Video shows officers tasering a runaway dog

Frightened dog repeatedly tasered by police

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A disturbing video, showing a frightened dog being repeatedly tasered by police officers, has been virally viewed by users of Facebook. According to Click on Detroit News, the dog, who was recently adopted, escaped from his owner’s home in Roseville, Michigan.

The dog’s owner reached out to the police for help after she failed to catch her runaway dog. The woman explained what happened in a 911 call:

“He snuck out through the back door.He just will not come home. And I don’t want him biting anybody. He doesn’t bite, but he’s pretty intimidating. He likes to run up on people and bark.”

Controversy has erupted after video footage of the dog’s capture was posted to Facebook. The dog appears to be trying to run away from the officers, who have used a catchpole to restrain him. Despite the dog trying to get away, and being restrained, the dog is hit repeatedly with a stun gun.

Fortunately, despite the disturbing video, the dog is reported to be okay following the ordeal, reported WYCD News.

Please feel free to comment on this situation below – did the officers handle this situation properly?

(Video via Facebook)


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  1. Red says:

    Cops need to be trained and shown that WHEN A DOG IS TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM YOU… he will not hurt you. There was absolutely NO FREAKING REASON to keep tasering that poor animal….. your chicken SH***S

  2. Elaine says:

    No kidding…they had him restrained already with the pole, and at a distance, not a threat to anyone. Of course he’s going to try and get away , he’s scared. There was definitely no reason whatsoever to taser that dog at all. They could have waited a bit for him to calm down, and call his owner in the meantime. What a bunch of idiots.

    • Sherry says:

      I THINK THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! Clearly, the dog is running away , yet they catch him on the catch pole and which means, they’ve got him at their mercy, then they tazer. This is billy bob bad ass syndrome some cops have. sadists twisted pieces of chicken shit. Please sue the department!! The owner has a case with this film footage!!!

  3. Debbie Dearmore says:

    What a bunch dickheads. They don’t need to be working in that job if they do this kind of shit. Taze them repeatedly to see how it feels. Fire his ass.

  4. MARLIES RENEE says:

    They already had it in the neck hold, why tasering it 5 times? They did that on purpose, she should have stepped right in and got her dog, coming out of Detroit, no wonder, and lady please, do what you have to do to keep your dog in, he maybe running from you as well, if he is new, then he may be afraid of you, a new home, new area, you have to give rescues ,LOTS OF LOVE, LOTS, AND LOTS as for the cops, TRAINING IS IN ORDER, TASERS ARE NOT TO BE USED ON DOGS THAT ARE ALREADY SCARED WITH A NECK POLE AROUND IT’S NECK.

  5. maxiemom says:

    5 times? There was no reason for that! NONE! That many times has been know to make a human’s heart stop, so it could easily have happened to a dog. Those jerks need to be properly trained to handle dogs, and if they’re not, they need to keep as far away as possible. Better yet, as part of their training, someone needs to give them the EQUIVALENT of taser hits they gave the dog, human to dog in pound equivalency. Maybe then they’d get the message.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Note to owner: NEVER call the police to help you catch your dog! When will the police EVER learn how to handle a dog? This isn’t right! There was no reason for this, they caught him and he didn’t need anymore tazing! Is the dog ok? After all that, I wouldn’t want to bet on it!

  7. Marissa says:

    That is just bullshit !!! What the hell is wrong with these cops to tase this poor dog again and again even after they had him on a catch pole. These cops need to get their shit together. If anyone ever did that to one of my dogs believe you me there would be hell to pay. Are these cops this flipping stupid like hello he is already on a catch pole no need to tase him. This is straight up animal abuse ! I would sue the pants off of that cop !

  8. Carol Coughlin says:

    If the dog was already restrained with a catchpole or 2 they did NOT need to taser him. That was NOT necessary!!! These police need to know how to handle dogs!!!
    They need to take classes at a animal hospital or clinic to be taught how to deal with animals since they don’t know even basic knowledge.

  9. jeanette says:

    good grief enough. learn how to get a stray, frightened animal. no need for all those takers. the dog was scared.

  10. pat carter says:

    What is the matter with the policemen that work at this police department! This looks like torture to me especially since the
    dog was already restrained. Shame on you!!!!

  11. Linda Patton says:

    Those officers need to be fired and criminally charged for excessive force and abuse. That was totally uncalled for, they’re obviously dog hating officers.

  12. Jon stone says:

    cops aren’t cops anymore they have a gun and a badge they think they are better than everybody else and above the law pathetic

  13. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That asshole needs to be fired. There was absolutely NO REASON for him to do this to this poor baby. He needs to find a new JOB in Prison.

  14. Keisha says:

    Lack of training is the least of those cops problems. They clearly lack common sense also. Otherwise they are just some sick a**holes getting their kicks out of tazzering a dog multiple times AFTER it was on a catch pole.

  15. ESther Harrell Tartaglia says:

    There is no need to taser a dog 5 times when already on a death pole. What a jerk that cop was. He should have his ass fired. Put his ass to deal with criminals.

  16. Sandra says:

    This is ridiculous how these cops treated this dog!!!! He was alre already captured and being friendly, and they continued to taser him! Some cops make me sick to my stomach how they treat people & animals!!!!

  17. Grant says:

    20yrs in law enforcement in two states. Half in academy as trainer. The only training officers get is a short video with multiple choice questions at the end. Most officers are up getting coffee, talking with buddies or on the phone, doing paperwork, etc. Share answers so they don’t have to watch the video.
    For my last ten years I overhoverheard officers talk constantly about wanting to shoot this dog or that dog ( certain human populations as well).
    No longer, it seems, do folks enter law enforcement to provide public service
    Too many video games as kids seems to have curbed normal compassion and the ability to communicate, with many recruits.
    Ensure your canines stay safe. Do not let them at your door when you go to answer it, in case it’s law enforcement. Do not leave dogs unattended in fenced or in fenced yards. Keep them on leashes. And for goodness sake, don’t call in a stray dog, even if it’s yours, and say ‘ I don’t want him to bite someone’. That’s invitation to assume the canine will bite thus will be handled aggressively.

  18. Vicki Leyson says:

    God damn jerks the dog was on the catchpole they didn’t need to use the taser at all. I know what l’d like to do with their taser take it and shove it where the sun don’t shine and see how they like it

  19. Jacquelyn says:

    Typical of so many out-of-control cops. The dog was clearly trying to get away but all a cop has to say are these 5 words that usually get them off the hook, “I feared for my life”.

  20. Jacki Timmins says:

    Once again we see police officers doing what they should not be doing. Whats wrong with todays police force? Perhaps they cant get their satisfaction from other jobs, they seem to like inflicting pain on animals and humans alike.

  21. Pauline Johnson says:

    Very disturbing video the officers need a lot more training on how to control the matter .This is cruel
    really had to do that when they had him on a catch pole ?

  22. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime example of out of control, incompetent cops who use over the top force when not needed. I am just glad they didn’t shoot the dog – THAT is the norm for cops who feel they can do anything. Hopefully, the dog is OK and back home. Cops need to be trained to handle situations like this calmly and without force – we have the same problem in Buffalo, cops who shoot at will to any animal within sight without provocation.

  23. Kathleen Drude says:

    What the hell is wrong with these idiots? It’s obvious the dog is scared to death, so that means keep teasing it? I think it’s time for police departments to take a long hard look at how they are handling animal calls! It stands to reason that an animal is going to act completely different when it is afraid as opposed to when it’s not! This is not rocket science! Use common sense!

  24. Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) says:

    As usual no the cops didn’t act appropriately. I swear they use situations like these to test out their little toys and get a hard on. It makes me very sad bc these idiots are supposed to serve and protect. This is unnecessary cruelty. I’d love to take a stun gun and catchpole to these morons so they know the pain they are inflicting. Glad the dog is ok. These cops could use some street justice since I doubt anything will happen to them.

  25. Peggy Stevens says:

    There is no reason for that dog to be tasered after it was on the catch pole. All they were doing was scaring it even more. A taser should not be used on any animal. I would like to have those officers treated the same way, without their clothes on.. Let them feel the same that poor animal did.

  26. Amber Snyder says:

    Chewy must be taken to the vet asap. Another dog has died from organ failure 4 days after being tasered. By the same police department.

  27. Angela Augustine says:

    This is excessive and unjustified, there is no reason why we should allow the police a different set of standards than the rest of society!! Abuse, cruelty, torture and neglect of a pet should apply to “all”, no one should be exempt!! A badge, gun and a uniform isn’t a pass to do as you damn well please which is what’s happening! Police officers must be held accountable for their crime and misconduct no differently than anyone else!

  28. CP says:

    They had the poor scared fur baby.. Not one single dog likes be captured with the stupid pole so yes he freaked out. No need to use a tazer on him. Untrained and someone standing behind a gun and a shield. ????

  29. Maria A Pantin says:

    These cop should be charged with crulity to this poor dog Shame on you cops shame on you karma will get you Gods words


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