Georgia man shoots 10-pound Chihuahua with rifle after ‘attack’

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In Gainesville, Georgia, a 10-pound Chihuahua was shot in the front right leg with an air rifle after a man said he was protecting his own small dog from recent attacks. Pedro Javier Gallegos-Franco, 37, faces animal cruelty charges after admitting to shooting the pint sized pooch on Monday at the trailer park community on Casper Drive where he lives.

According to AJCNews, Franco just wanted to scare the dog. The ferocious Chihuahua had allegedly been terrorizing Franco’s little Shih Tzu named Toby including nipping off a piece of his dog’s ear.

After the Chihuahua’s owner called authorities, Franco was arrested and charged with reckless conduct and animal cruelty. He is expected in court next Wednesday. Franco has since admitted he felt terrible at what happened, but he said the offending dog wouldn’t stop hurting his dog.

The Chi has been treated and is expected to make a full recovery. Come on men – these are pint-sized pooches; you are grown men! Surely you can act like adults and just keep the dogs separated.

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(Photo of Franco courtesy of Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Sure He Feels Terrible!!! He is a Gun Happy, Kill Happy SOB!!! YOU can’t tell me a full grown PUKE like him couldn’t put on a pair of gloves and separate the dogs… until he could reach the owner!!! I hope they find out he is illegal!!! Then By BY Franco YOU PIECE OF BUZZARD VOMIT!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I have had Chihuahuas go after my German Shepherds, so I have no doubt this little pup could have been terrorizing the Shih Tzu. But shoot the dog with a gun? Just pick up your dog and call animal control and report the dog a his owner!

  3. Edward says:

    Redneck Simple Solution pic of f****** door got that develops it down by the chihuahua has hole you stupid f****** redneck mother f***** I can try to f****** help with my iPad with my three f****** ass you scumbag piece of s*** I feel terrible I’m a f****** moron and an ass hold up

  4. maxiemom says:

    Scumbag!! How difficult is it to keep your dog separate from another small dog? Can’t you make the other one listen to you? Funny, I seem to be able to do it with other people’s dogs and have saved myself and my dogs a number of times that way. You can’t simply pick up your dog when you see the other one coming? You can grab a gun but not separate the dogs? You feel bad because your’re filth and in jail, and for no other reason.

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I’ve picked up one of my dogs – who weighed 65 pounds – when a neighbor’s dog got out of their yard and came after us. My dog was leashed, and I picked her up and kept her out of the other dog’s reach. Surely a grown man could simply pick up either of the two tiny dogs? Idiot! Coward, too.

  6. Tammy Allen says:

    I would have to. Chi’s can be some of the most vicious dogs even at 10 pounds. I had a family member who had one and that dog was the devil. In fact a cop almost tasered the stupid thing after it jumped up and bit him twice.


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