Golfer accused of decapitating goose with club

In a shocking and outrageous animal cruelty case in Finland, authorities are currently investigating a video which shows a sicko golfer lining himself up in the back of the neck of a defenseless goose and then swinging and decapitating the bird. The video is stated to have been filmed at the upscale Vantaa Golf Park near the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

The video, which had been uploaded to LiveLeak, garnered immediate outrage and managers of the golf course notified police. According to the Sun, the managing director of the golf club stated he filed a criminal complaint against the golfer who is stated not to have been a member of the club. The video was uploaded under the title “Finnish Golfer Kills Barnacle Goose.” The person taping the egregious cruelty is heard laughing in the background.

“It is impossible to understand. Such behavior is in complete contravention of all the values and principles on which the golf game is built,” stated the executive director of the Finnish Golf Association, Juha Korhonen. “We hope that the police will find out the identity of the person and that he will be punished according to his actions. “

The bird in the video is said to be a Barnacle goose.

The miserable man has not yet been apprehended, but we all hope it is soon and he is punished to the highest extent of the law.

(Photos and videos of sicko golfer via LiveLeak)

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  1. vicki hood says:

    What disgusting sportsman. Laughter as his friend kills an innocent for fun? Stoning of these two would be too kind. Prosecute to the max. wack him in the head and wallet. Put him on work detail. Take him from his family.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    The video is pretty clear – this maggot needs to be apprehended and given the same consideration he gave an innocent animal – NONE! Stick his miserable ass in jail and let him become the victim in every way possible.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hope they find this golfer and put him down on the ground and swing at his head like he did to this defenseless goose. The animal was doing nothing to him and probably a “regular” on the golf course that most golfers would just shoo away. This scum took matters into his own hands and totally did away with this poor goose. Find him and throw him in jail, as well as the one who took the video and just laughed. What vicious people there are in this world.

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    What a rotten bastard!!! What the hell was the point in this???? I hope they are both found and thrown in Prison for this!!! ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!!!

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    Someone should catch this SOB tie him down and use HIS own club to remove his gonads in one swing!!! What he did to that poor goose , he doesn’t not need to spawn…. CHILDREN with his genes!!!


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