Firemen who saved piglets from fire rewarded with sausages made from same pigs

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In Wiltshire, England, firefighters saved a litter of baby piglets from a raging barn fire in February. Now tell me if this bothers you? Those same firemen were rewarded this week by the farmer with a dinner of sausages made from those same pigs.

It had been a rescue of 18 pigs and their two sows saved in the nick of time as the brave firemen from Pewsly Fire Station ran into the burning barn. According to the Guardian, the piglets were just two weeks old when they were rescued. The farm owner promised them she would serve up the animals in a barbecue. Just six months later, the pigs became dinner with the farmer, Rachel Rivers who donated the pigs for a celebration dinner to honor the firemen after informing the local media:

“I’m sure vegetarians will hate this!”

On the Pewsey Fire Station Facebook, the post that met with a ton of criticism stated:

“Exactly 6 months and 1 day since FFF’s Olsen and Richardson rescued 18 piglets from a farm in Milton we got to sample the fruits of our labour from that February night.”

And Rivers wasn’t wrong, because it didn’t take the news long to go viral. The Pewsey Fire Station, however realizing how disturbing the photos of the celebration were and the firefighters describing the sausages as “fantastic” and “highly recommended,” soon removed the post and the photos from their Facebook page with an apology:

“In regard to a recent post on this page. We recognize that this has caused offense to some – we apologize for this and as such have removed the post.”

Rivers defended her actions stating raising pigs and killing them for sausages was the way she and her family made their living. Most online responses showed disdain for the celebration – perhaps more disgust because the event was made so public.

“What a dreadful story,” one poster wrote. “Lovely that they saved the pigs, but why publish their demise? Grim.”

And finally there’s the response many of us preferred:

“What’s wrong with thanking someone by sending them flowers?” (or chocolates?)

Rest in peace little pigs. The images of the firemen saving you little ones and then eating you all just six months later certainly detracts from the aura of the heroism we love to associate with our brave and compassionate firemen.

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(Photos via Facebook)

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  1. If I were the firemen the LAST think I would want would be a reward of sausage made from the pigs I had saved from a fire. But it seems that the firemen in this case enjoyed it! My respect for these firemen who could dine on the pigs they saved is gone! This makes me sick and it’s not because I am a vegetarian which I am NOT! The picture of the piglets being saved is heart warming, the picture of the sausages made from these piglets, brings me to tears!

  2. Although i do see the irony….Those pigs were Always going to be eaten. This way….they died in a humane way…instead of burning to death….

    • jay,
      you truly are the devils advocate.
      with eyes wide open and lips pressed tight,
      the court braces…..
      for rebuttal.
      (Run for your life)

    • actually jay we were under the impression they were being raised as rescue and therapy companion animals.
      so were both disgusted and outraged at the farmers narrow view of a pigs natural ability to serve humans want and needs beyond dinner.

  3. ANOTHER DISGUSTING HUMAN TRICK. Every one of you should be ashamed of yourselves. And I guarantee there was nothing HUMANE about their deaths.

  4. How cruel and evil this farmer is to murder these innocent souls who want to live and breath just like you and me. As for the fireman how could they eat the piglets they rescued. This story makes me sick!


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