Five-pound Shih Tzu with paw ballooned found roaming streets

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Near the border of Mexico, a five-pound Shih Tzu, with her paw ballooned to nearly three times its normal size, roamed the streets scrounging for food while barely able to walk and withstand the pain. When found by the local animal control, the terribly neglected, tiny canine dubbed Dixie, had been emaciated, dehydrated and anemic. Dixie via Leslie 2

Tragically, there was more. The six-month-old puppy’s coat had matted so tightly that the hair wrapped around her tiny leg had strangled the blood supply, rendering her limb necrotic. When rescued by animal advocate, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, the puppy had just been transferred to a veterinarian in Mexico.

“We found her this evening while she was already in a Mexican vets’ office awaiting to have her leg amputated without examination. She has been rushed to a vet in Texas and is currently awaiting tests in hopes of saving her leg,” posted Leslie after contacting Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for emergency help.Dixie via Leslie 5

Dixie is currently in critical condition and is now on intravenous medication for the raging infection and to help ease her pain. Veterinarians informed co-founder, Stacey Silverstein of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, that Dixie had been suffering for weeks; while lost or abandoned, no one bothered to help her. She is currently undergoing tests to determine if it is possible to save her leg.

To help with Dixie’s medical expenses, (one night has already been over $900) donations can be made here or via  PayPal at [email protected]. Photos of five-pound Shih Tzu courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.Dixie via Leslie 6

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  1. We shouldn’t be surprised!!! Texas Should succeed from the UNITED STATES and Become A Part of Mexico!!! A far larger Part of this LONE STAR STATE Turns their heads when seeing abuse, appears apathetic to animal abuse , murder, and torture of four legged creatures, neglected pets, shelters with astronomical euthanasia rates, dog fighting rings, Even a Police “Officer” dog molester.. WOW…. I hope the former Governor does a better job in his cabinet post than the did in his term as the leader of the “NO STAR STATE!!! States like Colorado and many t=other’s do their best to get rescue dogs from there to save as many lives as possible, the Caring Citizens of Texas need to take a STAND…Like the ALAMO and FIGHT TO THE END TO PUT A STOP TO THIS ABUSE AND ANIMAL TORTURE AND THE LACK of LAW ENFORCEMENT INTERVENTION WITH THE CRIMALS THT GET BY WITH THIS DAY IN & DAY OUT!!!!

    • In every state there needs to be tougher laws, you can count on one hand the states that are really trying. These animal abusers go to the next level and start molesting children and killing.
      I would put them behind bars and throw away the key, or death.

      • This is so TRUE BUT IT really NEEDS to start in the STATES Such AS TEXAS, ARKANSAS,<MICHIGAN< NORTH<SOUTH CAROLINA <CALIFORNIA !!! SO MANY OF OUR STATES ARE ACTIVELY PUSHING FOR REFORM YET others like the ones mentioned continue to bury their heads in the Sand and ignore the Horrific , Torturous, malicious , crimes being committed on NOT A DAILY but and HOURLY BASIS RIGHT :UNDER THEIR NOSES!!

    • I have no idea where you live, but you do not know what you are talking about. I invite you to come to College Station, Texas, and see the College of Veternary Medicine, and the care that our pets receive. If you live in Texas,
      I invite you to get the hell out, and take your stupid opinions with you.

  2. The abuse and neglect of animals never seems to end. In fact, it seems that cruelty towards them is on the upswing. Heartbreaking. I’m glad I found this community that is still concerned with the well being of the voiceless.

  3. Tearing my heat apart. Filling out a foster to adopt app. Was partially approved but i had to stop the process due to husbands health. Wish i knew who i was dealing with, as i can adopt now.

  4. I’ve just bought a shih tzu, whether or not I wanted him. His coat was so matted and riddled with fleas. He was so unhappy. I paid a ridiculous sum for him. Had him clipped flead everything. Cost over 100.00 . His appreciation was very vocal as he could feel me stroking him, feel carpet on the floor… ran like a maniac… far from the crawling dog I met last week. I would love to give but my spare pennies are seeing to this little boy… so sorry x

  5. Don’t understand how anyone can abuse animals. I am a shih tzu home breeder & my puppies are babied from the time they’re born. Soft beds, clean blankets daily & very large play area in our living room. If we don’t think potential buyer not suitable we don’t sell to them! I hope Dixie finds a good home where she will be loved & pampered! Abusers should be jailed or just drop them off in the middle of the ocean!!

    • Actually, people often pay a lot for a dog and then later decide they really don’t want the responsibility of taking care of the animal. Sometimes, when dogs develop health problems, the owners don’t want to deal with that and they abandon them. There are a lot of pure breed dogs that end up in shelters in horrific condition. Some people actually just get tired of a dog when it’s not a little puppy anymore. From these stories we read about, obviously a lot of people are just total shit; sadly. Dogs deserve so much better.

  6. Probably a run away. Not too many people buy an expensive dog and then dump him? Quite whining and send money. Now we will see who realtor cares.


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