Friendly dog dies Sunday

Friendly senior dies Sunday without help

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Notice – friendly senior dog dies on Sunday at a small, rural animal control, aka “dog pound,” on Sunday if help does not come in time.

Undoubtedly, you have seen something along these lines written about homeless pets time and again – what follows is an editorial about the comments left on volunteer-run (keyword “volunteer”) Facebook pages which post photos and information about death row dogs.

Time and again, people leave comments similar to the following:

Why do you keep killing dogs?

You should be ashamed of yourself?

Don’t you have anything to post besides doom and gloom and dogs who are going to die?

Stop the killing!!

I’m unfollowing your page – this is ridiculous!

People leaving such comments are “sometimes” directing their anger towards actual shelter staff, but more often than not, they are criticizing the very people who are volunteering their time to get photos and information out to the public – people who are playing a critical role in securing rescue groups and adoptions for pets who are otherwise doomed to death.

Volunteer-run Facebook pages are giving a voice to dogs who are sitting in silence, waiting for their fate – dogs (and cats) who are in a low-traffic, rural animal control, or a busy, over-crowded animal control, and who are out of time. The volunteers who take the time to post photos and information have NO SAY in whether a pet lives or dies…they are simply trying to help by getting important information out to the public.

Anyone who cares about the fate of these animals who have been cast aside by society should support the Facebook pages which function to save lives – they should never berate them for their efforts and they certainly should not unfollow the page.

Networking saves lives – the more an unwanted animal’s image and their adoption information is shared, the better their odds are of being saved.  Please support these pages and speak up when you see an ignorant comment posted about the efforts that are being made to save a life.


Note – in case it was not clear, this is an editorial, not about a specific dog which dies on Sunday (though dozens are at risk at shelters across the nation).

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31 replies
  1. Tracey Bidwell says:

    I agree about the ignorant comments… however, there have been many times I have tried to save animals from shelters and was told that I am not in their area of adoption… So many of these places would rather kill an animal that let you save them… I think that is terrible beyond words!!!!

    • Susan Ponce says:

      Well said Tracy Burwell. I myself have done the same so many times as well. You try and share their stories in HOPE that they will be rescued and instead the DOG POUND. WOULD RATBER PUT THEM TO SLEEP THAN LET THEM BE RESCUED.

  2. Elaine says:

    I have also read though many times people asking why they didn’t network dogs earlier that are destined to be euthanized the next day. 1 or 2 days doesn’t give a person who might have to travel there much time, and certainly isn’t fair to the poor pooches life who is at stake.

  3. debor33 says:

    No one can rescue if they don’t know where the pup is…..please share where this baby is…’s Saturday evening 3:19 EST

  4. Cherryl Gallo (@CherylGallo5) says:

    For those who want 2 “UNfollow” u because u r sharing information that saves lives or anything helpFUL 2 ANYTHING helpLESS…FUCK THEM! PLEASE DON’T STOP! UR DOING THE RIGHT THING!
    Az 4 ths precious friendly senior at risk…where is he located, PLEASE! !

    • debor33 says:

      Cheryll, they don’t always respond on here….if I were you I would call where he is. I don’t even see that on here….how in the world can anyone save this baby if they don’t know where he is……please if someone on this page knows where he is, please share on here…..

    • Penny Eims says:

      Cherryl – if I write about a dog who is in need of rescue/adoption, you will ALWAYS find the contact information…this does not have an ID# or location or email/phone# because it is an editorial about people who see a listing for a dog on death row and they choose to leave comments berating the volunteers who are trying to get information about…this is “in general” not about one particular dog in need. The photo is a stock image from Pixabay free images…there is no town because it is an editorial about postings on Facebook that have similar wording about a dog on death row.

  5. Marcia says:

    Cast them aside by society??!!!# Who are you joking with this editorial??!!! I’m sorry, I’m gonna say something that you’re not gonna like about your editorial. Penny Elms. Have you ever volunteered at some of these shelters??? Because I have, and every time I have, it has been the employees who I’ve seen do the photos. I’ve volunteered at one high kill shelter, and 2 very good, loving, caring, no kill, reputable shelters in which the people in charge of the dog’s worked very, very hard at taking excellent care of the animals, and locating good homes for them. They are small shelters, and very good people who truly care, and want nothing but the best for these Animals. I cannot mention the names of them because that would require their permission. As a volunteer, I took photos on my own to post to save a few dog’s lives at one of them. I was later told they got adopted, whether that is true or not, I do not know. If you want to know how to stop some of this nonsense, find out more about the shelter you are turning your pet in to before letting go of them and by the way, owners do not ways have a choice.

    • penny says:

      not sure why you are so angry and yes I have volunteered my time to photograph homeless pets at shelters, in addition to fostering for years. I think you completely missed the point of the editorial.

      • linda says:

        I also think she has missed the point. I fully understood your editorial. It was needed.

  6. Marcia says:

    Penny Elms….how do you do your research for your articles? I do mine in real-time!!! That’s because I went to College and studied Literature! Check your facts before posting your articles.
    Do it the old fashioned way. Get off your butt, and out from behind a desk.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    It seems that in many instances volunteers are the only ones who really care about the fate of the animals.

  8. Diana Roby says:

    Very interesting responses to this editorial. Lot’s of judgment and misplaced anger. I love all of your articles. Hundreds of dogs have been saved because of the articles by you and yor fellow writers.

  9. debor33 says:

    Doesn’t this precious baby have a Facebook page? It could save er life…..please if she doesn’t have one, please set one up….not everyone follows this page…..please please


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