Florida man accused of repeatedly stabbing dog who was barking

Florida man accused of repeatedly stabbing his barking dog
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A Florida man is facing charges because he allegedly attacked his dog with a knife – repeatedly stabbing the Husky because she had been barking. According to Tuesday’s Sun-Sentinel, 22-year-old Michael O’Brien, of Sunrise, used a kitchen knife to stab his dog, named “Nala,” back in November – he wasn’t arrested until January 20, when the police investigation wrapped up.

O’Brien’s cruel act was discovered after he took Nala to a veterinarian because she was “bleeding heavily.” The man claimed that his dog had injured herself after running through a glass door, but the veterinarian doubted the story.

A witness later came forward and advised the authorities that O’Brien was “enraged” by the dog’s barking, and that the dog had been repeatedly stabbed while she was being held inside of a crate. Nala was so badly injured in the attack that she required blood transfusions and she had to be resuscitated at the veterinary hospital – today, she has recuperated and is doing well in the care of an animal control agency.

O’Brien is facing a cruelty to animals charge – he has already been released from custody on a $2,500 bond.

(Broward County Sheriff’s Office Booking Photo)

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  1. Dogs bark you POS! I’m glad they didn’t believe his story and I’m glad Nala lived. Now find her a home she deserves. Michael O’Brien deserves to be jailed!

    • Just grateful that he got her help. He could have left her to die and suffer more. So I am glad about that, even though he is a cruel POS!

  2. Good FOR HIM NOW he can go out an have a STAB FEST on other animals and PETS !!! MYSELF I’d like to USE his KNIFE CUT of HIS ETHNIC DREAD LOCKS and STUFF THEM DOWN THIS THROAT until THIS SCUM BAG CHOKES TO DEATH!!!!!

  3. I hope community service AND full restitution of charges for Nala’s veterinary care and boarding.
    Further, this low life may NEVER have another pet in his HOUSEHOLD. Meaning, he can’t get around it by having someone else in the household as official owner.


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