Fisherman four miles off coast saves iguana struggling to swim

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A friendly fisherman who kayaks off the coast in the Florida Keys archipelago ran into a lost iguana four miles out in the sea this week.

“It was pretty crazy to see the guy so far out. I have seen plenty swimming around the islands, but never one that far out. Most likely it got caught in one of the swift outgoing tides and got pushed out to sea,” Steve explained in the video.

Steve, who often posts YouTube videos of his fishing successes at Key West Kayak Fishing, pulled up alongside of the reptile after spotting what seemed to be a row of fins down its back. Thinking the animal just “didn’t look right” Steve realized it wasn’t a fish at all – it was an iguana – a reptile who definitely fits dry land rather than Olympic swimming trials.

As the footage of the visitor proceeds, Steve can be heard saying:

“Check this dude way the hell out here. Dude what are you doing out here? Are you lost or something?”

Then he helps the little guy on board his kayak. As Steve held one of the oars, the iguana quickly jumped aboard. It appeared the mysterious guest needed to catch his breath; apparently he had been swimming in the ocean for hours. And it only took a few minutes for the iguana to become confident he had found a friendly human as he hopped ontop of the fishing box for his ride back to land.

“Get seat belted in cuz we’re going to go flying. Don’t panic and jump off, I’ll leave you,” Steve told his hitchhiker on the video.

And when they got close to land, Steve is heard bidding a friendly farewell to the little guy.

“Nice meeting you. Rest out for awhile and be safe.”

The iguana had jumped off and was soon perched on some twigs near the shore. No mention if the “little dude” turned around and gave Steve a grateful claw up, but it certainly was amazing the iguana trusted the kayaker enough to go for a ride with him.

Check out the video – it’s three-minutes of what makes us smile.

(Photos and video of iguana rescue via YouTube/Key West Kayak Fishing)

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