German shepherd with leg hacked off left whimpering in the snow on the mend

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After a brutal attack on an eight-year-old German shepherd last week, found on the streets of Bucharest with her leg hacked off, her teeth pulled out and her tail snapped off, is now on the mend announced the International Aid of the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA). The dog, named Spirit, who had been left for dead, had also been sexually abused; the knife used was left at her side, and it is suspected the egregious cruelty had been done by the “Bucharest Butcher” who still roams free.Spirit the GS2

Spirit was found by animal advocate Anneka Svenska who heard the dog softly whimpering in the snow.

“To have that in front of you was harrowing. We were all in shock. I couldn’t believe someone could do that, especially the way she had been sexually violated,” stated Anneka. “She was shaking. There were tears running down her face. The vet said they see this kind of thing all the time; it’s not a one off. They get horrific victims of abuse, and they can’t do anything about it.”

According to MetroNews, Anneka regularly feeds the strays in her neighborhood. She fears the attack on Spirit was personal, and who thinks the dog was abandoned in plain sight on purpose, with the intention of the crime being made public to serve as a message not to feed stray dogs. Spirit underwent emergency surgery at the rescue center of the Dog Rescue Romania and will be traveling to her new life in Britain as soon as she is able. Veterinarians, staff and animal advocates are amazed how trusting towards humans Spirit remains. An investigation remains active; it is hoped the responsible culprit(s) can be apprehended and brought to justice.

The charity “The Faith Project” emerged last year dedicated to saving dogs all over Romania. The project offers neutering and education across the country. Just a few days before Spirit was rescued, advocates made the grisly discovery of three puppies brutally killed on the same street. It is estimated there are more than 60,000 abandoned dogs in Bucharest. Donations to help these dogs can be made to the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals. 

(Photos and video of German shepherd with her leg hacked off and accompanying info courtesy of Tom Ross and the IAPWA.)

Check out the video of Spirit’s recovery. There is a great reason she was named Spirit!

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  1. I don’t often comment on stories from countries other than the US, we have enough right here to comment on, but when I see my favorite breed The German Shepherd Dog abused like this, it just tears me apart. Bless Anneka Svenska for helping Spirit and to the “Bucharest Butcher” I hope you meet a fate as horrible as this and rot in hell!

    • I too will have nightmares over this story my heart is so broken thank God for the good people in this cruel world and I am a firm believer that one day these demons will have to answer to our maker and when they are burning in hell “they will hear the cries of the animals”

  2. How can Anyone do this to a innocent dög ???? Its so cruel horribel descating!!!!! Worlds are not enogh! !!! PUNISH THEM HOW DID IT !!!!!

  3. Are you Fucken kidding me!
    ????? How evil and disgusting on top of it all to be raped with a knife!!!! This poor innocent angel I am more horrified everyday with the travesties done to dogs:(((((( so upsetting
    Many tears shed


  5. Being from Romania, this “Bucharest Butcher” should be well familiar with the stories of Vlad III. I say let him die like 1 of Vlad’s 40,000 victims, and impale him, perhaps publicly.

    • thats right! Home of the militant murderious catholic , vlad the impailor,
      But seriously. Its a dark mountious winterish region where not so much local police , police the locals but the locals police them selves. because they have secreats. and the seacret is they still hunt and kill vampires.

      They still hunt and kill vampires. even as we speak. These triditions go way back. the police cant do much its done around them.
      that being said. Im sure the locals do know who this animal butcher is i would like to ask in the name of

      to make the streets of butabest safe for animal rescue and animal rescuers un till funds and manpower can come in and get cold hungrey animals off the streets, spayed and adopted.

      In the mean time butcher i will visulise, powerfully your capture, there are friends family and neighbors who know you and they are on the fence because they are afraid.
      I will visit those people in dream and we will talk about it. they are burdened and horrorfied.

  6. I’m a veterinarian from New Jersey who specializes in catastrophic injuries! I have traveled the world when my expertise was needed by doctors in other countries! What is happening now is an escalation of violence against animals that defies logic! Bestiality is on the rise and the reasoning is beyond me! Human beings are devolving there is no other explanation for these horrific acts! Animals are the only creatures that live on this planet that are truly innocent! Man has to destroy that innocence! Man must destroy not only his own kind but animals are on the list too! It’s past time to hold the human race liable for the destruction of this planet and all that live on it! Please stand up and add your voice! Say no more to the abuse and killing of animals by human beings!

    • Ms Drude, thank u so much…I’m NOT a vet, but I’ve been fighting 4 animals rights, rescuing & volunteering 4 over 28yrs…of ALL the GOOD NEWS & POSITIVE CHANGE, the 1 thing that NEVER changed is the LACK OF PUNISHMENT! The animals could sure ise YOUR EXPERTISE, ESP YOUR VOICE!

    • I am so convinced this low life scums who hurt animals are controlling cowards who can’t take on anyone their size and if they need to take out their frustrations and anger they torture animals. The subhumans are no damn good and if the laws allowed what they did to the animals should be done to them this shit would possibly minimize. I just want to torture these rotten scums since they should not be living. I fume to see this and the nature of this dog still trust humans.

  7. If everyone that is so involved with tracking every minute of Trumps first 100 days would just stop nitpicking and start focusing on things that are really out of hand like continued animal abuse globally, maybe, just maybe we could stop some of it. Refocus your energy and social media towards educating people globally about what is happening in their own community right now. Help stop animal abuse!

    • Yes but they do not care! As Romanian Police and governement may be offended by the fact of truth that they do not give a damn about humans, let alone innocent animals. Core problem > state gave people flats but said cannot take dogs with (?!) hence increase in “strays”.No funds to deal with strays to find homes and “fix” (neuter) so just left to events like this. I am truly ashamed to be human specie! In so many ways. and we are meant to be civilised!

  8. Lord PLEASE have mercy on the animals here on earth suffering at the hand of evil demonic human beings. Please bless the caring angels who pick up and care for these broken souls.

  9. The pain this dog endured by horrible vicious people is beyond words. And look how loving and trusting this dog still is. I am so appalled by some people’s cruelty in this world. Thank goodness there r good people that rescue animals and children.

  10. What the hell ,kill yourself people if you ate wanted to hurt ,hurt yourself do the world a faver ,one less evil person won’t be miss, animal inasence is missed ,i hate people who kill inasence animal and humans.

  11. A person who does this is no good for any society. Shouldn’t be put on a psych ward nor a prison. He is a freak. A defective creature who came out wrong and should be discarded of. Let’s stop sugar coating shit. People can be BORN monstrous; I’ve met some. And it is no use “sparing” their lives for rehab.

    • Sadly there are so many similar events…. this is why I said all I said above. Every day I hear about some animal suffering from human hand and I said to God that it is time for humans to be decimated. I know it is not “popular” but is the truth. Too many of us renders animals irrelevant for some, authorities (governments and police worldwide) put votes above all else, so animals do not matter to them! … I guess you get the gist of it!

    • Hear Hear! God will ensure this is so. If I had a jackpot I would declare an open season on individuals like this, as law (as it looks at the moment) does not apply! WELL LAW APPLIES TO THOSE WHO ABIDE IT, THOSE WHO DO NOT. GET AWAY WITH THE MURDER AND THINGS LIKE THIS. Shame on ROMANIA for allowing this, but just look good people there protesting against corrupt government and EU Parliament sits silent. I thought it is them who would create level playing field and ensure all member states act and behave responsibly to humans and animals. I WAS WRONG!


  13. spirit, we applaud your courage, heart and beautiful soul. we pray that the rest of your life is spent being lavished with love, adoration and attention. bless those wonderful people who stepped up the plate to save this precious life.

    as for the sack of filth that abused her, what we all want for you cannot be printed here!

  14. This literally made me sick to my stomach! why would someone do this to such an innocent and trusting creature? This person is not only a danger to animals, but a danger to society, as well. They need to catch this person before he commits another heinous crime.

  15. Set up a world court just for animal abuse. No lenient sentences, no parole. Lock all these sadistic freaks together so they do what they do to each other. One instance of animal cruelty means life in this prison. Enough is enough, we the human race will not accept one more intance of psychopathic sadism.

  16. This is BULLSHIT!!!!! The “person” who did this needs to be found and put under the Prison!!!! They don’t deserve to even be breathing much less anything else.

  17. This is by far one of the saddest and sickening stories I’ve ever heard. It makes me want to serve vigilante style justice to the attackers. Someday I might just snap and do it. Spirit is precious. The hatred that fills my heart for the wretched creature that inflicted this suffering upon her right now is a very dangerous thing. May someone within reach of this monster feel as I do. May the rest of Spirit’s days be blessed with love and compassion.

  18. When I saw this it’s just beyond words to torture a inocent dog what a inhuman bastard he is I think we should capture him and cut his privite parts off at least it would be some justice to spirit poor dog bless it’s heart it will have so much love in Britain I think u r are an angel who is looking after strays god bless u in all you do

  19. To the Demon Butcher of Budapest. Who lures trusting hungrey dogs and cats and ambushes and holds captive. who then rapes and butchers and mutilates poor helpless cold hungrey street orphens.

    I will Petition for your capture with a powerful novenia
    I will visulize your mistake and your quick capture.
    I will Face the east and with all my might ask the powers that be to end the misery you choose to do with your time and energy.You and your kind . your days are numbered.
    I may be far from Romania. But nowhare far enough for you to hide from your own fate.You and others like you.
    I will visualize your capture. and it will happen quickly. because i have help on the front lines.We have people like Annaka Skavan. Please keep her safe and protect her from the trechery of evil that walks among us.

    • Yes!! Thank you and I will add my prayers. The criminal scum who did this will one day go into the fires of hell for all eternity, never to be released.

  20. I love all these comments and the people who truly care about animals. This was sickening to read but heartwarming to know Spirit is on the mend. I want all ANIMAL ABUSERS TO ROT IN HELL but I want them to suffer here on Earth. These pathetic, miserable, sub-humans MUST SUFFER here FIRST.

  21. Some of the lines used in this article make me roll my eyes, for the sheer cliche of it. “We are so shocked” is one, humans are capable of such horrors against everything, especially the voiceless. They are absolutely the woman beaters, child rapists. But every city has 1,000 of those. Also the line that “no one has any idea who did this” while quickly moving on to other things, did anyone even try? Video cameras, investigation of everyone in the neighborhood. Animal lovers have money, do a fund raiser for investigation to actually finally catch and prosecute these disgusting SOBs and see how much you raise. These situations never end, never will, I feel so bad for the animals that our responses never chance either.

  22. This makes a physically sick. Dear God, who does that sort of thing?? I can’t believe how cruel people can be.
    I pray for the animals that spend their whole lives tortured and abused and aren’t rescued. Boy this pi$$e$ me off!

    • me too…one story like this is one too many, and sadly there are many.

      homo crapiens is the feces species.

  23. I just want to cut the limbs off this useless POS and pull all their teeth out. I want to get a hold of the rotten bastard and torture the living shit out of them and since I am so damn far away I hope someone in his country does it. rot and die POS

  24. There are no words that describe the horror I felt in reading this! Im shaking that such EVIL can exist!! That despicable thing that brutilized this poor being deserves the same treatment! If I had the opportunity to hunt him down….i would! I would have released this poor beautiful creature from its misery. Sometimes that is the most loving thing one can do.

  25. May we have an up date Miss Hanna. Please.
    about our friend in Bucharest.
    holy spirit and her friend Anneka skywalker..
    They have friends here.we would like to know the good things that have occurred since we last saw
    them here at pet rescue report.

  26. Hello, is it possible to get an update on Spirit? I think about her all the time and am hoping that she is followed when she makes it to the UK. What a brave girl and how devastated and angry I was when I heard of her ordeal. This person is a monster and extremely unstable. May she be blessed 100 times over and may the police find this monster. He is very dangerous.


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