Governor pardons dog sentenced to die

Governor pardons a dog who was sentenced to die

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This week, the Governor of the State of Maine issued a pardon to a dog who was sentenced to die. Dakota, a Siberian Husky, had been given the death sentence because she killed a small dog who belonged to her former owner’s neighbor back in 2016, reported the Bangor Daily News.

Dakota got herself into trouble again when she escaped from her owner’s yard again and attacked another dog at the same neighbor’s home – the two strikes were enough to cause Maine District Court Judge Valerie Stanfill to sentence the dog to death for the violent crimes.

Dakota wound up being rehomed before the March 21 death sentence was doled out. Dakota’s former owner had failed to keep the dog confined and she had been picked up as a stray and taken to the local animal shelter. From there, she was adopted to a new owner, who knew nothing about her dark past, reported the New York Daily News.

The dog’s new owners were ordered to turn their newly adopted pet in to be euthanized and after they failed to do so, the Humane Society of Waterville Area wrote a letter on the dog’s behalf – stating that she showed no signs of aggression while in the shelter’s care, and that her new owners were not being given their due process.

Gov. Paul LePage learned of the confusing situation and decided that the dog at the heart of it all deserved to be pardoned from death (Click here to read the full pardon).

Feel free to weigh in on this case – has justice been served? Was Dakota the victim of an irresponsible owner?

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Well The Governor of Main is indeed what appears to be an OPEN MINDED INDIVIDUAL…. I am glad Dakota did not have to die… ONLY 2 other little animals did DIE!! I think Dakota should UNDER GO SPECIAL TRAINING for AGGRESSION and the KILL URGE on SMALL ANIMAL”S or THIS COULD HAPPEN AGAIN>>> SO WHY TAKE the chance… give her the own training for the PEACE OF MIND FOR EVERYONE!!!

  2. maxiemom. says:

    I’m glad that, for once, Gov. LePage showed some common sense and looked at this the way it should have been looked at. Hopefully Dakota’s new family is much better at keeping her at home (Huskies are known escape artists) and nothing like this ever happens again.

  3. Jean Wiley says:

    Previous pet owner put her in harms way they are at fault for not taking care of.
    Save the doggie she deserves to be save for some one to love and care for her.

  4. PetMom says:

    The dog doesn’t deserve to die. It’s good that the new parents/owners know her history though, because they might want to take precautions such as behavior training, limiting contact with other animals etc.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Yes, Dakota was a victim of an owner irresponsibility and put her in the situation where she apparently killed two other dogs. I am glad the governor had the compassion to realize this and saved Dakota. She deserved a second chance.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes Dakota should have been pardoned, the new owners will more than likely never have the same issues the irresponsible first ones did! Best wishes to Dakota for a long happy life with them and kudos to the Governor of Maine!


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