Former Police Chief reunited with K9 partner who had been taken away

K9 reunited with former handler
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Steve Patterson, the former chief of police for the village of Camp Point in Illinois, has been reunited with his K9 partner, Poseidon. Patterson had resigned from his position on November 6 and he hoped to purchase his K9 partner from the department, but Camp Point Mayor Jerry Gunn stated that the dog was “City Property” and denied the request.

Exactly how things changed is not yet known, but Poseidon has been returned to his former handler…who (with the help of donors) purchased the dog from the city. On Friday, Protection4Paws, which had been helping with fundraising efforts, updated Facebook followers that the police K9 is back with Patterson:

It with great pleasure that I can officially announce that at approximately 7:15 EST K9 Poseidon is HOME.

See below…
The village agreed to allow the Patterson Family to purchase him for $4,250. We had raised $2,600, the balance of the $1,650 still needs to be raised as it was fronted by someone who wants to remain Anonymous since the village wanted the money immediately upon transfer.

Welcome home Poseidon!

Former article about this situation here.

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  1. Thank you to the village for selling Poseidon to Mr. Patterson, but they sure are being hard nosed about it demanding money be paid before transfer! Shame to do this to their previous employee! No loyalty there!

  2. Thank goodness, now Steve Patterson and Poseidon can be together like they should be. A dog is family not “City Property”!

  3. I am delighted to see this partnership reunited. It is beyond my comprehension why they made retired Chief of Police, Patterson pay over $4000 for the dog. I would think they would want to thank him for his service and gift him the dog. Politics and the almighty dollar. Congrats to those that worked hard to make this right.

  4. So glad former Chief Patterson was able to purchase Poseidon from the city – first of all, I have a huge problem with animals being considered ‘property’ – property is your home, your vehicle or other inanimate objects, not a living breathing being – this is one outdated law that needs to be changed. I wish Steve Patterson and Poseidon a very Merry Christmas – you both deserve it.

  5. So glad the K-9 is back where he belongs….. so low of the city to charge such an exorbitant amount for this older dog though…….. shame shame shame.


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