Grievously injured dog who ate rocks to survive is still showing fighting spirit

Dog continues to fight for his life
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A grievously injured dog, found motionless beneath a train in Perry County, Kentucky, was near death when he was discovered a short time ago. But the Coonhound, dubbed “Rooney,” is showing his fighting spirit as he continues his difficult road to recovery.

Rooney is under the care of The Arrow Fund – on Friday, Facebook followers learned that the ailing dog is making progress:

Rooney is moving in the right direction!
His heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature are all in an acceptable range . He is eating everything that is offered to him and they have increased his amount hoping for him to gain weight now that he is stabilized.

Before being found, Rooney ate rocks in a desperate attempt to survive. When he was first brought to an emergency veterinarian, his maggot-infested body was so frail and weak that surgery to remove the rocks was (and still is) impossible. Fortunately, some of the rocks are passing naturally.

The agency wrote:

 Rooney thankfully did pass a large amount of rocks through his stool today. Remember this poor boy ate rocks just to survive.

Rooney has a long way to go, but he is moving in the right direction. Keep fighting for your life Rooney!

Donations can be made to and checks may be mailed to The Arrow Fund P.O.Box 1127 Prospect, Kentucky 40059.

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(Images The Arrow Fund)

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  1. God bless him please bring him back to health evil creeps who did this I hope die in the desert & starve to death bg


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