Florida man caught on video brutally swinging small dog by leash

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In Viera, Florida, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office announced they have arrested the man caught on video brutally swinging a small dog by its leash and slamming it to the floor of a boarding facility. Joseph Pendergrass, 19, an employee of the Barkingham Palace, located in Rockledge, was seen on video abusing the small Shih Tzu, named Lily earlier this week.

According to the Facebook page of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Wayne Ivey, stated in his message that the cruel incident was one the “most despicable acts of cruelty” he had ever seen.

The owners of the facility had no idea Pendergrass had been abusing the dog until they found the dog crying and in pain. When brought to the veterinarian’s office for treatment on Monday, staff discovered the dog’s leg was broken. It wasn’t until they checked their surveillance videos that the boarding facility owners witnessed the egregious abuse on Sunday. Staff at the facility immediately notified the Sheriff’s Office Monday.

“Now, Mr. Pendergrass, I’ve told everyone before that if you hurt an animal in Brevard County, you’re going straight to jail,” Sheriff Ivey stated in his Facebook video. This isn’t the first time the pet friendly and dog loving sheriff has come to the aid of an abused or neglected pets.

The disturbing footage begins by with Pendergrass  walking into the video view with the dog’s leash trailing behind him. He then swings the dog by its leash into the air with his left arm before slamming it onto the concrete floor. Then he is seen violently dragging the dog and lifting it into the air by its leash a second time. Pendergrass then kicks the dog before moving it through a door to a different part of the facility.

Lily is expected to make a full recovery.

(Photos of small dog swinging by its leash courtesy of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.)

The video can be viewed here. Parts of the video are very disturbing and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences:



Posted by Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida (Official) on Wednesday, January 25, 2017




53 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    My God, it scares me anymore to even want to go somewhere if I have to leave my dogs at a boarding facility! Don’t these places have any idea what their employees are doing? This POS needs to pay for the vet bills of this poor dog and spend a few years in prison thinking about this! I hope and pray he is never allowed near another pet!

    • Tiffany P says:

      We do background checks and training. He was a young kid, no record… very polite. Obviously a psychopath. I wouldnt have worked there for 10 yrs if otherwise. This happened Sunday night, the footage was in the sheriff’s hands monday morning.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        That’s all you can do and you never know what anyone is really capable of. So sorry this happened where you work, How sad a young kid can do this to a little dog.

      • Sherry says:

        Go back and review more tapes to file further counts /charges against him. I doubt this was an isolated incident. So scary this nut worked closely with animals for ten years! Frightening!

      • Michele Vernet says:

        Are you saying this psycho worked at this boarding facility 10 yrs. and this is a first incident from him?

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        To clarify things, I think Tiffany P has worked at this kennel for 10 years not the idiot that abused the dog.

  2. JUDY SEXTON says:

    I sure hope the little dog will be alright.I have a little dog like her and I would be heartbroken if that happened.I am very careful where I board her!You need to check people out, I HOPE HE DOES A LONG JAIL SENTENCE FOR HIS CRUELTY!

  3. Richard Misener says:

    If you find him, PLEASE put him on a leash and let him knows how it feels to be slammed to the floor, further do not give him any medical help let him sufffffffer.

  4. Connie lalena says:

    This is why we should have a national data base with these a users names . The boarding facilities can check when hireing , it could help

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Well I CERTAINLY COMMEND the OWNER”S of THIS FACILITY for REPORTING THIS IMMEDIATELY THEY may have saved the life of another unfortunate animal in this situation from this YES PSYCHOPATH… I can assure YOU this isn’t the first time he has hurt animals he ENJOYS IT… The Sheriff is also RIGHT to the point!!! I wish More FACILITIES and towns, and cities in the USA had ESTABLISHED this type of PROTOCAL for ABUSERS!!!!

      • Sherry says:

        He had no record? Wow. I wonder what he’s done to other animals over the span of the ten years working at the boarding facility!! They should go back and review more tapes; if there are more attacks, they can file more charges.

  5. Sherry says:

    Another sicko abusing a much smaller, defenseless opponent. He should try picking on someone his own size and get his ugly ass kicked. Good for the sheriff, saying he puts animal abusers in jail.

  6. Anita Santiago says:

    HOLY COW-this sheriff is my absolute HERO!!! Why aren’t there more REAL MEN like this!?? And if you know one/some-WHERE are they?

    • Jayce Toalle says:

      How I wish every municipality had LEOs such as Sheriff Ivey. My hat is off and I salute all who were/are involved in getting this pile of manure off the streets and in jail where he belongs. The streets are not safe with him wandering around

  7. Edward Nagle says:

    little dooch bag i would start by taking a bat break both knee caps then get a tons of glass take a chain put it around this fuckin cowards neck take a truck drag him though it till he was screaming bloody murder then take lemon jucie pour it on ur whole body not done then take dry ice and burn out his retinias so you would harm a another animal

  8. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quelle pourriture, j’espère qu’il va faire de la prison et qu’il aura les mêmes souffrances que ce pauvre loulou jusqu’à la fin de sa peine. Les barbares comme lui ne devraient pas exister.

  9. Gail says:

    Well done for showing this guy up and much love to sheriff for doing his job many don’t! We need compassionate people in these positions not those that look after themselves and own.

  10. genevalove says:

    And thank the sheriff. Only a few very special sheriffs take animal abuse seriously. Find his fb page and thank him (Broward county.) I have been in rescue for years,and so many law officials see this as trivial. I am fortunate to live in a county in Georgia (gwinnett co)that has an animal loving/rescuing sheriff(sheriffConway.)
    Most don’t give a damn.
    Yes this fool is a sociopath..a coward and will reoffend. He likes it!

  11. Rebecca Reser says:

    I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist!these monsters need punished to the full extent the law will allow as well as some mental evaluation so they can get the help the obviously need

  12. Lynn Lippmeyer says:

    This person should be punished in the same fashion as that little defenseless shih tzu. Shame on him!! Animals look up to people for love and attention and guidance, not to be mistreated. Am glad the Sheriff is prosecuting.

  13. carly chichester says:

    Retroactive abortion for this filthy, stinking piece of crap. If that was my dog, I’d make sure that pile of puke would never breed and reproduce more of his ilk! Worthless bag of guts should be beaten beyond recognition.


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