Four terribly neglected puppies suffering in Texas shelter rescued from sure death

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The statistics make us shiver; in high-kill Texas shelters in the San Antonio area, nearly 100 puppies and dogs  are euthanized daily. The sick ones are always at the  top of the list. All of these puppies were sick, and one of the pup’s suffered from a broken femur. Even though many rescue groups were asked to help when the puppies were listed as urgent, no one stepped forward, as they were not prepared for the costs required for the anticipated expensive care – that is until Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were contacted.

“We kept watching the video over and over knowing that they had no chance of surviving without our intervention,” stated Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization. “So we begged our San Antonio veterinarian partner to admit all four for emergency treatment.”

The veterinarian staff reports all of the puppies are extremely weak and frail. They all suffer from tick and flea infestation which has resulted in skin infections, anemia, hair loss. The pup with the broken leg will need surgery, and it is not known how long he suffered in pain without any treatment or pain medication.

“This was a huge undertaking, but we are committed to these four puppies as they deserve to be healthy, loved and safe,” Stacey added to the rescue’s Facebook page after posting the heartbreaking short video.

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(Photos and videos of puppies suffering in Texas shelter courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Posted by Stacey Silverstein on Monday, October 30, 2017



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6 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    As usual in the state of Texas, animals in need of medical care get NONE – they are literally left to suffer until they are murdered – no one cares, no one comes forward to help, no one is held responsible – only when Rescue Dogs Rock NYC steps up are animals taken care of – this is a pitiful statement but so damn true about these piss poor examples of ‘shelters’ in Texas and other southern states. THANK YOU RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC for caring – you are the best!!

    • FedUp says:

      That is not true! There are many of us in Texas who care! We care a hell of a lot! And we do come forward to help! I get at least a hundred emails every day from different people & different groups trying to help all the animals in the shelters. There are shit people in every single state. It sure as hell is not exclusive to just Texas, or just the southern states. I read just as many horror stories of abuse in your fine yankee states as I do for any southern state. In case your Alzheimer’s kicked in & you don’t remember, we just suffered the worst disaster this state has ever been through, which hit many of the shelters & flooded them out. San Antonio was not like Houston, but it was also hit hard. When there is no animal abuse whatsoever in your state, then you can bitch about my state!

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        Unfortunately this abuse was going on LONG before the recent disaster & long before you moved back to Texas. It is great to love and defend your home State. you sure as hell don’t read this in Wyoming, N. Dakota, S. Dakota<Montana , Colorado, ( you read about a lot of abuse in Omaha Nb. ) I consider the radio of the population there that are of color compared to other areas. Hearing the word Texas makes me want to vomit! I was in San Antonio and thought it was beautiful with the River Rides , Alamo , I had no idea the there was such a problem , of course I only saw the portion the City Fathers want tourists to see!!! there is not excuse for the horrific way shelters and staff treat these pups and the other animals… Even a disaster! Governor Gregg Abbott and his Hispanic wife should be ashamed of the State as a Whole, yet have you heard ONE single word about them about this B.S. Hell no they are too busy living life in lavish surrounding, eating like the Queen of England…

  2. carrie ainsley says:

    That is so heartbreaking. Here locally the puppies are adopted or rescued very quickly, even the ones not in good shape. But it has been mentioned lately by the shelters that the trend for rescues is changing, and some are only taking the perfect animals that have no problems. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC seems to lean the other way and take the worst of the worst, repeatedly. Kudos to them!

  3. Red says:

    May God bless you Rescue Dogs Rock….. you have all surely won you a well deserved place in heaven for all of these poor helpless animals you save.


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