Freezing and badly injured dog ‘scooped’ up by Richmond shelter officer

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In Richmond, Virginia, the sight of a shivering dog so badly injured she could barely help herself to stand up, has everyone shaking their heads in sad disbelief, knowing someone most likely intentionally abandoned her in frigid temperatures to suffer a slow painful death.

According to the Facebook page of the Richmond Animal Care and Control, the badly injured dog was found Tuesday morning on N. 33rd Street.

 “She was freezing and badly injured from what appears to be multiple bite wounds (both old and new). Officer Jones scooped her up and transported to VVC, where the team was able to stop the hypothermia and safely sedate to begin cleaning her up.”

The dog’s injuries appear to be quite severe, and at this time it is unknown if her eyesight can be saved.

“What they uncovered will require weeks of carefully managed wound care. We do not know if her eyes are salvageable and if her body will be able to fight the infection that has already set in. We need your help.”

The organization is asking anyone with information to contact the Richmond Animal Care and Control at 804.646.5573. The shelter is also in need of donations to help in this poor pup’s recovery. This poor dog didn’t do anything wrong – please share her story; we are confident someone will recognize her. Doesn’t she deserve justice?

(Photo of badly injured dog via RACC)

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  1. It appears with the injuries inflicted she was used as a bait dog or a fighting dog. The poor dog was abandoned and left to die when she was no longer useful. I hope the authorities find the responsible scumbags and throw them in jail for a long time.

  2. I wonder if this precious dog was One involved in dog fighting that was found in the Richmond area…..I’m so sick of people hurting animals…..

  3. I guess you want to arrest her rescuer as well. They took her without permission. Oh, I guess because Animal Control did it everything is OK. This is one sick system. You arrest one rescuer for taking a dog and getting it help yet someone else does it, it is applauded. Every effort needs to be made to find the owner and prosecuted to the fullest PLUS 5 years.

  4. This whole system of so called ‘animal control’ is beyond fucked up – they do NOTHING or become blind to these dogfighting maggots yet have no problem arresting those who are trying to save an injured abused animal. To read these stories of blatant animal abuse and see these bastards get little to no punishment while an innocent defenseless animal is so severely injured and ends up dying makes me crazy mad. I swear there are times (such as this) when street justice is called for. These bastards know nothing else.


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