Grieving dog follows his owner’s funeral procession for miles to bid goodbye

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As if we didn’t need more proof that our dogs can be our most loyal friends, comes the heartbreaking story of a grieving dog named Bobby who followed his owner’s funeral procession for miles and refused to leave his beloved owner’s grave site. From the Facebook page of Leong Khai Wai, he summarizes the story which happened in Malaysia and went viral on social media:

“Most amazing and loyal dog at Kg Air Jernih , Terengganu. He follows the entire funeral possessions which covers almost 3km journey.
When he reached the burial ground he lays his body nearby and refused to leave.”

At the early stage of the procession down the city street after leaving the funeral home,  Bobby was seen following and walking beside the mourners. However, as the procession reached the main road and picked up speed, the dog had to run faster and struggled to keep up. Bobby ran for more than two miles. Why none of the mourners didn’t pick the dog up and give him a ride remains a sad mystery. Finally when the funeral procession arrives at the cemetery readying for interment, the dog sits beside the coffin, and as it is lowered into the ground, Bobby just watches. Was he saying his last goodbye in the only way he instinctively knew?

It has been reported the family is caring for Bobby. After all, who could deny such loyalty?

(Photos and video of grieving dog courtesy of Leong Khai Wai)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    “Who could deny such loyalty”? We see it everyday, relatives dumping their deceased relatives dogs at the nearest shelter like they were just yesterday’s trash. I’m glad Bobby has a home and can’t understand why someone didn’t give him a ride to the grave site also.

  2. linda says:

    Wow! That dog no doubt was loved and did love his master. I hope he will be taken care of by the family of his deceased owner.

    • ellen cottone says:

      no body will take care of him. They will turn their back on him.
      like he was nothing. He has been abandened. He will never leave that grave.He will choose to die there.
      This is an old story. Of eternal love and crushing sadness.

  3. Linda Patton says:

    What heartless humans! What would it have taken to give the dog a ride to the gravesite? It was obvious it was having trouble keeping up with the procession, would any of them have wanted to or enjoyed running all that way? No one even offered the dog a drink of water while it laid there panting, clearly thirsty. This dog truly loved his human, showing it’s devotion even in death. Animals are so amazing… they never falter, always protective, always loving. The people need to feel ashamed, they showed no feelings or compassion. I pray the dog is in a loving home, being treated well, shown compassion and devotion.

  4. Olga Djurdjevic says:

    I kept thinking give him a ride living and comforting one another like God intended and give the poor puppy Bobby sweet name even a damn drink he just ran behind you for miles God bless you Bobby I pray these people feel you like I did and see the light in Jesus name


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