Horse collides with taxi

Frightened horse collides with taxi in Manhattan

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A frightened horse, making his way down a crowded street in Manhattan, New York collided with a taxi on Monday. According to the New York Daily News, Billy, a draft horse used by Central Park Sightseeing, was spooked by the honking of a horn and galloped into a taxi cab which was stopped.

Amazingly, it was the rider of the horse who apparently encouraged the driver of a nearby truck to honk the horn – the very horn which caused Billy to go into a panic. A witness told 1010 Wins “As I was approaching the taxi cab I could see the horse was underneath the taxi and a couple of people were pulling the horse from underneath the taxi.” According to CBS News, the horse’s rider was a stablehand.

Fortunately, the horse was able to be removed from beneath the taxi and did not seem to be obviously injured from the frightening ordeal.

Monday’s incident seems to reinforce the concerns that many people hold over the safety and well-being of horses who are forced to work on busy city streets. In April, a carriage horse stumbled and fell (or collapsed according to some) in Charleston, South Carolina. The horse, “Big John,” suffered abrasions in the fall.

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(Image screenshot via CBS News)

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11 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    So happy horse was ok not injured need to stop horses on busy streets & let them run in pastures bg

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another good reason for Mayor DeBlasio to fulfill his promise to END horse carriage rides – something he promised during his mayoral campaign and NEVER did – These poor animals are in danger everyday as they are competing with traffic – it is time New York and every other large city in this country wake up and end this cruelty. Maybe in the 19th century it was safe, but in the 21st it is not.

  3. Angela Corso says:

    These horses should not be in New York or any city pulling sightseers. I am disgusted that these poor horses continue to work in horrible conditions and polluted streets. There needs to be regulations on the how these horses are treated and how they are allowed to be used.

  4. Red says:

    STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR WALLETS, act like you have some compassion and release these horses to sanctuaries. They were never meant to be on hot concrete or pavement. If these tourist need help getting around, get motorized bikes, carriages or something beside a living, breathing, animal. WISE UP PEOPLE….. these horses are not meant to compete with VEHICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mary Ann Clark says:

    No more carriage rides and all horses should be retired to sanctuaries! Also the stablehand and taxi driver should be arrested!

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!!!! THIS PISSES ME OFF!!! There is NO fucking reason for horses to be on the streets of New York!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME that I have been in NYC I was TERRIFIED of the UNBELIEVABLE CRAZY AND DANGEROUS TRAFFIC!! This is ANIMAL CRUELTY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!!! IM SO FUCKING SICK OF THE CRUEL USE AND ABUSE OF ANIMALS FOR THE ALMIGHTY DOLLER!!! Horses have no DAMN BUSINESS on the dangerous streets of NYC!!! This mayor is a freaking LIAR,he has NO INTENTION of banning this STUPIDITY or he would of done so by now!!! Every single citizen of this state is complicit in this by not DEMANDING the end of this ridiculous practice!!! OMG!!! IM SO ENRAGED OVER THIS!! I’m in tears for this poor terrified horse being FORCED to prance along the steets in HEAVY TRAFFIC! AND THE NYC STREETS ARE ALWAYS EXTEMELY BUSY AND THE PEOPLE THERE DRIVE LIKE FUCKING MANIACS!!! Every single asshole that participates in animal cruelty are worthless soulless minions of the devil!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Theresa Franconi says:

    Get the horses out of the city roads! No place for a horse in the first place! It’s just greed and disregard that keeps them on the streets


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