Georgia man out for morning jog bitten by rabid coyote

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In Roswell, Georgia, a man out for his morning jog along Lake Charles Drive was attacked by a rabid coyote on Monday morning.

“I looked down and grabbed him by the neck and pushed down,” stated  the victim of the attack Bill Goff. “Trying to get him off the leg. And then when I got him pinned down I realized it wasn’t a dog. It was a coyote,” Goff told WsbTvNews.

Goff has been jogging for the last five years and never expected to be attacked by any animal – much less a coyote, noting the animal was “growling when he was biting” his leg. Fortunately a neighbor came along and called 911, as Goff kept the animal pinned to the ground for 20 minutes. Goff didn’t want to take any chances the animal could bite someone else.

Roswell police stated Animal Control euthanized the coyote, and tests revealed it had rabies. Unfortunately once the symptoms of rabies begin to show, the disease is fatal to the infected animal. Goff has been going through the series of shots to ward off rabies. Even though coyote attacks are extremely rare, it does raise a warning for pet owners everywhere to make sure your dogs and cats are properly vaccinated.

(Photo via screenshot via WsbTv)

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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    Too bad he was bitten by a rabid coyote! Unfortunately this happens and as man encroaches on wild life this will happen more often!

  2. Daniel Clarkson says:

    Definitely a coyote. If you look carefully, there is no bushy tail like a fox has. Don’t let the color fool you.


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