German shepherd found with severe chemical burns

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A $500 reward has been offered by Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the abuse of a German shepherd found in Homestead, Florida with severe chemical burns on his head, face and mouth. When local animal advocate, Susan Scheinhaus was notified on Tuesday morning about an emergency involving a dog whose eye was out of its socket and who appeared to have been burned with an unknown acid, she rushed to help.

According to NbcMiami, Sheinhaus, who runs Pet Orphans Rescue, found the dog she named Duke near Southwest 320 Street and 142nd Avenue. She managed to lift him into her truck and rushed him to an emergency veterinarian. Susan believes someone intentionally tortured the dog; he had no injuries indicating having been hit by a car nor did it seem as if he had been injured by a piece of farm equipment. Oddly, enough when no one can even imagine the pain Duke must have been in, Susan described how sweet the dog acted as she rescued him from whatever egregious situation he had escaped:

“He was just like giving me kisses all over and saying, like ‘thank you,'” Susan stated. “It really was, it was really very different from most of the dogs I’ve rescued.”

Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue,  a non-profit organization located in Tampa, has stepped up to help Duke. On Wednesday afternoon, Duke underwent his first surgery. An update on a rescue’s volunteer Facebook page what Duke has had to endure and the heartbreaking news. One of his eyes had to be removed, while the acid had eaten into his skull and mouth:

“Duke has had first surgery and damage is worse then first suspected. The chemical leaked down through head and into his mouth and areas there are also affected. The vet had to clean maggots out of his head during the surgery. Duke is also full of ticks and they had to be removed. Daily wound care by vet for now.”

Click here to donate to Duke’s ongoing medical care.

(Photos of dog with severe chemical burns via Davida xm and Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue)

Anyone with information about this dog is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305.471-TIPS.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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  1. Poor Duke. Prayers to get him well and out of pain. Prayers that police and everyone who can help ID the trash sewer scum that hurt Duke be caught and prosecuted.. Prayers Duke will get a good home with children who love him

    • You are absolutely right!!! Whoever this knuckle dragging SOB is deserves to be hogtied and dumped in the nearest swamp – all they are good for is gator lunch. Between Texas and Florida it is debatable as to which is the lowest for scumbag inhabitants.

  2. I pray he pulls through this just sounds so horrible no animal should suffer like this. I also pray the person or people who did this to him and that they are held accountable for their actions. Will share for donations and prayers. Pls. Keep me posted on his care. God bless him and Ty for saving him.

  3. We are a sick species. But there is no consequences for all this cruelty. The abusers just say on I am sorry, i was on drugs, I was mad.etc and set free to do it again. Eye for an eye justice is the only thing that will work against the human species. The animals are the most precious things on this earth. I did at one time believe there was good in this world but now all I see is evil. The human species should be destroyed and the earth given back to the animals. We destroy everything in our path and never appreciate the beauty of our world. The humans who do have hearts and souls are overwhelmed with the cruelty and have our hearts broken everyday and we cannot stop it. It just gets worse.

  4. Public needs to be very involved. Prosecution of the perp to be followed with a very large crowd. Lots of prayer for that sweet baby.


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