Five dogs who mauled pit bull mom euthanized

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In a tragic situation in Fresno, California, five dogs who mauled and traumatized a pit bull mom have been euthanized. The attack occurred last week as the mother dog, who had just given birth to four puppies, went over to the neighbor’s fence when she heard dogs barking.

According to Fox News, the dog named Sophia had pushed her paw through an opening in the fence, when the other dogs grabbed onto her left leg and attacked. Authorities state the dogs had been neglected and were extremely malnourished. The mother dog was rescued and rushed to a local animal hospital where her left front leg had to be amputated.

The owner of the mother dog and her newborn puppies surrendered them to the Central California SPCA, stating she could not afford the costs incurred as a result of the situation. Sophia is recovering and is expected to live a normal life. There are many “tripods,” who with just a little practice can run, jump and play as well as their four-legged counterparts. Once healed, the dog will go into foster care and when she and the puppies are healthy and ready, all will be available for adoption. On the organization’s Facebook page, Sophia’s condition was updated:

“Sophia, the attacked Pit Bull momma, is resting well and tending to her adorable puppies at our animal care center. She is very sweet and is handling this traumatic situation with patience and grace. We are pleased to announce that this community came to her support and has donated over $3,000 to help with her medical expenses! We are extremely thankful for the outpour of donations and support.

We are able to help emergency situations, like Sophia’s, due to YOUR financial support. To help future injured animals, please make a donation to our Wellness Fund.”

(Photo and video for five dogs who mauled Sophia courtesy of Central California SPCA)

To donate to the special fund for situations just like this, please click here.

Check out Sophia’s video with her adorable puppies:

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  1. This ONLY happened because some puke bag maggot SOS didn’t take care of their dogs and feed them. Perhaps the authorities should investigate further as malnourishment is often a sign of “dog fighting” training. If I had the authority, I would line up maggot puke bags dog fighters AND spectators and execute them. April 8th has been designated at a day to voice your opposition to dig fighting.

  2. What a horrible situation. Continued prayers for Sophia and her puppies. From the sounds of it they had little recourse for euthanizing the 5 dogs that attacked poor Sophia. The owners of these dogs are a bunch of losers and should be held responsible for Sophia’s medical bills. I haven’t much use for Sophia’s owner either. She should have kept Sophia and her puppies safe and shouldn’t have had them if she was unable to support them!

  3. I was afraid this would happen. They were starved and NOBODY noticed that. These dogs were also victim. I hope the two wolf hybrids in Oregon aren’t murdered because of a neglectful mother.

  4. THOSE 5 INNOCENT DOGS were trying to survive!!! Nature took over in these poor mistreated dogs attempting to KILL for something to eat!!! THE DOGS Should have been rescued and assisted::: THE BASTARD THAT STARVED THEM EUTHANIZED!!!!! YET THEY WALKED AWAY UNSCATHED!!!! WOW this is JUSTICE ISN”T IT!!!

      • HEAR! HEAR! “MY DEAR”!!!!! We all make our choice about the Higher Power!!! I don’t care if your are Greek Orthadox! Mormon, Jewish, or any other religion. other than I am not real Keen on Voodoo, or Devil Worship!!! But then again I haven’t met anyone of know of that is.. Native American’s host Sweat’s and use Natural Substances , and I don’t even condemn that!! They just don’t have to expound on it minute by minute…. So be it ! I am a dog person!!!! I try to help all I can, and I pray to the Higher Power many times when one of my own is ill … I ask for there Blessing when the pass… YES THERE IS ROOM IN HEAVEN FOR OUR BELOVED PETS!!!

  5. Unfortunately, the dogs were screened and determined to be too vicious to be placed anywhere. Of course, the dogs were made that way because they were starved and mistreated. The owner should be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

    • I doubt much “screening” went on, they were “Pit Bulls” and most authorities will just put them down rather than try to rehabilitate them. Such a tragic loss of life! They didn’t ask to be starved!

      • You may very well be right. These dogs were most likely starved to be mean and fight. But after they (partially) cannibalized another dog, I don’t believe they could ever be rehabilitated. The owner of the five dogs should be arrested and criminally charged.

      • Best Friends proved even fighting dogs can be saved as evidenced by the numerous vick dogs.

    • I’m SURE GOD SPOKE TO YOU ON THIS MATTER!!! How the hell DID GOD manage to get All those Pit BULL”S They rescued from Michael Vick’s compound ( the were starved, beaten, cannibalized , ) yet they ( OH MY GOD were rehabilitated and went to live with families , other pets, small children, sort of like parting the sea’s wouldn’t you say! so what is the difference. these dogs didn’t come from the dark side. DR! RAY!!!!!!!

      • Pennysdachshund – Are you under conviction of the Holy Spirit? Because your animosity and vitriol towards me is perplexing.

    • I have been Baptized Christen !!! believe in Heaven and Earth, Pray for Salvation, I just don’t believe In Shoving Religion down other people’s throats, especially WHEN they have kindly ASKED you to refrain from that subject!!! Then you go off on a religious Tangent!!!! What the Hell compels YOU to do that? It only serves to totally turn people off the people off the religious subject more and more…. leave it be!!!

      • Pennysdachshund I totally agree! This is NOT the place and I don’t want to hear it! This site is about animals not peoples views on religion! The Rev can preach it at church.

      • I am an ordained minister but I am not a preacher! My ministries are in other areas. There us no place that is inappropriate for witnessing to people. This is not about my “views on religion”. This is about salvation. Someday the unsaved will wish they had listened but it will be too late.

      • wouldn’t want anyone imposing on your religious beliefs, therefore, you are not justified in imposing that situation on others. Get a life control freak. Preach elsewhere.

      • Unsaved? Bwhaaaaaa. 4,000 if not more religions in the world. Shame on you for condemning other religions. THIS SITE IS FOR ANIMALS NOT YOUR RELIGIOUS RANTS!!!!! you POS!

      • pennysdachshund Being Jewish I find the Rev. very offensive and ignorant for peddling her religion. She’s doing more harm than good. As I read from someone else’s comment not everyone here is of the Christian faith, but, she continues to be offensive. She lacks the humanities and respect to those of a different faith. Shameful behavior coming from a religious leader.

      • To Yvonne – there are certainly places where it’s INAPPROPRIATE to talk religion – that happens to be any place where people do not want to be preached to. That is the purposes of churches where people willingly go to hear sermons. If you are concerned for the “unsaved”, please take your concern to a church or where it’s welcomed. Do NOT infiltrate a site dedicated to animals and diminish the cause by peppering conversations with prophetic statements. On another site, we had to deal with a person calling themselves “panacea” who believed it was her “right” to condemn others. We really don’t want that on this site. We are here for the animals. If you cannot devote all your conversation to and for the animals, feel free to find amother site where religion diatribe is welcomed.

      • Helen : you can get a degree for JUST about everything on LINE these days… I worked at a drug and alcohol treatment center for Native American’s and our boss hired a clinical director from Arizona that had a DR. of Psychology from a Highly Noted Treatment Center in Taos N.M. only to find out when the DCI came out and busted her that the credential’s were all purchased on line… she was no more a Dr. of Psychology that My Dachshund!!! Dr. Stink

    • Apparently Your are One who can’t let it be and take a ‘simple” we don’t want to hear it Period… I don’t discuss religion because of the total dishonest and corrupt scam most organized Religious Zealots ARE!!! Al Sharpton, Jim and Tammy Fay Baker, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggert ,Gilbert Deya, Jerry Falwell!!! Just a very small portion of the OUT RIGHT Religious Crooks that Bilked PEOPLE LIKE THOSE OF US ON THIS SITE out of Billions for their OWN ” SINFULL GREED” What does it take to get you to take the scotch tape off your eyes , or maybe it is the gold medallions . OPEN them and see what those of us keep trying to convey to YOU that YOU refuse to take into your heart and process. I am glad you chose to be a what-ever -profession or calling you have, Great, just keep it to yourself and your own little circle… None of us want to challenge you about being the right hand lady of the word of God . ok got it , we just don’t want to hear it for one reason or another…

      • Excellent response!!! I think the day I really turned against those who push religion on others even when they’re asked not to was a day when I was working with a man who continually invited me to his church even though I told him I really wasn’t interested. One day he just caught me in a bad mood. I had a sick dog who was in the vet and I had to work and was very worried. I asked him if there a place in his heaven for my dog. He turned to me and said; “animals are not allowed in heaven.” So I said to him, then there’s no place for me in your religion. I’m very happy to say that my Gizmo did survive on that day, but that man continued to bother me about going to his church. My response was always the same; if there’s no room for my pets there’s no room for me in your belief. Eventually I left the job so that was the end of that. The way I believe, animals are part of creation and therefore, welcome in heaven. I’ve got quite a crew waiting for me up there!!!

      • Gizmo’s mommy – The truth is that we don’t know a lot about heaven as the Bible is not very revealing about it. I believe our beloved pets will join us in heaven if we want them there. God created animals. He loves animals. There were animals in the garden of Eden. There will be animals during the millennial reign. Jesus Christ will descend to earth with all the formerly dead or raptured Christians – all riding white horses. The Bible tells us that not even a sparrow falls without God knowing it. I believe animals will be in heaven. There are no verses in the Bible that state the opposite.
        And, I received my degrees from a seminary. In fact, the only reason I became an ordained minister was because it was required to finish my degrees. As a woman, it was never my intention to preach.

      • Pennysdachshund funny you commented on about getting a degree online. I was thinking that perhaps that’s where she got hers. No self respected reverend would display such behavior.

      • Helen: This “PREACHER” totally refused to “step down off the Pulpit ” even though numerous individuals have actually been decent in explaining WE as a Whole do NOT want her expounding on The word of God and the Bible… she must have flunked some part of her training…. Even a “half assed ” evangelist would have the common sense to quit pushing the issue not her… ‘ She Preached and Preached till She was Blue in the Face before She left the Human Race without and Ounce of GRACE and Couldn’t show Her Face”!

      • Pennysdachshund funny you mentioned that. I was wondering also if she got her degree online. No self respected reverend would display such behavior.

      • To Yvonne – you stated “as a woman it was never my intention to preach.” Well you just contradicted yourself because you preached biblical stuff to me. I find it very offensive that you felt compelled to preach to me about your belief when I do not preach to you or others about my beliefs. I’m done communicating with you. Kindly leave me alone. You spent far too much time NOT advocating for the animals. My focus is on the animals. Feel free to consider me an “unsaved heathen” which should help you ignore me and not worry about me any further.

  6. So what will happen to the owner of the 5 dogs? That subhuman garbage created the entire situation through their cruelty to their dogs. THEY SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

  7. What are authorities doing to the humans who abused, neglected, and starved those poor Dogs? They need to be in jail facing criminal felony Charges! A very long prison term us warrented!!! It’s a damn shame they were killed, they didn’t ask to be started as they were. I fully understand their attacking innocent Sophia is horrific, she didn’t deserve that either. But I feel they could have been socialized, fed, given love and rehomed, they didn’t have to be killed. WE, the people, the voices for innocent Animals MUST speak out and ensure these horrific humans serve long prison terms!

  8. This is Bullshit!!!! Those poor starved dogs should have been checked and the asshole Owner needs to be starved and put in a Prison cell and left there and not fed.

  9. So, since they did not know which dog did the damage, they KILL THEM ALL? Why not feed the starving dogs and see if they a sociable? I am thankful to hear mama and pups are doing well. I hope sweet Sofia gets adopted into a great family. Pretty sure the pups will be adopted quickly. Everyone loves the babies. This is a heartbreaking story. At least some get to live.

  10. God bless Sophia and her babies! So sad! I’m so happy she is doing well! I have to say my heart breaks for the five starving dogs too! If the authorities are not looking into the owners of the five dogs SHAME ON THEM!! I’m sure who ever owned the five starving dogs will just go out and start the cruelty anew with other dogs! They need to be arrested,charged and severely punished!


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