neighbor adopted one. It was so excited running around like a nut…lol, but, very docile among people and other dogs. Unfortunately they brought him back due to allergies in the family. If it wasn’t for our GSD and Goldie we would have taken him in. In MA they finally closed all Greyhound racing.

    • Bridget S. Jones says:

      So, the new adopters were not careful and created a dangerous situation
      Next they didn’t have the responsibility or integrity to take the pup to the vet
      What the heck are they doing to the other pet???
      And then, these idiots, sorry, they are idiots, put this injured dog back at a high kill shelter. They couldn’t even look for a no kill shelter or a rescue on top of everything else they did.
      Ok we need to find a good home for this husky asap to right the list of wrongs. This

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I would say whoever adopted him didn’t keep him safe! Sometimes it takes awhile for dogs to get used to each other and if the families dog did this to their newly adopted boy, then they should have taken responsibility and sought out medical care and NOT just dumped the dog back at the shelter! Praying for this beautiful boy, he didn’t deserve this!

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    Just sickening! I’m wondering why a standard meet and greet wasn’t done before this poor dog was allowed to be adopted to these people! Did they not say they had other dogs,didn’t the shelter not ask?

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      These shelters don’t care who they are handing this dogs over to, it’s just one dog they won’t have to euthanize. It would seem most shelters in California as a whole, sans the volunteers who try to find homes for these poor dogs, could really care less what happens to the animals in their care.

  7. Bonnie Dugan says:

    There is something wrong with this story. I don’t believe a word of it. Lovely dog…please someone take him home!

  8. Sherry says:

    Looks like he may have been used as a bait dog; his ear looks like it’s not just wounded, but missing to me…maybe its just the picture. Prayers to the Husky. He deserves better than that bullshit.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Some people should NEVER be allowed to adopt any animal from a shelter – these idiots proved they are incapable, irresponsible and ignorant – this poor dog suffered under their ‘supposed’ care – some shelters are just way too eager to get rid of animals and collect the fees which allows any idiot to take a dog/cat and not care for it – Baldwin Park proves it – their reputation is lousy and this is just another example of it.


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