Florida police dog found dead inside of parked patrol car

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In Melbourne, Florida a police dog was found dead inside of a parked patrol car outside of the Brevard County Courthouse on Friday. The German shepherd, named Diesel was discovered about 7:30 in the evening; the patrol vehicle belonged to an officer from the Sebastian Police Department. On the department’s Facebook, the sad announcement stated:

“As many of you have heard we suffered a tragic loss of one of our beloved K-9’s on Friday April 28, 2017. The incident occurred in Melbourne Florida. The situation is being investigated by the Melbourne Police Department and when their investigation is over, an administrative investigation will occur here with the Sebastian Police Department. Our entire department is saddened by Diesel’s tragic death; please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. More information will be released when available.”

Authorities have not released any information as to how long Diesel had been left in the car, but the National Weather Service reported temperatures in the afternoon at 88 degrees. One can only imagine how hot the car’s interior temperature had climbed. Melbourne police and Brevard County Animal Control are also taking part in the investigation. Detectives suspect  the officer, who is known to leave his K-9 at home when going to court, forgot that the dog was in the SUV. The officer arrived at the courthouse on Friday at 11:00 a.m.

According to the Sebastian Daily, some of the police vehicles are equipped with alarms if the temperatures rise to a dangerous level, but the officer had the SUV turned off. Area residents who know the officer, say the he has two other dogs that are used as pets; one dog is retired, and the other had been injured while on-duty. As of this time, the officer’s name has been withheld pending the investigation. It has been reported he is “devastated” by Diesel’s death.

(Photos of police dog via Sebastian Police Department Facebook)

Rest in peace Diesel. We are sorry humans let you down.

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50 replies
  1. TBD says:

    Really? You are a K9 cop man. !!! Did you forget putting his armor on him and loading him up in the car that morning? That’s like forgetting to wear your gun…because you are a K9 cop!! This makes me soo sad. Poor Diesel. Rest in peace. ???????????????? I’m praying for the officer too. I’m praying that he can get it together and truly serve and protect before someone or something else gets hurt.

  2. John says:

    This is uncalled for. I don’t know how many times that I have Read about Police Officers did not check the back seat where the K-9 Officer is at. This Police Officers should be Put on Leave without Pay.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another Summer and another round of K-9s being left in hot cars by the ones that are SUPPOSED to be responsible for them. I’m sure the officer is “devastated” and yet the dog was most likely left and forgotten! Rest in peace K-9 Diesel.

  4. eleanor higginbotham says:

    officer, you were diesel’s whole life. He trusted you, yet you forgot and neglect killed him. being a k-9 officer is not for everyone, you must choose.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    I for one will NOT keep them in my prayers and thoughts!! Yes I bet the handler is devastated as he should be,but that won’t bring back Diesel! My thoughts and prayers are with Diesel who suffered a horrible death and should of NEVER been in the car since he was not working at the time. Poor dog!!! RIP DIESEL

  6. maxiemom says:

    This absolutely makes me SICK! It’s totally inexcusable! He’s a K-9 officer for heaven’s sake! If he has children, I will guarantee you he never forgets to put his gun safely away. How could he forget to take his dog HOME before going to court, or checking the back seat, knowing Diesel is completely HELPLESS there without him and must rely on him? Poor Diesel COOKED TO DEATH in the car like far too may police dogs! It is now the beginning of May- how many times are we going to read stories like this?

  7. ellen cottone says:

    He should be arested for neglecting and killing trusted partner. the k9 division should not have him. hes a fail. he should not be trusted with a gun or a car either. he should be working at home depot. here he would not be a danger to society.

  8. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    How many more times must this happen? Would you irresponsible fools leave your child in a vehicle to die? Take the same precautions with your animals.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Actually there have been parents that have left their children in the car seat to die. I don’t know where people’s heads are these days.

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        Barkley’s Mom – I know but there is an epidemic of police dogs being left to die in hot vehicles.

      • Sue says:

        OK, what am I doing wrong? I have been trying for a very long time to get the public’s attention to the fact that these K9 dogs are not only routinely left in hot cars to bake, they also are repeatedly hanged and strangled to unconsciousness, kicked, and other brutal tortures, behind the scenes. I worked in it, I did the research, I put up a website, I share the information whenever and wherever I can.

        The mainstream media will not report it. The alleged “humane” societies won’t address it. The government system warns the police after I tell them. But what REALLY surprises me is that at least 90% of the people who are presented with this information, IGNORE IT. Is there a reason? Is it just too much to take in?

        ALSO, when the dogs are not being used, left to bake in cars, or being tortured in ongoing “training,” (and often just for the handlers’ amusement), they are kept in solitary confinement.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Rev.Dr, Yvonne Ray, You aren’t telling me anything i don’t know. I have never been able to fathom why a K-9 police officer could EVER forget his dog, it’s sickening. They need to be charged like the rest of us would if we left our pets in the car to die. There is NO excuse for this at all!

  9. sk says:

    Dumb ass cop !!! The cop should have let the dog out and eh stay in the car. No excuse!!!
    Would u do that to your family ? You forgot ????????????REALLY

  10. Marsha Squibb says:

    You forgot your partner in the car??????WTF!!??How fckn stupid can you be????Do not have kids Please,!!?!???So sorry you were partnered with as asshole Diesel!!!

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of a cop whose brains are stuck where the sun don’t shine. What rock did Melbourne find this loser under? This is not the first time some idiot cop left a dog in the car w/o air on and they died. Sweet Jesus – a K9 cop yet – fire his loser ass – but the brass will cover it up – as always the big blue wall goes up.

  12. kenneth says:


  13. Debbie says:

    This officer should be arrested for animal abuse and death of an an officer, this is totally disgusting , why was the dog left in a hot car . No excuse . An awesome nnocent animal dead because of total neglect .

  14. Sue says:

    It is high time for people to realize that this is NOT an isolated incident, and that the life of a K9 (whether in the military, the police or sheriffs departments) is the opposite of what is spoon fed to us via the mostly complicit mainstream media:


    Police Officer Kicks Dog to Death in Florida – Dogster …

    NC troopers torture dogs as a matter of policy | Cop Block

    Police Killing Their Own K9’s At An Alarming Rate | From …

    If Cops Treat Their Own Dogs Like This, It is No Wonder …

    The police have destroyed 84 retired working dogs in the …

    Minnesota Deputy Caught on Tape Brutally Beating His K-9 …

    Police `told to beat up dogs’ | The Independent

    • pennysdachshund says:

      THIS IS such a FACADE & COVERUP “ALL ACRPSS OUR NATION” !!!! STRESS , OVERWORKED, FORGETFULLNESS,(are the most used SIMPLY EXCUSES” as to how this strange event could even happen… IT IS ALSO PRETTY MUCH COVERED UP AND SWEPT UNDER THE TABLE, NOTHING HAPPENS AND THIS ” This so called professional officer is released to HA!HA! deal with the citizens in distress, and emergencies, criminal acts, life or death issues, WHEN THE OFFICER IS SO INCOMPENT THEY CAN”T CARE & KEEP SAFE AND ALIVE ONE DEDICATED DOG””” WOW!!!! NOW this is justice… Casper, Wyoming had an issue like this about 3 years ago and what was the outcome…. NOT a dam thing they wanted to erect a bronze statue in memory of the dedication of the Canine Officer!!! When they should have filed charges against the officer… Google Casper, Wy. Canine Officer dies… THIS IS A NATIONAL CRISIS & IT IS BEING SWEPT UNDER the CARPET OF CORRUPTION!!!

  15. Red says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO CALL THE POLICE WHEN WE SEE AN ANIMAL BEING BAKED ALIVE………….AND THEY DO IT THEMSELVES???? What the hell? Come on police, I try to stand by you with all the hate going around and the attacks you are taking…but killing animals out of fear (when they are in their own yards) and then baking them in your patrol cars makes it really hard to defend you.

  16. pennysdachshund says:

    HERE WE GO AGAIN SUMMER 2017 :;; CANINE OFFICERS :::: BEWARE YOUR lives are NOT worth a Milk BONE BISCUIT!!!! WHY DOES THIS CONTINUE BECAUSE THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!!! FOR the pain and suffering theses animals who are dedicated and devoted to their master’s and RECEIVE a DEATH SENTENCE for APPRECIATION AND DEDICATION…. WOW GUYS Makes ME FEEL GOOD KNOWING YOU ARE WATCHING OUT For our Citizens!!! OH DOGS DON”T COUNT I GUESS !!! YOUl”ll be BACK on the STREETS in a DAY OR TWO …

  17. P. B. says:

    I thought the court house closed at 5 pm!!? I’m confused because it’s quite a drive from Sebastian to the court house to not know the whole drive your dog isn’t with you. My question is, will he get charged as a civilian would get punished??

  18. D says:

    Both Melbourne and Sebastian Police Depts are “circling the wagons around the handler”. He was off duty but has to be in the Brevard County Courthouse in Melbourne. http://ow.ly/TJo330bMMW1 He turned off the vehicle hence the sensor unit would NOT have functioned. Diesel was discovered at 7:30pm on April 28, a day of record breaking heat at 88 degrees. K9 Diesel was with the SPD for (1) year yet there is nothing online about him except reports of his death. Today they released the typical press statement. http://ow.ly/Xxxq30bMMNr
    This handler was all about “visibility”. He conducted all types of PSA’s. This is outrageous.

    • Sue says:

      “circling the wagons” is typical. Also, most people are not aware, that before the animal rights movement, handlers used to hang, helicopter, kick, slam, etc., their K9’s OUT IN THE OPEN. They actually liked shocking other people with their brutality. However, SINCE the animal rights movement (and three handlers that I know of have been brought to court -two for killing their K9’s – in the U.S., but NONE convicted, and all kept their jobs) they have become MUCH MORE secretive about their torturous activities.

      I went to one place I knew where hanging and kicking were going on, and they had officers posted around the perimeter with walkie talkies. As soon as they knew I was there, they took down the equipment that they had just set up, and left. Another department changed it’s “training” location to a private ranch in order to keep investigators out. At another location that I found (it had the equipment set up), I was amazed at how quickly cars started to arrive to find out why I was there. At least five different cars with police personnel. I don’t know what sensors they had around the place, but they were obviously working.

      Everyone should try to get secret footage of K9 “training.” It is an enlightening experience.

      • D says:

        Sue thank you so much for posting this as you are 300% correct! These are the type of handlers that DO NOT belong in law enforcement because they are sadistic and in all probability have underlying mental health issues. They are a disgrace to the badge and tarnish the reputations of thousands of K-9 handlers who would take a bullet for their PARTNER. As I read your post I thought of K-9 Jethro from Canton OH. He was shot in Jan 2016 by a burglar. His handler stayed by Jethro’s side from the minute he arrived at the vet until he died the next day. Canton PD gave K-9 Jethro a truly wonderful service. Even the law honored this brave dog by sentencing his killer to 45 years in prison. The best article comparing the way police departments treat negligent handlers I’ve ever read was written in response to K-9 Jethro’s death. https://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2016/08/30/suspect-gets-34-years-killing-k9-deputy-get-fired/
        FYI, since the article was written Peck was scheduled for trial but it is on hold because he was deployed 2 weeks before trial date.

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        Sue – Thank you for your post and for your efforts on behalf of these dogs.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      THE “GREAT COVERUP” HAS BEGUN!!! now let a local citizen do this is horrible in itself BUT and officer of the LAW>>>> Nothing Short of BULLSH!!!!

      • D says:

        I agree Penny. These hot car deaths are horrible for many reasons. First, it is beyond agonizing for the trapped dog. I researched the effect of heat exhaustion and had (2) veterinary internists review to make sure my info was correct after which I wrote a step by step description of what the dog endures. It also casts a negative light on the thousands of excellent handlers who go above & beyond for their K-9. If a police department fails to value a BlueDog’s value as a LEO shame on them. Not to mention the cost of the K-9 and training for both handler & dog. These dogs literally will take a bullet for their handler (K-9 Casper in Palm Beach just last week) yet a handler can’t remember he left his partner in a vehicle? A partner that he often spends more time with than his family? It’s disturbing & that departments and state attorneys either fail to charge the handler or simply slap him with a low level misdemeanor is egregious. Until they recognize these highly trained dogs as valuable to law enforcement AND living sentient beings as opposed to “property” this is NOT going to stop.

    • Sue says:

      Having worked on the inside, and having witnessed many cover-ups, and public relations productions, I don’t necessarily believe that Jethro was not abused behind the scenes. For instance, ALL the handlers at the department where I worked (for 18 years) would stay by their dog at the vet after he or she had been shot. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t hanging their dogs to unconsciousness, and other forms of torture, behind the scenes.

      It is a long, complicated issue to try to explain. The cruel military “techniques” (such as routine hanging in ongoing “training”) are what I call THE RULE. Some people have a difficult time understanding this, and want to believe that the majority of departments are good to their K9’s, and only a very few engage in what I, again, call THE RULE. My research tells me the opposite is true.

      There are handlers who naively join the K9 unit, not knowing what they will be required to do to their dogs, and they don’t enjoy harming their dogs, but, like most people (and particularly in a paramilitary setting) they obey the rules. The punishment for going against the rules includes being kicked off the K9 team, having your dog taken away from you, being watched, followed, tested and baited to do something that can get you fired, and never-ending harassment. But, as one might guess, when the doors to torture are opened, the sadists rush in, so there is plenty of that.

      Being part of the “law enforcement family” allegedly makes you part of what I have observed is like a secret society, or a mafia. No one is supposed to reveal the crimes that one of “their own” commits. If you don’t go along with it, you are fair game for every kind of retaliation that exists.

      And, let’s just say there are a few departments out there that don’t “train” their K9’s according to THE RULE. I haven’t found them, but I’ll concede there just might be a few of them. Their K9 teams participate in the competitions that occur among the departments. There is NO WAY they can’t know about THE RULE, even if they aren’t following it. They are not only seeing abused dogs at these competitions, but often the tortures are committed right in front of them by handlers who follow THE RULE. But everyone remains hushed. The torture of these dogs isn’t as important as maintaining the “Code of Silence.”

      A major investigation, and transparency going forward, needs to take place. And only enlightened members of the public can make sure it does, because the politicians, department heads, etc. don’t give a damn.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        WOW I never WOULD have BELIEVED this could happen!!!! I am SICK AS I AM SURE OTHER”S are!!!

  19. Eton says:

    It really is a sad ending for Diesel being left and die like that. I know that it is a story that makes you feel angry but those sort of things happens. We could only use this as a lesson to be learned so that we will be aware not to let it happen next time. I do hope that the person in charge during that time will be punished accordingly. I really feel sorry for Diesel.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Yes but how many of these stories do we need to see before the lesson is learned. This is far from the first police k9 to be forgotten in a car and most likely won’t be the last. There have been very few punished at all! Every year there is an epidemic of this and the police that actually arrest ordinary people for this should KNOW better themselves.

      • pennysdachshund says:


  20. Jenny says:

    Death wish to the vile,filth-bag, yank oinker pig cop who is responsible for this poor dogs death.American cops have an atrocious international reputation.

  21. Michele says:

    Yes as Someone Stated above, he didnt forget his gun, His Badge, WHY THE HELLLLLL would you ever forget a LIFE,. There’s NO EXCUSE for this Blatant NEGLECT! They Must take the other Two dogs in his Possession and EXCUSE him from his DUTIES as CLEARLY is Not Keeeping Anyone SAFE and UPHOLDING THE LAW HIMSELF! He is No Example of an Upstanding Citizen!!!


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