Firefighters rescue trapped dog from huge tortoise hole

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In a Phoenix, Arizona suburb, a dog chasing a cat found himself in a rather precarious situation, or at least his owner thought so, on Wednesday, after running into a tunnel which had been dug by a giant tortoise in his backyard.

According to KatuNews, the dog’s owner, Toby Passmore called Chandler firefighters for help to unearth the six-foot deep tunnel, and with shovels and a city backhoe, were able to dig a hole large enough for Toby to peek in and look for Rubin, his German schnauzer terrier. Toby was then able to crawl into the hole to see his dog “was willfully inside the hole,” where he had cornered the cat.

Firefighters held Toby’s ankles as he pulled his dog to safety – which may have not been the case, but nevertheless, one dirty pooch is fine. Firefighters left the hole open so the cat could exit when he felt like it also.

We do love our firefighters – they are heroes to those who cannot speak also.

Photo of dog stuck in tortoise hole via Chandler Fire Department


Check out the video; it’s definitely smile worthy:


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