Golfer offers explanation why he decapitated goose with club

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The golfer who allegedly killed a goose in Finland, after a video had been posted online which showed him lining his club up to the back of the neck of a defenseless goose and then swinging and decapitating the bird, has stepped up to give his version of the story. The video is stated to have been filmed at the upscale Vantaa Golf Park near the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

The video, which had been uploaded to LiveLeak, garnered immediate outrage, and managers of the golf course notified police. According to the Sun, the managing director of the golf club stated he filed a criminal complaint against the golfer who is stated not to have been a member of the club. The video was uploaded under the title “Finnish Golfer Kills Barnacle Goose.” The person taping the egregious cruelty is heard laughing in the background.

The unnamed golfer, who is currently being investigated for animal cruelty, revealed to llta-Sanomat, that he had killed the goose as an act of mercy after the bird was injured as a result of one his drives. He said the bird had been fatally injured and had been convulsing in pain from both its mouth and its beak. He then decided to hit the bird on the back of the head to ends its suffering, but had no idea the swing of his golf iron would decapitate the bird.

Representatives from the golf course have banned the golfer from ever using the course again and have not been able to verify the claims of the golfer since the club had been closed at the time. Still there were other options for caring for injured animals.

“If there is an injured animal I think the correct way to do something is to contact the police or animal authority and find out what you should do about it,” stated the golf club’s managing director, Ville Nurmi.

The RSPCA has also weighed in, stating what the golfer did was a horrible way to kill a goose and would have caused unthinkable suffering. After all, there are many humane organizations the golfer could have notified. And to think, golf is supposed to be a “gentleman’s sport?” Surely not in this case.

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16 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That’s a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!! If that was the case all he has to do is call the police and have it taken care of!!!He needs to be charged!!!

  2. RED says:

    Don’t believe him……..he is just attempting to make himself look like LESS OF A MONSTER!!! If the story were true, WOULD THEY HAVE BEEN LAUGHING?

  3. vicki hood says:

    Liar liar. Pants on fire. It was funny to the cameraman? Look at his expression as he winds up to kill an innocent for fun.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    This piss poor example of a man, much less a human being can stick his excuses where the sun don’t shine. There is no viable excuse for his cruelty and he did this to be mean, not because the goose was injured all the while his skank bag friend laughed – I applaud the golf course for calling the police, filing a complaint and banning this ahole from the golf course. His named should be published so everyone can see what a cruel abusive creep he is.

  5. Stephen Phillips says:

    That’s SOME talented golfer, that is – to be able to elicit such patient posing from an avian allegedly convulsing in death throes that would enable him to set his stance, take an accurate measure, and “swing away, Merrill” (apologies, Joaquin Phoenix) with such amazing accuracy!
    Just another lying hypocrite caught with his pants down….

  6. J. Martin says:

    And you take the word of this laughing SOB and his retard friends? Are you fucking stupid? This puke is full of shit!!!! Prosecute the cocksucker

  7. pennysdachshunds says:

    What ! This is a horrific to end So-called “Pain & suffering!!! I question anything he would have to say !!! he is now covering his “patute” where before he thought it A -OK to film his euthanasia efforts !!!

  8. Michelle says:

    Nice try, you asshole! If you wanted to help the goose you should expect reported it an animal/rehabilitation. Trying to smooth the crime over with this story is just digging your grave a little deeper. Why is your friend laughing in the background? No, no no, you weren’t helping, you were killing innocent life. Karma will get you.

  9. pamela bolton says:

    He should be whacked in the head with the club. No sympathy for him. Hope it hurts A LOT. Barbarian!! Hit the laughing idiot behind him as well.


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